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27 thoughts on “How To Register and Open A CRA My Account in 2022”

  1. I work for myself and over the last few years my income has been on the low side, grossing around 15,000.00 a year. anyway I have all my paper work done but have not taken it in to my accountant because I know I will not owe any taxes for those years and cant afford to see my accountant. Anyway because I dont have my taxes done, by the sounds of it I will not be able to get the CERB benefits. Is there anyway I can still receive the CERB benefits without having my taxes done. At this point my accountant is not seeing anyone so I cant get them done at this point..I really do need the money . Please if you have any suggestion to help me I am very desperate and need the CERB assistance.

    • Terry am in the same situation please let me know what you find out thanks

    • Hi Terry, you don’t need to see an accountant for your small annual income, on CRA website every year there is a FREE personal tax report, I have never been but I am sure there are points for you to follow. Unless you report your tax, the government wouldn’t know where to out you in rebates or supplement, of course also depending on your age. Please call CRA to get help.

  2. Very useful site

    • @Tanbhir: Glad you found the information useful. Cheers.

  3. I am unable to set up an account for “my account” as it says i need the last 2 notice of assessment t4s. That is why i am trying to register as i only have 2019 and need 2018. I am an essential worker and hrs have been cut due to covid 19. I need these documents for the bank. How do i obtain these documents?

  4. Hello, I’m a student and this will be my first year filing taxes. Is there an alternative way to open a CRA account? Thank you!

    • Hello my name is Nathalie esperon this will be my first year filing income tax I had started school in januarary 2019 I wasn’t working my husband and I were filing income taxes because I was not working I have 7children I go to school I have to apply for the student benefit my husband cannot work right now do to health issues I’m going to be the only one supporting my children so how do I apply for this cra student benefit I need this to support my children thank you I am doing my income tax with makivik that’s where we do it thank you I need comment back

  5. Our daughter is graduating from High school and hasn’t filed a tax return ever as she started working only last September. It says you have to have your last 2 tax returns?
    So what do we do?

  6. I received an initial cheque for $2,000, which was a huge help! My understanding is that I would receive four cheques over four months. Do I need to apply again, or would those now be sent automatically? Thank you.

  7. An obvious issue is that if, for whatever reason, you have not filed (or were not required to file) an income tax return, in the past two years, you will not be able to set up a CRA Account.

      • Can one apply by phone for the CRB instead of having to setup a my CRA account?

        • @Kevin: You will need a CRA MyAccount for CRB.

  8. My son is still currently working putting himself and his family at risk sometimes he makes more then 1000 sometimes less but why should he be penalized because he is working he too should be able to receive this benefit. He is in college and it should be offered regardless. He is one of the few working and will still have to pay for college in September. I do not understand how our system works. It has a lot of flaws and is very unfair.

  9. My wife has spent three hours waiting for a cra representative to answer the phone

  10. hi
    i need $1600crb benefit please to be in roll of this benefit >
    thank you

  11. Who does the free basic income tax return for people on Aish

  12. Hi Enoch,

    I have collected last 28 weeks of CERB benefit. My CRA Account says nothing about CRB benefit going forward. I am self-employed on contract, so no can acess EI.Am I not eligible for CRB assistance? If so, where do I apply? Nothing in CRA My Account

    • @Mike: Unfortunately, the Sept 27 date for CRB application to commence did not happen. Bill C-2 was tabled in Parliament on September 24 and the newly created CRB should kick in soon with more info available.

  13. Can someone apply for CRB over phone without online account with CRA

  14. You can go to revenue Quebec to ask for it , or call them.They will give it to you but they will ask you a few questions thou( one is the notice number on your income tax starts with two letters and a whole bunch of numbers after that). Or you can call your accountant who did your income tax to ask for it . It is the employment income on line 101.
    Good luck!!!!

  15. I would like to receive news letter daily.

  16. IS the CRB now available and how do you apply for it?

  17. how do i apply for the new crb by phone thank you

  18. Hi. I am a self-employed.

    The CRB is finished. I don’t know can I apply CWLB. Can you show me?

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