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The 35 Best Jobs Where You Work Alone in 2024


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Dream of finding independence in your work life? Curious about jobs that don’t require a degree but offer great pay? Look no further!

We’ve compiled a list of jobs tailored for those who prefer working solo. Whether you’re seeking entry-level opportunities or part-time roles, these options provide both freedom and financial stability.

Key Takeaways

  • There are plenty of options nowadays if you prefer working alone. Some of these you can do part-time, like being a Virtual Assistant or a Pet Sitter.
  • Some also allow you to work at home solo as a Data Entry Clerk or a Copywriter.
  • If you love the outdoors and like to work alone, your choices include working as a Park Ranger, Scuba Instructor or Lifeguard.

High-Paying Jobs Where You Work Alone

1. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks meticulously organize information for companies. Working solo, they update spreadsheets and databases with precision. This solitary role suits individuals who appreciate meticulous tasks and autonomy. If you thrive in solo, detail-oriented work, this job ensures your independence and freedom.

Expected salary: The rate of Data Entry Clerks averages about $20.68 per hour.

2. Translator

Translators have a deep understanding of languages, translating them with cultural sensitivity. They work alone, connecting different languages and cultures accurately.

If you enjoy working by yourself and love languages, this job is a perfect fit, allowing you to create understanding between people.

Expected Salary: You can earn around $28.94 per hour as a Translator.

3. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists listen to recordings and type what’s said. They often transcribe for legal or medical purposes. Working alone in quiet places, they turn audio or video into written records. If you like listening carefully and typing, this job suits those who prefer working independently.

Expected Salary: Transcriptionists make an average of $20.09 per hour.

4. Copywriter

Copywriters create catchy and clear words for ads on websites or in print. They research keywords, making content interesting. They also check their work for mistakes. If you enjoy writing and attention to detail, copywriting might be the perfect job for you.

Expected Salary: You can earn an average of $30.01 per hour as a Copywriter.

5. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers use special software to make pictures for websites, brochures, and posters. They work alone, bringing ideas to life visually. If you love art and design, this job lets you express your creativity independently.

Expected Salary: Graphic Designers make an average of $25.64 per hour.

6. Web Developer

Web developers build and improve websites, making sure they work smoothly. They work independently, focusing on technical aspects and site speed. If you enjoy making websites run better, this job lets you do it on your own.

Expected Salary: Web Developers can make around $37.36 per hour.

7. Accountant

Accountants handle a company’s money records, creating reports and analyzing data. They work alone, often remotely, ensuring accurate financial details. If you like numbers and independence, this job suits you.

Expected Salary: Accountants can make about $20.09 per hour.

8. Economist

Economists analyze data to predict what people might buy in the future. They work alone, studying economies to help businesses plan. If you enjoy understanding trends and working independently, this job might be ideal for you.

Expected Salary: Economists make an income of about $50.88 per hour.

9. Social Media Manager

Social media managers handle a company’s social media pages, finding the best ways to connect with people online. They work alone, creating posts, analyzing data, and engaging with audiences. If you enjoy online communication and working independently, this job might be perfect for you.

Expected Salary: Social Media Managers can make $21.27 per hour, depending on their skills and experience.

10. Technical Writer

Technical writers create easy-to-follow guides and manuals. They simplify complex ideas, making them understandable for everyone. Working independently, they craft clear instructions for products and articles. If you like simplifying things and working alone, this job might suit you.

Expected Salary: You can make as much as $34.85 per hour as a Technical Writer.

11. ESL Teacher

Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) means guiding people to learn English. It’s a job where you often work alone, preparing lessons and activities. If you enjoy helping others learn and prefer working independently, this job could be a great fit for you.

Expected Salary: ESL Teachers can make an hourly income of $26.27 on average.

12. Proofreader

Proofreaders have a keen eye for spotting errors in written documents. They meticulously review texts, checking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Working alone, proofreaders ensure that content is error-free before it gets published.

If you have sharp attention to detail and enjoy working independently, this role allows you to make sure written materials are flawless.

Expected Salary: You can make $22.77 hourly as a Proofreader. Some earn by charging per word or per page instead of on a per hour basis.

