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90 Flexible Part-Time Jobs in Canada to Make Extra Cash in 2024


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Do you want to escape the 9-to-5 rut and switch to working flexible hours? The best time to do it is now, as many part-time jobs today permit remote and manageable working schedules.

A rapid shift to freelancing and self-employment is making the 9-to-5 workday obsolete, given that technology makes work accessible 24/7.

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Flexible Work From Home Part-Time Jobs

Below are some of the most flexible part-time jobs from home in Canada. With these jobs, you can work on your own schedule as a freelancer or manage as many clients as you like.

1. Remote Data Entry Clerk

Among the remote, flexible part-time jobs you can find today is a remote data entry clerk, which entails entering information and data into an online database, creating spreadsheets, and updating customer data.

Requirements include attention to detail and good typing speed. The average salary of a remote data entry clerk is $17 per hour.

2. Online Tutor

Are you excellent in maths, science or any other subject? You can make money doing online tutoring and earn up to $39,975 per year.

Sign up and create your profile at tutoring sites like FirstTutors Canada. Set your fees and choose the hours you want to work. You can provide pre-recorded lessons or lectures and meet your students through Zoom or any platform you prefer.

Here are some of the best tutoring jobs you may want to check out.

3. Online Survey Taker

Make extra bucks by taking online surveys during your free time. Get the most out of it by choosing legit survey sites like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie.

While you will not be earning much money, it requires no training and pays you for sharing your views. Just by completing three surveys a day, you can earn $40 a month.

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4. Web Designer

If you want to work on creative, high-value projects on your own time for various clients, making money creating and building websites is the ideal part-time job.

Complete a course in web design and development. Hone your skills and develop a portfolio. Web design is not just flexible but in demand, with clients paying web designers as much as $50 an hour.

5. Telehealth Nurse

Telehealth nurses are remote workers who perform several levels of medical care through telemedicine and telehealth technology.

As a telehealth nurse, you provide telephone advice, support, and follow-up services to your patients. The national average salary for a telehealth nurse is $87,557 per year.

6. Live Chat Agent

Live chat workers handle customer inquiries and questions and provide support by troubleshooting and resolving issues.

Many live chat jobs are remote and require you to manage working hours, perform daily responsibilities, and have excellent oral language skills. A chat support agent earns an average of $46,518 per year.

7. Online English Instructor

If you have previous experience teaching online through an online school such as TeachPartTime and VIPKID, you can work as an online English instructor.

You enjoy a flexible schedule and can work anywhere for a specific number of hours per week. An online English instructor can earn $43,875 annually or $22.50 per hour.

8. SEO Content Writer

Are you proficient in crafting a sentence or turning a phrase? SEO content writing may be the ideal work-from-home opportunity for you. 

Produce content that will rank on the first page of search engines. With its flexible working time, you can choose the projects you want to complete while earning more than $50,000 a year.

9. Copywriter

Copywriting is essentially the same as content writing, except your primary intention for copywriting is to sell something.

As with other writing jobs, copywriting as a career offers flexibility. You can choose your work hours and workdays. On average, a copywriter in Canada earns $57,635 per year.

10. Technical Writer

Technical writers create written documentation for products or services to help people understand complex information. These include user manuals, installation guides, product specifications, and operating instructions.

Working as a technical writer requires knowledge of technical documentation, technical writing software tools, and skills in graphic and web design, among others. Technical writers can earn $67,583 per year on average.

Become a Delivery Driver With Uber Eats

Uber Eats is one of the best food delivery platforms available in thousands of cities worldwide.

You can sign up to become a delivery driver with Uber Eats if you have a valid driver’s license, a 2- or 4-door car less than 20 years old, proof of vehicle insurance, and are at least 21 years old. You will also need to pass a background check.

You can deliver as many or as few hours as you want on your schedule and cash out earnings easily. You also keep 100% of the tips you get. This side gig is a great way to bring in extra income.

11. Content Strategist

Content strategists manage the different stages of content publishing, from planning to designing, creating, editing and publishing relevant content.

Like with many online flexible part-time jobs, content strategists can carry out their tasks from anywhere, allowing for remote work arrangements with flexible work arrangements. The midpoint salary of a content strategist in Vancouver is $78,000 per year.

