About Enoch Omololu, Founder of Savvy New Canadians

Hello, I am Enoch Omololu, a personal finance expert and the founder of Savvy New Canadians. My mission is to help Canadians become better with their money, and I have over a decade of experience helping people improve their financial lives.


  • Master’s degree in Finance and Investment Management, University of Aberdeen Business School
  • Canadian Securities Course (Honours), Canadian Securities Institute
  • Passed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1 Exam
  • MSc degree in Agricultural Economics, University of Manitoba
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ibadan


Enoch has been writing about money matters for over a decade. He has been featured in prominent finance media platforms like Forbes, Business Insider, The Globe and Mail, Wealthsimple, Yahoo Finance, CBC News, GO BankingRates, TD Direct Investing, CTV News, Credit Canada, Ratehub, and many others.

As a newcomer to Canada, he quickly realized that there was a void in the Canadian personal finance space in that it catered mostly to high-net-worth individuals who already understood how the financial system worked. It was challenging to find the right resources to thrive as a new immigrant looking to start a new life here.

After speaking with several friends and newcomers who were finding it difficult to start investing and planning for their retirement, Enoch realized the need for a financial education platform that was easily accessible and useful to Canadians regardless of their financial knowledge and situation.

This is why he created Savvy New Canadians in 2016 as a go-to resource for all Canadians looking to learn about investing, credit, debt management, banking, retirement income planning, and other financial topics.

Since its founding, over 20 million readers have visited Savvy New Canadians to access tools and guides that help them make smarter financial decisions.

Enoch has a passion for helping newcomers find their financial footing. He also gives back to the community through the annual Savvy New Canadians Financial Literacy Scholarship, with $4,000 awarded to students as of 2023.

He is the author of two books that can be found here and on Amazon.


I was born in Nigeria, the second of seven children to hardworking parents. Growing up, life presented many challenges, and I learned very early on that hard work, persistence, and quick thinking were integral to my survival.

My parents valued education and gave their best effort to ensure all their kids could access post-secondary education. Beyond academic pursuits, they also emphasized the importance of acquiring vocational skills, having an independent mindset, and living within our means.

As a teen, I saw my dad read financial news and learned the basic concept of stock investing by coming along when he visited his broker’s office.

My interest in the financial markets continued to grow. As soon as I reached the age at which I could open a brokerage account, I attended numerous stock trading seminars and commenced trading stocks. Subsequently, I expanded my trading activities to include the FOREX markets, Contracts for Difference (CFDs), futures, and other securities.

My parents were serial entrepreneurs who involved their children in every aspect of their business ventures. From a young age, I learned firsthand that creating a successful business requires grit, extraordinary effort, and thinking outside the box.

These lessons bore fruit when, as a freshman in college, I started my first registered company—an ornamental fish breeding facility that would go on to make it possible for me to travel abroad for further studies.

While in veterinary school, I dedicated my spare time to learning more about the investment world. After graduating with distinction and gaining some professional experience, I chose to expand my financial expertise by pursuing a master’s degree in Finance and Investment Management at the University of Aberdeen Business School.

Following this, I immigrated to Canada in 2011 with my spouse, Joy, and enrolled at the University of Manitoba for a master’s degree in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics. At the time, we had no assets and carried some debt. We were aware that life would be challenging for some time as we were beginning anew from the ground up in a new country.

I soon realized that Canada’s financial landscape vastly differed from what I was accustomed to. To get up to speed, I spent countless hours reading about the banking system, investment accounts, retirement income options, etc. I also completed the Canadian Securities Course.

To survive on our limited resources, we cut our expenses to the absolute minimum and used our credit cards sparingly. Our financial situation was precarious, and we did what we needed to do to stay afloat. It wasn’t a fun experience, but we maintained strict financial discipline for several years and were able to pay off all my student and car loans in 2017. With the elimination of consumer debt, we also began investing in our retirement accounts around this same period.

As the person my friends turned to for financial advice, I observed that newcomers faced challenges in accessing readily available and unbiased financial information online and even through banking institutions.

I realized that, like me, many newcomers struggled with adapting to a financial system that was vastly different from the systems in their home countries.

Based on the difficulties I had faced when seeking answers to my financial questions, it was clear that a gap needed to be filled. This led me to establish “Savvy New Canadians” in 2016 as a free educational resource available to all.

I have been fortunate enough to transform my life over the last few years and achieve financial independence. It is my passion to help others do the same and live a life of financial freedom. Hence, the tagline that has come to be identified with Savvy New Canadians: Save. Invest. Retire Early.

Before working full-time at Savvy New Canadians (Enoch Media Inc.), I was a licensed large animal veterinarian and managed Manitoba’s provincial animal welfare program for several years.

My hobbies include golfing, reading, mentoring others, hiking, travelling, and being a dad.

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