13. Facebook Ads Manager

Ads Managers on Facebook create catchy online ads for businesses, working alone to target specific audiences. They analyze data, adjust strategies, and enhance ads for maximum impact.

If you like working alone and understand online marketing, this role lets you help businesses grow on Facebook and similar platforms.

Expected Salary: FB Ads Managers earn about $27.40 per hour.

14. Computer Programmer

Computer programmers work alone, crafting intricate codes that power software and websites. They solve complex problems and ensure everything runs smoothly in the digital world.

If you enjoy logical thinking and working independently, this job lets you shape the technology we use every day.

Expected Salary: You can make as much as $37.88 per hour as a Computer Programmer.

15. Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers manage financial records, balance budgets, and track expenses. They work independently, ensuring a company’s financial health. If you’re good with numbers and prefer working alone, this role allows you to maintain financial stability for businesses.

Expected Salary: An average of $25.78 per hour is the usual rate for Bookkeepers, depending on experience and company size.

16. Actuary

Actuaries are like wizards in the insurance world. They use math to predict what might happen in the future. By crunching numbers, they help insurance companies set fair prices. Actuaries work alone, often from home, using important papers and computers to do their jobs.

Expected Salary: Actuaries can make as much as $47.77 per hour.

17. Research Scientist

Research scientists perform lab experiments, gather data, and analyze their findings. Working alone, they document their work and share results with the scientific community. These scientists play a vital role in the discoveries that shape our world.

Expected Salary: Research Scientists’ average income is around $32.65 per hour.

Part-Time Jobs Where You Work Alone

18. Pet Sitter

Pet sitters take care of pets when their owners are away. They feed, groom, and walk animals, ensuring their well-being. Working independently, pet sitters also handle light housekeeping. If you love animals and prefer a solo job, this role offers companionship while working alone.

Expected Salary: Pet Sitters’ income is around $18.39 per hour. You can also charge extra for taking pets to the vet.

19. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants offer remote administrative help to clients. They manage emails, appointments, and contact lists, showcasing strong interpersonal skills even while working independently.

If you enjoy organizing tasks and prefer working solo, this role allows you to assist others from the comfort of your home.

Expected Salary: Virtual Assistants’ rate is around $23.97 an hour, depending on their skills and experience.

20. Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers roam the streets, bringing packages and meals to people’s doors. This job offers both freedom and movement. If you cherish independence and enjoy being on the go, delivering items could be your ideal solo job.

Expected Salary: Delivery Drivers’ income is about $20.94 per hour.

21. Appliance Technician

Appliance technicians are the repair superheroes of household gadgets. They travel to homes, fixing dishwashers, laundry machines, and hot water heaters.

If you enjoy tinkering with tools and don’t mind travelling, this job lets you use your skills to save the day, one appliance at a time.

Expected Salary: Appliance Technicians can make around $25 per hour, depending on how easy the appliance is to fix.

22. Personal Chef

Personal chefs turn their love for cooking into a delightful job. They prepare meals in people’s homes, crafting delicious dishes tailored to their clients’ tastes.

If you’re passionate about food and dream of working independently, being a personal chef lets you create culinary masterpieces while enjoying the freedom of being your own boss.

Expected Salary: You can make as much as $48.60 annually as a Personal Chef.

Jobs Where You Work Alone Outside

23. Dog Walker

Love dogs? Enjoy your own schedule? Dog walking might be your ideal job. Whether it’s neighbourhood pups or clients from online platforms like Rover, being a dog walker means enjoying the outdoors with furry friends, all on your terms.

Expected Salary: You can earn an hourly rate of about $20.85 as a Dog Walker. Plus, you can charge additional fees for taking the dogs to a vet clinic or boarding them.

24. Photographer

If you enjoy freezing moments in time, being a photographer lets you snap cherished memories at weddings, family gatherings, and more. Plus, your photos can be sold online as stock images for blogs and companies.

Expected Salary: Photographers make around $20.89 per hour, depending on how many hours they spend taking photos and editing.