12. Virtual Assistant

As online businesses continue to soar, having the services of a virtual assistant (VA) becomes more critical due to their skills in customer service, marketing, writing, data entry, and others.

Work hours are typically flexible, with many VAs setting their hours and choosing how many hours to work in a week. The average virtual assistant salary in Canada is $48,000 per year or $24.62 per hour and can go up to $96,920 a year for the more experienced VAs.

13. SEO Specialist

The work of an SEO specialist includes analyzing, evaluating, and implementing changes to websites to optimize them for search engines.

You can complete SEO courses and obtain SEO certifications to gain different SEO specialist skills such as website development and design, digital marketing, and copywriting. The average pay for this position is $56,000 per year.

14. Social Media Consultant

Social media consultants are third-party companies or individuals specializing in social media strategy. They identify areas for improvement, set targets, handle implementation queries, and devise a road map for success.

As a social media consultant, you can set your hours and enjoy flexibility since you can modify how you carry out your consultancy services, where you can earn an average of $52,500 per year or $26.92 per hour.

15. Social Media Manager

Compared with social media consultants, social media managers provide a more full-service approach, which includes creating content, scheduling, analytics, and reporting. They also have a solid understanding of a company’s marketing goals and brand voice.

A social media manager can work in-house or as a freelancer working from home. The average annual salary for this position is $50,000 per year or $25.64 per hour.

16. Data Scientist

Data science is a fast-growing field in Canada, with experts predicting the demand for data scientists to increase. Experienced data scientists can earn up to $138,600 a year.

Data scientists have flexible work schedules and typically work in a virtual environment. Skills for this job include programming, statistics, machine learning, and software engineering.

17. Recruiter

The ever-increasing talent scarcity has led to an uptick in recruiter demand. Recruiters work on behalf of employers to find the ideal candidates for open positions.

Recruiters screen applicants over the phone and through video calls. This arrangement allows them to work from home or remotely on a part-time basis. Recruiters can earn up to $63,633 a year.

18. Remote Project Manager

Remote project managers are responsible for planning, overseeing, and delivering projects. They use project management tools to ensure the accomplishment of tasks.

Due to the nature of their work, project managers set their hours and do their tasks remotely. A remote project manager can make an average of $83,903 per year.

19. 3D Artist

If you have a knack for modelling using 3D, you can likely make significant money working from home as a 3D artist at your preferred time. With this, you can work remotely and tailor your work hours according to your lifestyle.

To work as a 3D artist, you need training and experience in graphic design, fine arts, animation, or any related course. On average, you can earn $37,440 as a 3D artist in Canada.

20. Audio Transcriptionist

Being a transcriptionist working from home is a great way to earn money with flexible hours that you can set and manage. The work entails converting audio files into written formats using a computer, a headset, and word-processing software.

If you are skilled in typing and have strong grammar abilities, this will be a rewarding career for you. The average salary of a transcriptionist is $42,881 per year or $21.99 per hour.

21. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcription is a popular career in the medical field that many opt for, as it often involves working from home on a part-time or full-time basis.

You can take an online course on medical transcription, complete a training program, and earn a diploma to work effectively as a medical transcriptionist. A medical transcriptionist can earn as much as $50,003 per year.

22. eBay Seller

Selling at eBay is another flexible work-from-home opportunity to earn money online. While you can sell anything on this platform, consider buying items for a lower price and selling them on eBay for a profit.

How much you can earn from your eBay store will depend on how fast your products sell. The key is advertising your store on various online marketplaces and social media platforms.

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23. Website Developer

Everyone operating a business needs to establish their online presence through a website. If you are a website developer, this is a terrific opportunity to earn money while enjoying the flexibility to work on your terms.

Web developers create visually appealing websites that are easy to navigate and ensure their performance and capacity. The earnings of a web developer can be as much as $87,506 a year.

24. Private Music Teacher

Private music teachers provide personalized lessons for individuals or groups of children or adults. No set qualifications are required to work as a private music teacher.

Hourly fees depend on your training, skills, experience and location. The average pay of a private music teacher in Canada is about $48,750 per year or $25 per hour.

