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21 Best Real Estate Apps For Canadians in 2024


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Whether you want to rent an apartment, buy a home, or sell a property, it can be a long and daunting process. There are many different steps and important things you need to know along the way.

Thankfully, there are many different real estate apps and tools for Canadians that will help you find a home, sell a property, invest in real estate, and more.

This article details 21 of the best real estate apps for Canadians in 2024.

Best Real Estate Apps in Canada

The following is a list of the top real estate apps and tools to help renters, buyers, sellers, and homeowners, whether they are looking to rent a home, have just bought their house, or have sold their property.

1. Realtor.ca

Realtor.ca is one of the most trusted and best real estate apps in Canada. It is owned and operated by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and provides up-to-date information on finding properties. It is for buyers, sellers, and renters.

You can search for thousands of real estate listings across Canada on realtor.ca and filter by neighbourhood, city, postal code, or MLS number.

After entering a search term, you can view a map of all available listings. On each listing, you can view the price, address, photos, description, and more, as well as email the realtor and book a showing.

Download Realtor.ca on the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.

2. Zolo Canada

Zolo is Canada’s largest independent real estate marketplace, with over 10 million people using the website or app every month. Zolo has listing information, up-to-date market trends (updated every 15 minutes), housing data, and more.

On this app, you can search by city, address, or MLS listing number. You can filter searches by price, the number of bedrooms, house type, and more. To take advantage of all the features, including viewing listing photos and sold data, you need to create a free account.

Download Zolo on the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.

3. Zillow

Based in the US, Zillow is the leading real estate marketplace in America for buyers, sellers, and renters to find information and data about their neighbourhoods and available listings. In 2019, Zillow expanded to Canada.

With Zillow, you can see listings in major markets or search for Canadian listings nearby. The listings include property photos, the listing price, upcoming open houses, neighbourhood maps, and nearby homes for sale.

On this real estate app, buyers and sellers can research realtors, read reviews, and connect directly with the listing agent.

Download Zillow on the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.

4. Walk Score

Walk Score is a real estate app that helps you find a place to live with a walk score of 0-100.

A score of 90-100 means that daily errands do not require a car, with many stores and major streets nearby to the property, while a score of 0-24 means that you’ll likely need a car to get around.

This app also includes transit and bike scores, measuring how easily you can get around by public transit or a bike.

Generally, you would want a high walk score when looking at properties to buy or rent.

On the app, you enter an address, and it will tell you the walk, transit, and bike score, as well as how far of a commute you are to a nearby major city.

The Walk Score iOS and Google Play Store apps are not available in Canada.

5. AroundMe

AroundMe is an app that allows you to search the area for points of interest nearby, such as restaurants, gas stations, find a movie schedule, or book a hotel. It is the most used local search app in the world.

You can view every listing on a map and a detailed view with information such as hours of operation, the business’ phone number, and website.

Download AroundMe on the iOS app store here.

6. Google Maps

Google Maps is the most popular web-based map service that provides detailed information about different locations worldwide.

You can search for specific locations all around the world, completely free. It offers aerial, satellite, and street views of many places.

Like AroundMe, you can search for nearby points of interest and view details about the locations. You can also get a car, walk, transit, or bike directions from one location to another.

This is not the best app for searching for homes to rent or buy; however, it is great for searching the exact location and nearby areas.

Download Google Maps on the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.

7. PadMapper

PadMapper is one of the best real estate apps in Toronto and all of Canada.

It shows listings in Canada and the US for over one million apartments, condos, houses, and sublets for rent, compiled from different websites.

To use this app, search for a city, neighbourhood, or address, and it will show all available homes with your search filters on a map as well as a sidebar.

When you click on a listing, it shows details such as price, amenities, address, and photos. You can check availability by sending an email to the real estate agent directly through the site.

Download PadMapper on the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.

8. HouseSigma

HouseSigma is a real estate app that uses artificial intelligence to estimate the home value for all available listings in Ontario and British Columbia.

