Really appreciate the Canadian perspective on credit cards, points, TFSAs, etc.! I’ve been binge reading a lot of your stuff and trying to get more into travel hacks with points. With the massive amount of American blogs out there on the subject, it’s great to find a Canadian one. Just wanted to say thanks!

– Brenda

I’m a big fan of your site and love reading your weekly newsletters.  The information you provided this week on tax filing is outstanding; it’s so helpful to have such relevant information all in one place, and a bonus that it’s written in such an accessible, down to earth manner.

– Kami

This blog was so helpful to me as an international student with no idea of things like credit scores. Thank you so much.

– Egie

I know I have said this before, but I say it again. Your newsletter is SO helpful. I don’t get to spend the time to read/research everything, but even just skimming your info/links gets my mind on track for future applications. And I archive by subject your info so I can find it easily.

– Ramona

Your emails are great. Excellent info, helpful, clear and to the point. I will be passing this on to our financially motivated 16yo son. Keep up the great work, and very best wishes to you and yours.

– R.D.

As a senior Canadian (been here all my life) I didn’t know the majority of info on your site. It’s so well organized, and the articles are thoughtful and helpful. I really appreciate it, and you!

– B

Savvy New Canadians has been instrumental in helping me settle down in Canada. I was very anxious at first about the different financial systems here. I am grateful to have stumbled on your blog. Thank you!

– Dennis

As a high school personal finance teacher, I like this site a lot and will be encouraging my students to access the resources available here. I especially like the section specifically designed for newcomers as I have a number of students in my class that fall into this category and who are finding the regular class content somewhat overwhelming. Thanks for the excellent resources.

– Sharon

Enoch, I just want to let you know that I really appreciate your useful advice. Too often we take things for granted. Thanks again.

– Karen

Hi Enoch, I love your newsletters. Thank you so much.

– Lori

The information on this website is of tremendous benefit. Thanks for making it available for free.

– Remi

Great article on investing Enoch. I am into the investing business and your article is well written and very informational. I loved reading it.

– Tracy

Awesome content. I come here daily looking for articles I have not read yet. Very important that it is Canadian specific. Great work, Enoch.

– Anson

Thank you, Dr Enoch. The information is so useful for us newcomers to Canada. Much appreciated sir.

– Rowland

Thank you for always providing such great advice and insight. I always look forward to getting your emails.

– Lynn

I really appreciate the applicability and thoroughness of your articles. [You] are providing an excellent service. Thank you!

– Leslie

Thank you very much for thinking of us immigrants and how you could give back to the community. You succeeded. Your platform is outstanding! Not only are the articles clear and concise, and well documented (not to mention the graphs), but they are also well-written, in proper English, which makes the information easy to understand and read. The concepts you present require these types of abilities to make them comprehensible to the neophytes of the financial world, of which I am. Your biography is truly impressive, and I am wondering why you are not a professor in one of our universities. Clear thinking and superior cognitive skills are singularly lacking in our higher learning institutions. Please consider.

– Mme

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