25. Remote Technical Support Consultant 

A remote technical support consultant troubleshoots, resolves customer and technical issues, and documents ticket actions and resolutions. 

Tech support consultants use remote assistance software to deliver their work without having to be on-site and communicate via email, chat, or phone. A tech support consultant makes an average of $78,841 per year or $40.43 per hour.

26. Digital Marketer

A digital marketer uses digital platforms to create marketing campaigns that promote products and services.

As with other flexible online part-time jobs, digital marketing allows you to work from home on a manageable schedule and earn as much as $53,889 a year.

27. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives (CSRs) perform a range of tasks for a business, such as providing product information, handling and resolving customer complaints, and providing sales support via telephone, email, and chat.

The position calls for no strict requirements, often needing only a high school diploma and on-the-job training. The average salary of a CSR is $35,100 per year or $18 per hour.

28. Blogger

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money, where you can earn up to $57,160 per year. It offers flexibility in that you can do it virtually anytime, anywhere.

Publish helpful blog posts and build an email list. Monetize it with ads, online courses, and affiliate marketing. Recommend products and earn thousands if your audience purchases through your recommendation.

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29. Influencer

If you love to keep your social media accounts up-to-date, why not become an influencer and earn up to $53,351 a year?

No educational or professional requirement is necessary for this job. You only need to be relatable, tech-savvy, skilled in content creation and social management, and able to produce high-quality content.

30. Content Creator

Content creation is a process that involves creating content like blog posts, newsletters, posters, podcasts, and videos and publishing them on the Internet.

Content creators must be skilled in managing digital content, designing promotional materials, using social media, and applying SEO techniques. A content creator can earn an average of $48,750 per year ($25 per hour).

Easy Part-Time Jobs For Students

Below is a list of easy part-time jobs for students that help with their expenses and supplement financial aid. More importantly, these help them gain valuable experience and learn time management.  

31. Dog Walker

Dog walking is a great way to make money on the side, especially with its low-barrier entry and the high demand for dog walkers.

How much you will earn as a dog walker will depend on location, length of the walk, and the number of dogs. On average, you can make $22.50 to $35 per walk.

32. Uber Driver

One of the most profitable ways to earn money full-time or part-time is being an Uber driver. You can earn between $25,000 and $35,000 a year while enjoying flexibility in your schedule.

While requirements vary by territory or province, you must be 21 years or older, have a valid driver’s licence, proof of residency, and at least one year of driving experience.

33. Orderly

Orderlies assist nurses in providing care and comfort to patients, performing tasks like feeding, grooming, and dressing. They can work evenings and nights, making the job ideal for college students.

Employment requirements may include secondary school education, supervised practical training, and a college nursing orderly program. The average salary for this job is $40,466 per year.

34. Nanny/Babysitter

Working as a nanny helps you earn up to $28 per hour while benefiting from flexibility since you can fit it in around your uni schedule. You can work two hours in the morning and four hours in the afternoon.

Basic requirements to work as a nanny include completion of secondary school and a child care training program and a minimum of two years of relevant work experience.

35. House Sitter

A house sitter attends to a homeowner’s property and pets while the owners are away. The length of stay can be overnight to several months, depending on what the parties agreed.

House sitter requirements include a high school diploma, clean background, organizational and problem-solving skills, and reliability. House sitters can earn an average of $39,000 per year or $20 per hour.

36. Direct Seller/Sales Agent

Create extra income by becoming a direct seller or direct sales agent. No significant investment is involved, no formal training is necessary, and you enjoy a commission-based salary.

As a direct sales representative in Canada, you have independence, a flexible work schedule that enables you to work when you want to, and the ability to earn up to $76,144 per year.

37. Photographer

If you have skills with a camera and an eye for details, photography can be a profitable part-time job for you. It offers superb flexibility and gives you control over your working time. 

Hours are often flexible, which allows you to meet with clients and visit sites for photoshoots whenever you want. The average salary of a photographer in Canada is $39,000 per year or $20 per hour.

38. Switchboard Operator

The work of a switchboard operator involves answering incoming calls, connecting them to people and departments using a computerized telephone system, and performing related tasks.