This app is for interested buyers to get an estimated home valuation and see nearby sold listing prices to help determine their final offer price.

HouseSigma shows the sold below asking price, high returns, homes that have just been sold, best for school, and one-year price growth. You need to create an account to view most listings.

Download HouseSigma on the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.  

9. Houzz

Houzz is one of the best ways to find ideas to design your home.

You can browse over 20 million interior design photos, decorating ideas, home decor, and home professionals on this site.

On Houzz, you can browse and save photos of inspiring homes, hire design and construction professionals in your area, and connect with others. You can also shop for home decor and furniture items directly through the app.

Download Houzz on the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.  

10. DocuSign

DocuSign is the most trusted and widely used electronic signature and agreement app.

Available in 180 countries and 44 languages, many real estate agents use DocuSign for rental and home-buying agreements.

DocuSign allows you to collect electronic signatures and payments at the time of signature. It is free, easy to use, and entirely electronic.

When someone sends you a document, you can review it, fill out any required fields, adopt the signature style you want to use or draw your own, and send the document back to the sender.

Download DocuSign on the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.  

11. Real Estate Dictionary

One of the best apps for renters in Canada, Real Estate Dictionary is an app that gives you access to thousands of real estate definitions and images.

This app is great for first-time homebuyers, sellers, or renters. It includes terms from multiple mortgage, real estate, and financial dictionaries.

Besides searching for terms, you can view images like property diagrams and illustrations, save bookmarks, use voice search, and more. Real Estate Dictionary is the only app you need for all real estate definitions.

Download Real Estate Dictionary on the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.  

12. Sortly

Sortly is an online inventory management app meant for tracking small businesses’ assets and inventory.

It has a feature for tracking home inventory, where you can document all the items you have in your home, in storage, or across a few different properties.

This app is perfect for someone who has just bought a home or signed a lease and is ready to move. In this app, you can take photos of your items, sort them into boxes, and create custom barcodes.

When unpacking, you can use the app to scan the barcode, and you’ll see exactly what you put in each box, saving you time searching from box to box.

Sortly is also great for taking photos of receipts, manuals, and important documents, as well as adding details such as the product’s serial number, purchase date, and warranty.

Download Sortly on the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.  

Best Real Estate Apps For Canadians

13. Jiffy

Jiffy is one of the most important real estate apps you could have as a homeowner. This app connects homeowners with service providers and handymen based on location and availability.

It is available in Toronto, Ottawa, Chicago, and Boston.

With Jiffy, you can search for any service you need or view the list of services.

Some of the many services include appliance installation and repair, deep cleaning, electrical, furniture assembly, pest control, and more.

To use this app, book a job for the service you need, and you will be matched to a Jiffy Pro.

You can communicate with them and discuss further details. Once confirmed, the pro will come and complete the job.

Download Jiffy on the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.

Real Estate Apps and Tools

The following are some of the most useful real estate apps and tools, like mortgage calculators and rental listing sites.

14. CMHC Homebuying Calculators

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has three useful homebuying calculators to help estimate the total cost of your home purchase.

Mortgage Calculator: You can compare rates, frequency of payments, amortization, and more to find the best mortgage options.

Enter the purchase price, down payment, and amortization period in step one of this calculator.

In step two, enter the mortgage interest rate and payment frequency. After entering your information, it will tell you the amount you need to pay monthly.

Affordability Calculator: You can get an estimate of how much mortgage or rent you can afford. In this calculator, enter your desired living situation (whether you’re looking to buy or rent), your financial information, and monthly expenses.

After entering your information, it will determine how much monthly rent or mortgage you can afford.

Debt Service Calculator: You can compare your housing expenses and monthly debt payments to your total household income.

In this calculator, enter your annual household income before taxes, monthly housing expenses (mortgage payment, heating expenses, property taxes, etc.), and monthly debt payments.