25. Grocery Shopper

Enjoy ticking off shopping lists? Being a grocery shopper is tailor-made for list enthusiasts. You work solo, carefully selecting items and ensuring prompt deliveries. It’s like turning your shopping spree into a money-making venture—all on your own terms.

Expected Salary: Grocery Shoppers’ average income is $20.80 per hour.

26. House Cleaner

House cleaners are like cleaning superheroes for busy people. They make homes spotless for those who can’t do it themselves. If you like making places look neat and tidy, this job is perfect. You work alone, transforming messy spaces into clean, cozy homes.

Expected Salary: House Cleaners earn about $17.03 per hour on average.

27. Security Guard

Security guards ensure everyone’s safety and protect property. You might work alone, patrolling areas to keep things secure. It’s a job where you’re the safety net, making the environment secure for everyone. If you like being a silent protector, then this role could be your perfect fit.

Expected Salary: Security Guards make around $18.51 per hour.

28. Landscaper

Landscapers bring gardens to life, planting, maintaining, and crafting outdoor spaces. Tasks include transplanting, installing watering systems, and creating beautiful landscapes.

Many landscapers work solo, finding peace among plants. If you cherish nature and seek solitary work, this job is your green sanctuary.

Expected Salary: Landscapers can make around $23.19 per hour.

29. Electrician

Electricians solve electrical issues independently, applying technical skills to enhance residential and commercial spaces. Average hourly rates: $18 to $35, providing a sense of accomplishment and technical freedom.

Expected Salary: Electricians earn around $35.46 per hour.

30. Truck Driver

Truck drivers travel alone, delivering goods day and night. They enjoy the freedom of the open road, listening to music or podcasts as they drive. If you like independence and don’t mind odd hours, this job offers a solitary journey with the hum of wheels as your companion.

Expected Salary: Truck Drivers make an average of $26.23 per hour.

31. Sanitation Worker

Sanitation workers play a crucial role in our communities. They drive garbage trucks, picking up trash from homes and businesses, all while working independently.

If you are someone who values cleanliness, takes pride in their work, and enjoys contributing to a cleaner environment, then a job as a sanitation worker might be the perfect fit for you.

Expected Salary: You can earn an average of $19.42 per hour as a Sanitation Worker.

32. Park Ranger

Park rangers are environmental stewards, safeguarding natural treasures and ensuring rules are followed. They work independently, immersed in nature’s beauty.

If you’re passionate about the environment, this job lets you protect it while working solo. Become a park ranger and turn your love for nature into a fulfilling career.

Expected Salary: Park Rangers earn an average of $19.67 per hour.

33. Car Detailer

Car detailers make cars look fantastic inside and out. Their job includes cleaning, vacuuming, and polishing vehicles without the need for extensive talking. If you enjoy making cars sparkle and prefer working quietly, this job is perfect for you.

Expected Salary: You can make an average of $18.08 per hour as a Car Detailer.

34. Life Guard

Lifeguards are silent heroes at pools and beaches. They ensure everyone stays safe without needing to talk much. Their duty involves watching over swimmers, being alert, and acting swiftly in emergencies.

If you’re a vigilant person who enjoys peace while keeping others secure, being a lifeguard might be your ideal job.

Expected Salary: Lifeguards make an average of $19.77 per hour.

35. Ski Instructor

Ski instructors are winter sports enthusiasts who teach the joy of skiing to others. They work on snowy slopes, sharing their passion for the mountains with their students. If you love the thrill of the slopes and have a knack for teaching, this role is for you.

Expected Salary: You can earn an average of $20 per hour as a Scuba Instructor.


Can I find well-paying jobs where I can work alone without a degree?

Yes, several high-paying jobs like data entry clerk, translator, and web developer allow you to work independently without requiring a degree. Your skills and passion matter the most.

Are there part-time jobs where I can work alone and still earn a decent income?

Absolutely, roles such as pet sitter, virtual assistant, and delivery driver offer part-time opportunities to work independently while ensuring a stable income.

What if I prefer outdoor jobs? Are there options where I can work alone?

Jobs like dog walker, photographer, and landscaper provide opportunities to work independently outdoors, allowing you to enjoy nature while earning a living.


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