The minimum requirement is a high school diploma or equivalent. The average salary of a switchboard operator in Canada can be up to $47,634 per year, depending on experience.

39. Client Services Coordinator

A client services coordinator analyzes queries and concerns, improves client services, handles service problems, and escalates issues to appropriate teams. 

Requirements for this job may include secondary school and skills in computer, customer service, and listening. A client services coordinator can work remotely or with flexible hours. , and can earn an average salary of $54,665 per year.

40. Real Estate Agent

Being a real estate agent means having flexibility in terms of how often you work and how you work. There are no set business hours, and you have flexible start and leave times.

If you are a college student, you can work as a part-time real estate agent. You must meet a minimum education level and be registered with a real estate association to facilitate the purchase or sale of a property. The average annual salary of a real estate agent in Canada is $112,738.

41. Thrift Store Flipper

Combing thrift stores for saleable items and reselling them for profit, also known as thrift flipping, has become a popular, non-conventional way of making money.

It typically entails buying high-valued items from thrift shops and reselling them at a higher price. Thrift store flippers can make anywhere from $900 to $1,700 per month, with some earning up to $5,500.

42. Videographer

Earn extra money by working as a freelance videographer, shooting music or wedding videos. As a videographer, you can set your hours and take on as many or as few gigs as you want.

You can also create videos for businesses and help them reach new customers, increase brand visibility, and build relationships. The median wage for a videographer in Canada is $31.25 per hour.

43. Personal Shopper

Shop for others and earn extra cash with apps like Instacart. Choose between working as a full-service shopper and an in-store shopper. You can work as much or as little as you want, whenever you want.

To become an Instacart shopper, create an account at their website, download the app, and pass the background check. The average pay for an Instacart store shopper in Canada is around $17.52 per hour.

44. Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is when companies hire individuals to visit business establishments and secretly evaluate their store’s cleanliness, customer service, and product quality.

As it is a flexible job, you only accept assignments you want to do. A typical task will pay between $10 and $40, with some paying as much as $75 or more.

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45. Event Planner

If you are skilled in detailed planning to high-level multitasking, working as an event planner may be right for you. One of the most significant benefits of this job is that you have a lot of flexibility in terms of your hours, and you can work from anywhere.

An event planner organizes events and activities for companies or individuals. If you have no experience, take up an events planning and management course, and get a certification. Event planners earn an average of $46,410 (or $23.80 per hour).

46. Public Relations (PR) Manager

PR managers help individuals and businesses create and maintain a positive public image. They also have a very flexible structure and work schedule. 

To become a PR manager, you need a public relations or advertising degree and possess public speaking, marketing and people skills. A public relations manager can earn an average of $73,750 annually or $37.82 per hour.

47. Bartender

Bartending is one of the most popular flexible part-time jobs for students. The job includes mixing and serving drink orders, verifying age requirements, and processing payments.

Bartending work needs a high school diploma or GED and a bartending course certification. Food and alcohol handling certifications and mixology courses are also available. The average base salary of a bartender in Canada is $16.40 per hour.

48. Barista

Baristas create and serve beverages such as coffee, tea, and other specialty drinks. They also take orders and payments and keep the area sanitized.

Working as a barista offers two main benefits: a flexible schedule and good pay. Since a barista may be required to have experience, taking a barista training program is essential. A barista can make up to $34,213 per year.

49. Server

Working as a server is a way to earn money during college that helps pay for personal expenses and support financial needs while gaining valuable work experience.

No training or prior experience is necessary for food and beverage servers, but food training and customer service experience are advantageous. Servers in Canada can earn $27,064 to $37,944 per year.

50. Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistants help teachers in the planning and preparation of daily tasks. They also assist in instructional efforts and with teaching and non-instructional activities.

A teaching assistant is required to have a high school diploma or GED. Sometimes, a college certificate/degree or teaching experience may also be required. Their average salary is $52,807 per year.

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51. Sales Assistant

Sales assistants are the face of the company and are trained to greet customers, manage cash registers, and assist customers.

Qualifications include customer service skills, the ability to work well with others, and attention to detail. The average salary of a sales assistant is $40,011 per year.

52. Residence Advisor

A residence advisor (RA) is a student who lives in residence with other students, acts as a role model, and fosters a community with and among students.