After entering your information, it will tell you your gross debt service ratio (GDS) and total debt service ratio (TDS) in percentages.

The CMHC Homebuying Calculators are not available as a mobile app.

15. Rentals.ca

Rentals.ca is one of the best house-hunting apps for people who want to rent apartments, houses, and condos.

This app shows rentals all across Canada. You can search by city, neighbourhood, or address, and it will show you all the available properties for rent based on your search filters.

You can filter by price range, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, property type, and more. In each listing, you can view photos, rent price, property details, and contact the real estate agent to book a viewing.

Download Rentals.ca on the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.

16. RentSeeker.ca

RentSeeker is an online apartment finder and real estate marketing company. It is one of the best real estate apps for agents, as it includes marketing tools for property managers, homeowners, and real estate agents.

Tenants or people looking to rent a home can use RentSeeker to search for an apartment, condo, house, or townhouse in many cities across Canada.

You can search by address, city, or postal code, and each listing includes photos, property information, and a feature to contact the real estate agent.

Landlords or real estate agents can register with RentSeeker to list their property for a monthly fee.

They can add a listing with photos, videos, floorplans, property information, their contact information, and more.

Rentseeker.ca is not available as a mobile app.

17. Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator is an app where you can calculate your mortgage payments with principal, interest, and term.

To use this calculator, input a down payment percentage or amount, and the calculator will determine how substantial a mortgage you need.

You can include additional monthly or annual loan costs such as taxes, insurance, PMI, and HOA.

This calculator also supports interest-only, fixed, and adjustable-rate mortgages.

Download Karl’s Mortgage Calculator on the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.

18. Magicplan

Magicplan is an app for contractors to create and share floorplans, field reports, and estimates.

Contractors can connect with their team through the app to see what’s happening on-site before they get there.

Some features of Magicplan include measuring and sketching in 2D and 3D; reporting and documentation with photos, notes, markups, and more; and estimating the pricing for the project. Magicplan is designed to be fully integrated into a contractor’s workflow.

Download Magicplan on the iOS app store or the Google Play Store.

Best Real Estate Apps for Investors

Below are two of the best real estate apps that make it easy for anyone to invest in property.

19. BuyProperly

BuyProperly is a real estate investing app for fractional investments in real estate.

People can invest in properties without all the upfront costs and get hassle-free property ownership at just $2,500 or higher.

An AI-driven property identification model chooses properties on this app, and only top-notch renters are selected for each property. Their goal is to simplify real estate investing and make it more affordable and accessible for everyone.

You can invest in both current and secondary sales with BuyProperly, and earn a passive income and capital appreciation when the property is sold.

20. Addy

Addy is a crowdfunding real estate site that makes it accessible for anyone to invest in real estate.

Addy works by identifying a real estate opportunity, dividing the investment into equal parts, then selling units ranging from $1 to $1,500 per property.

To become an addy investor, sign up for a membership (either $25 per year or $500 for five years), connect your bank account to add funds, choose an available property to invest in, sign the documents, and invest.

There are two ways to make money with addy.

  1. When a property is sold, the appreciation is divided up and paid back to investors on top of the original investment principal.
  2. When tenants of a property pay rent, any excess cash flow is given to investors.

For now, addy is only available on the web. You can join the waitlist for the addy iOS app on their website.

21. Zoocasa

Zoocasa is a real estate company that combines online search tools and a full-service brokerage for Canadians to buy or sell their homes in the most efficient way possible. Based in Toronto, they feature listings from across all provinces in Canada.

Its name is inspired by the Spanish phrase “mi casa es su casa,” which means “my home is your home.”

On this website, you can search for and view all homes for rent and sale on MLS Canada. You can view past selling prices, market insights, and featured homes.

Download Zoocasa on the iOS app store.


Finding a place to rent or selling your home can be complicated. However, with these apps by your side, you can say goodbye to any difficulties in the process.

If you are an investor, homeowner, or renter, consider using one or more of the apps listed above to help in your journey.



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