RAs monitor schedules, conduct educational events and ensure the safety and well-being of the students. To qualify as an RA, you need a minimum number of credits. A residence advisor can earn up to $61,563 per year.

53. Student Library Assistant

Library assistants help the staff with daily operations such as library searches, sorting and reshelving books, book repairs, data entry, and general office work.

To work as a library assistant, you need a high school diploma or GED, computer skills, administration and customer service skills. The annual salary of a library assistant starts at $38,795.

54. Camp Counsellor

Camp counsellors are responsible for supervising campers and ensuring their safety and well-being. They guide and monitor children in recreational activities and create programs that keep campers safe and happy.

A camp counsellor requires no formal education or qualifications. Creativity, decision-making, and leadership skills are essential, in addition to being responsible and patient. The average salary of a camp counsellor is $16.46 per hour.

55. Student Research Assistant

If you want hands-on experience in your field of study, becoming a student research assistant will work well for you. As a research assistant, you work alongside faculty to perform academic research, complete research projects, collect data, and document findings.

Check your university’s career centre website for opportunities or approach your professors about research assistant positions. You can earn $29,780 per year as a student research assistant.

56. Retail Sales Associate

A retail sales associate engages with customers in the retail environment and assists them in finding what they need.

No special certifications are necessary to work as a retail salesperson, as it only requires a high school diploma. Retail sales associates can earn $15 per hour or $29,250 annually.

57. Campus Tour Guide

Working as a campus tour guide is a great way to make money while playing a crucial role in the university system. Since the job is often flexible, you can work it around your schedule.

To be a campus tour guide, you need to undergo training from your university to familiarize yourself with your campus and have good public speaking skills. Campus tour guides earn $29,250 per year or $18 per hour.

58. Student Ambassador

Student ambassadors work to promote their school in the best possible light. They are carefully chosen based on personality, character, enthusiasm, and communication skills.

To become a student ambassador, ask your school about its student ambassador program. Skills necessary include public speaking, networking, and communication skills. The average salary of a student ambassador is $31,259 per year.

59. Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant provides administrative support to a teaching department. The responsibilities include providing reception services, scheduling appointments and meetings, and other office tasks.

The requirements for this position include completion of secondary school and a one- or two-year college or program for administrative assistants. The average pay for this position is $46,127 per year or $23.66 per hour.

60. Student Life Coordinator

Student life coordinators support the school administration and perform various tasks that promote student engagement and ensure a positive student experience.

The educational requirement to work as a student life coordinator varies from campus to campus. Some require a degree, while others prefer a master’s in education or any related field. The average pay for this job is $54,289 per year.

image showing an icon for flexible part time jobs in canada

Part-Time Remote Jobs in Canada

While there are jobs listed here that require specialized training, they all offer flexibility beyond the usual 9-to-5 schedule. With flexible, remote, part-time jobs, you enjoy the benefits of working part-time since you can arrange your schedule and afford a work-life balance.

many of these gigs are also suitable maternity jobs.

61. Data Entry

Aside from being one of the most straightforward jobs, data entry is among the best flexible part-time jobs for students who want to earn extra money the easy way.

The requirements are simple: good typing skills, attention to detail and proficiency in using word processing software. You can earn $33,150 a year (or $17 per hour) doing data entry work.

62. Dropshipper

Step into entrepreneurship by starting a dropshipping business, minus the costs or risks associated with most business models.

With its flexible and scalable setup, you can sell as many or as few dropshipping items through your online store and work whenever and wherever you prefer. As for profitability, most dropshippers expect to earn 15% to 20% in profit margins.

63. Print-on-Demand Merchandise Seller on Etsy

Sell items like t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, and caps. Put your online brand out there by partnering with a print-on-demand (POD) service and selling on Etsy.

Integrate your store with a POD provider like Printify to help take care of shipping, fulfillment, and customer support. All you need to do is market your merchandise. The average profit of a full-time merchant is $5,800 a month.

64. Voice Over Artist

As audio-based content keeps growing, commercial voice-acting work is becoming in demand, with companies hiring freelance voice actors at least once a week.

Becoming a voice-over artist entails taking acting classes, hiring a voice coach, and having a talent with your voice. You can work from home, choose your hours, and earn as much as $50,700 per year or $26 per hour.

65. Tax Preparer

If you are good with numbers, preparing taxes annually for individuals or small businesses can be an excellent part-time job, where you can earn $17.93 per hour or $30,225 per year.

You can perform tax preparations online using tax preparation software. To become a tax preparer, get proper training and take a tax course related to taxation and accounting.

66. Translator

If you are bilingual or have mastery in another language, consider working as a translator and target freelance or part-time opportunities.

Translation jobs require mastery of a second language, although you can also study a language via schooling. Work as a part-time or freelance translator and earn as much as $56,210 per year or $28.83 per hour.

67. Market Researcher

Market researchers collect, analyze, and interpret data to learn more about a company’s market and customers.

Their work hours can be flexible, with the option to work remotely. Entry-level market researchers in Canada can make an average of $67,500 per year, with experienced workers earning up to $88,363 per year.

68. Remote Executive Assistant

A remote executive assistant proactively finds ways to add value and enhance the efficiency of an executive.

Tasks include managing an executive’s schedule, making travel reservations, responding to emails, completing paperwork, and other complex tasks. The average base pay for this position is $63,820 per year.

69. Management Consultant

Management consultants work with various clients to identify organizational challenges, collect and analyze information, and create and enforce solutions. 

The average salary of a management consultant in Canada is $80,000 per year or $41.03 per hour, with experienced workers earning up to $114,380 per year.

70. Auditor

If you have a degree in accounting, consider working as a remote auditor for financial firms, banks, and other clients.

As a remote auditor, your tasks include performing remote audits, inspecting accounting records, and ensuring compliance with government and industry regulations. You can earn $39,000 per year or $20 per hour.

71. Photo Editor

Photo editing, one of the most flexible part-time jobs, continues to be in demand as more businesses rely on their expertise to provide engaging visuals that boost web presence and sell their products or services.

To succeed in this profession, proficiency in photography, visual arts and digital media is necessary. Photo editors can earn as much as $57,932 per year.

72. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a business model with a low barrier to entry and costs less than $100 to start. Earn money every time a shopper uses your affiliate link to complete a purchase.

You can generate income during your spare time or by working on your own timetable and being your own boss. The average pay of an affiliate marketer is $59,624 per year.

73. Online Course Writer

Make money from writing online courses or e-books. Choose a profitable niche and create effective course content. Set your price and sales goals, then launch and advertise the e-book.

Monetize your online course by making it available on multi-vendor platforms and selling it as a product. Course creators earn around $1,000-$10,000 per month on average.

74. Video Captioner

Captioning is typing the dialogue in a video and describing what is happening in a scene.

Video captioners do not need specialist skills, just good listening and typing abilities. The average salary for closed captioning jobs in Canada is $57,166 per year.

75. Subtitler

Adding subtitles to a video is a job that offers flexible hours and can earn as much as $57,166 per year without sticking to a regular schedule.

Subtitles provide a translation to viewers who do not understand the language in a video. To become a subtitler, you need excellent English skills and proficiency in another language.

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76. Website Flipper

Website flipping is a business technique where you buy an existing website, improve it, and then sell it at a profit. It is simple, and you can do it on your own time.

Flipping websites is 100% scalable. The profits are tremendous because when you sell the finished product, you can sell it at a price that often triples or quadruples your initial costs.

77. Freelance Editor

If you are a college student with a good eye for detail and superior fact-checking abilities, think about working as a freelance editor. It will also be a good starting point for a future career.

Editors typically work with minimal supervision and can make decisions on their own, allowing them the freedom to work remotely and set their hours. Freelance editors can earn $52,849 per year.

78. Virtual Bookkeeper

Work from home as a virtual bookkeeper and provide your services to business owners who need assistance managing their books, transactions, and financial records.

To be able to work as a bookkeeper, enrol in a bookkeeping course and get certification from a recognized Canadian college or program. Bookkeepers can earn up to $42,982 per year.

79. MTurk Worker

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace where businesses (Requesters) pay individuals (Workers) to perform various tasks such as data processing, image or video processing, and content moderation.

Workers can choose from the list of tasks from Requesters, deliver the work, and receive payment. How much you earn will depend on how fast you finish the job and knowing how to get the highest-paying tasks.

80. Email Marketing Specialist

An email marketing specialist is a digital marketer who promotes brand awareness, creates emails, and drives sales through email marketing. 

A degree in PR or communications is an advantage for an email marketing specialist. The average salary for this job is $58,500 per year.

81. YouTuber

Being a YouTuber is another flexible job that you can do part-time. Pick a topic you are passionate about and start creating videos about it. Perform keyword research and include them in the description to help search engines find your content.

If you want people to flock to your channel, create videos that provide strategies for making money online since this is the single most profitable niche on YouTube. Earn around $18 per 1,000 ad views.

82. Graphic Designer

Graphic design entails visualizing product concepts and creating graphics that help individuals and businesses develop their brands.

As a graphic designer, you can work with an organization on a flexible schedule or be a freelancer and find clients yourself. Graphic designers earn an average of $46,804 per year or $24 per hour.

83. Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluators conduct testing and evaluation to analyze the relevance and accuracy of web search results.

To be a search engine evaluator, you need to be Internet-savvy, have in-depth familiarity with search engines and web searches, and learn to use the guidelines for assessing search results. The national average salary for this position is $67,122.

84. Facebook Ads Specialist

Facebook ads specialists create campaigns to reach target customers, monitor and analyze marketing campaigns, and manage advertising budgets.

To perform this job, you need to be proficient in using Facebook Business Manager, understand how sales funnels work and develop your Facebook ads skills. Facebook ads specialists earn $48,602 per year on average.

85. Insurance Agent

The insurance industry in Canada is among the fastest-growing sectors and is one of the most flexible when it comes to scheduling and working from home.

Insurance agents offer insurance policies and other services such as risk management, consulting or advisory services, and manage a portfolio of clients. As an insurance agent, you can earn anywhere from $48,000 to $75,000 per year.

86. Virtual Travel Agent

Virtual travel agents help clients make reservations for travel and accommodations and other related tasks.

The basic requirements to work as a travel agent in Canada include a high school diploma or GED equivalent, sales and customer service, and a license or registration, depending on your location. Travel agents can earn $33,150 a year or $17 per hour.

87. Chat Room Moderator

A chat room moderator is responsible for overseeing message boards or chat room discussions and evaluating content to ensure it complies with the standards set by the site.

Although no formal education is required, having a degree and knowledge about digital content is beneficial. The national average pay for a moderator is $36,065.

88. Proofreader

If you want to get paid for correcting spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and grammar inaccuracies, then working as a proofreader will suit you.

Freelance proofreading does not require formal education, but taking online courses and getting a certification will improve your skills. Proofreaders earn an average of $39,000 per year or $20 per hour.

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89. Virtual Appointment Setter

Appointment setting is a type of telesales wherein remote agents set up meetings between consumers or businesses with qualified sales representatives.  

The work includes assisting clients with appointment scheduling and other communication tasks such as email management, cold calling, and customer support. An appointment setter in Canada can earn $47,450 per year or $24.33 per hour.

90. Life Coach

Life coaching is about helping clients reach their ultimate goals, overcoming personal or career challenges, developing confidence, and determining their life and career path.

A life coach must possess counselling skills, knowledge of psychology, active listening abilities, and a non-judgmental approach. The average pay of a life coach is $55,286 per year.


What part-time job has the most flexible hours?

Among the jobs listed here, the one with the most flexible hours is the job of a real estate agent. You are your own boss, so you can set up your day to make time for family events or be home when needed.

How do I get a job with a flexible schedule?

Use job boards that specialize in remote, flexible part-time jobs. Perform a search for the position you want. Narrow it to companies that promote and support flexibility in their organization.

What jobs allow you to make your own schedule?

Freelance jobs are among the best flexible part-time jobs that give you the freedom to make your own schedule and set your hours. In addition, you can select your clients and choose who you want to work with.

What jobs give you a lot of free time?

Real estate, photography, direct selling, thrift flipping, affiliate marketing, and website flipping are among the most flexible part-time jobs that provide a lot of free time. These jobs let you control how you want to spend your day and do not dominate your life.  

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