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Many of the best money-saving tools around today are available as apps on your smartphone or tablet and are often free or come with a very low fee. 

Let us take your grocery shopping, for example. Extreme couponing has lost its lustre! Simply put, most people do not have the luxury of time to clip and organize hundreds of coupons on a regular basis. And, they do not need to. There are several great apps that can help you save money on groceries. They offer a quick and painless way to earn cash back, and best of all, they are all FREE!

If you have an average household and spend $7,203 per year on food, imagine the relief that some tangible cash back can bring? Even a “measly” 2% cashback on your purchases is equivalent to $144, and enough to clear up some of your smaller monthly bills. If you are using the best cash back apps for your grocery shopping, some of them offer as much as 30% in discounts, so your savings per year have the potential to be much higher.

The same goes for other areas of your finances, including your savings and investing. If you find it difficult to save money towards a goal or to invest on a regular basis, there are many great apps that automate your savings so that you do not even have to think about it.

The best apps to save money listed here can be downloaded from the iOS and Android app stores. While there may be several apps that can accomplish the goals below, I will be highlighting the very best apps that can save you money starting immediately!

Table of Contents

Best Apps To Save Money on Groceries

Best Apps To Save on All Shopping

Best Apps To Save and Invest Automatically

Best Apps To Manage Your General Finances

The Best Apps To Save Money on Groceries

These cash back apps will return money to your wallet every time you shop for groceries. They will only take a few seconds of your time and are FREE to use.

1. Checkout 51

The Checkout 51 app is a darling of savvy grocery shoppers everywhere!

After downloading the app, you will receive new discount offers every Thursday morning and these offers stay live until the following Thursday when new offers become available. 

Pick the offers that interest you and purchase them from any store. After that, take a photo of your receipt with your smartphone and upload it through the app. That’s it, you are on your way to earning cash back and discounts every time you shop, no coupons required.

The beauty of the Checkout 51 app (and others like it) is that if you have coupons from other sources, you can usually combine them with the offers from the app, to get even more rewards.

Rewards redemption: You can cash out your cash back balance when it reaches $20 or more. 

Available: Canada and the United States

Cost: FREE to use

Best for: Getting cash back on groceries and other household items

You can read my full review of Checkout 51 here.

Bonus: When you sign up for Checkout 51 using this link, you will receive a $5 welcome bonus.

Checkout 51 save money on groceries

2. Caddle

Caddle is another grocery cash back app that is similar to Checkout 51, except that it is only available in Canada, and also pays you to answer short surveys and watch ads.

To get started with Caddle, sign up here ( and use the promo code ENOCH48192). Using the app, select the offers that interest you for the week and buy them in-store. After that, take a photo of your receipt and upload it using your smartphone. Cha-ching!

Rewards redemption: You can cash out your cash back rewards when it reaches $20 or more. In addition to shopping cash back offers, Caddle also pays you to answer short paid surveys and to watch video ads every week.

Available: Canada

Cost: FREE to join

Best for: Getting cash back on groceries

Bonus: When you sign up for Caddle using this link (and enter the promo code ENOCH48192), you will receive a $1 welcome bonus.

You can read my full review of Caddle here.


A few other apps that are worth checking out for saving on groceries include:

  • SavingStar: Offers opportunities to earn money back at over 70,000 locations, including Walmart, Target, Kroger, and others. The app is only available in the U.S.
  • Ibotta: Cashback offers at thousands of stores and over $438 million paid out to date. Join here.

The Best Apps To Save on Shopping

These are some of the best apps to save money on everyday shopping, including electronics, fashion, entertainment, tools and equipment, books, drug store purchases, and everything else you buy on a daily basis.

3. Drop

The Drop app allows you to earn free gift cards automatically on the money you spend at your favourite stores. Drop is FREE and very easy to use.

After signing up, you are required to link your preferred method of payment (credit or debit) and then choose 5 retailers you want to earn from (such as Walmart, Starbucks, Target, McDonald’s, and several others). Whenever you shop at your favourite stores, you earn rewards points that can be redeemed for a variety of popular gift cards.

One awesome thing I like about Drop is that you earn rewards without thinking about it. No coupons, no uploading of receipts, no-nothing! Spend and earn automatically.

Rewards redemption: You can start redeeming rewards starting at $5. 

Available: Canada and the United States

Cost: FREE

Best for: Earning cash back on all kinds of shopping

Bonus: When you sign up for a new Drop account here, you receive a welcome bonus of $5!

Check out my full review of Drop here.

Drop App Review

4. Ebates (Rakuten)

Ebates is possibly the most popular cash back rewards site for your general shopping. This is how it works:

Sign up for an Ebates account using these links: Canada resident or U.S. resident

Whenever you want to shop online at your favourite stores (be it Amazon, Hudson’s Bay, eBay, Old Navy, Sephora, Home Depot, and over 2,000 other stores), proceed from the Ebates app or website to your preferred store.

You will earn cash back effortlessly into your Ebates account. I have seen cash back offers of 30% or more on Ebates, which can translate into significant savings for you. 

Rewards redemption: Cash out your earnings when you reach $5 or more.

Available: Canada, United States, and several other countries

Cost: FREE to use

Best for: Earning cash back on just about everything you buy online

Bonus: When you sign up for a new Ebates account using these links, you will receive a $5 cash bonus (Canada) or $10 bonus (U.S. residents). Remember to make a purchase of at least $25 through Ebates to claim your bonus!

You can read my full review of Ebates here.

5. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the ultimate site for earning cash – be it through shopping online, taking paid surveys, watching videos, browsing, and more.

Sign up for Swagbucks and whenever you want to shop online, visit your favourite online store through Swagbucks. You will earn SB points for every $1 you spend.

Rewards redemption: You can redeem your accumulated points as cash (PayPal) or for gift cards. The minimum payout threshold is $3. Swagbucks has paid members over $360,000,000 in rewards.

Available in: United States, Canada, and multiple other countries

Cost: FREE to join

Bonus: Sign up here to receive a welcome bonus of $5.


6. Paymi

Paymi is a Canadian cash back app backed by CIBC. When you shop online or in-store at any of their participating retailers and use your linked card, you earn real cash back.

For example, you can earn cash back whenever you make a purchase at Lowe’s, Leons, Burger King, Gap, Sportchek, Lululemon, Aldo, Mark’s, and many other stores.

Cash out your earnings easily using Interac e-Transfer.

Available: Canada

Cost: FREE and you keep 100% of your savings

Bonus – Sign up for Paymi here and get $5 free.

Paymi Review and Partner Brands

7. TopCashback

TopCashback makes it easy to earn cash back rewards from over 4,400 retailers. When you access your favourite retailer through the TopCashback app or website, they track your purchases and pay cash rewards into your account within 7 days. It’s that simple!

Rewards redemption: There is no minimum threshold for withdrawing your earnings. You can cash out via PayPal or redeem for a gift card.

Available: Multiple countries including the United States and Canada

Cost: FREE to sign-up

The Best Automatic Savings Apps

How many times have you set a money-saving goal but were unable to meet your goals because you forgot or were not disciplined enough? The best money saving apps available will help you save in ways you have never dreamed of – they save or invest your spare change so that you won’t even feel a pinch.

8. Mylo

Mylo is the Canadian equivalent of Digit or Acorns, and is one of the best automatic investing apps available. This is how it works:

Sign up for a Mylo account here and link to your bank

When you make purchases with your credit or debit card, Mylo will round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and save/invest the change. For example, if you purchase a cup of coffee for $2.25, Mylo will round it up to $3 and invest the $0.75 automatically. 

You can set up specific savings and investing goals, and the Mylo app will help you reach them. These may include saving for retirement and home down payment plans. You can reach your goals faster by making one-time lump-sum payments or multiplying your roundups.

Your funds are invested in a diversified portfolio using low-cost ETFs and Mylo helps you to save and invest on autopilot.

Available: Canada

Cost: $1/month

Bonus: When you sign up for a Mylo account here, you will receive a $5 welcome bonus.

Mylo App - How To Automate Your Savings

Related reading: Read my full Mylo review here!

9. Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple is one of the most popular robo-advisors making investing easier for the 99%. They simplify the investing process, lower your investment fees (0.50% or less), and aim to maximize your returns by diversifying your portfolio using low-cost ETFs. 

The Wealthsimple app has one of the best ratings on the app store and also offers a Roundup feature that helps you automate your savings. 

Available: Canada and the United States

Bonus: Open a Wealthsimple account here and invest up to $10,000 FREE for 1 year.

Related reading: Read my full review of Wealthsimple here!

10. Digit

The Digit app analyzes your spending and automatically saves the amount you won’t miss. After assessing your spending habits, bill payments and income, Digit identifies when it can sock away a small amount of money for you into a savings account, without you noticing it.

You can set up multiple savings goals e.g. for a vacation, to pay off debt, an emergency fund, and more. The app will automatically help you reach your financial goals faster.

The money you save earns a savings bonus that is paid every 3 months (1% annualized interest rate). Your funds are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 and you can withdraw it at any time.

Available: United States

Cost: FREE for 30 days and $2.99 per month after

Bonus: You earn $5 for every friend that signs up with your link.

Another app that works similar to Digit in the U.S. is Acorns.

The Best Apps For Your General Finances

One way to boost your finances is to look for easy ways to save money every day without going out of your way to do so. These apps below do a good job of helping you budget and save money.


The STACK app is one of a kind. You get a prepaid Mastercard, budgeting app, multiple opportunities for cash back when you spend, 0% foreign transaction fee, no ATM withdrawal fees, automatic savings plan and more.

Cost: More importantly, there are no monthly fees – FREE! And, you get a $25 cash bonus when you sign up.

Available: Only in Canada.

Sign up for STACK here and get a $25 Bonus.

12. Mint

Mint is a free budgeting app that tracks your bank accounts – spending, income, bills and credit score. The app helps you to easily create budgets, set money goals, track your investments and bills, receive timely alerts, and avoid late payment fees.

Mint makes it easy for you to view your finances all-in-one place. 

Available: Canada and the United States

Cost: FREE

For a paid budgeting app option, you can try out YNAB.

Check out these 14+ free apps to help you save more money and earn cash back effortlessly using your phone or tablet. These free money-saving apps will improve your finances beyond your wildest dreams. Click to read and start saving today! #moneysavingapps #appsthatpayyou #extracash #savemoney #freeapps

13. GasBuddy

GasBuddy is your secret key to finding the cheapest gas prices in your area. With real-time fuel price information at your fingertips, the Gas Buddy app can save you a significant amount of money every year. 

In addition, when you Pay with GasBuddy, you save 5 cents per gallon at thousands of participating gas stations nationwide.

Available: Canada and the United States

Cost: FREE to join

14. Trim Financial Manager

Trim works as you very own personal finance assistant, managing all the important aspects of your finances and saving you money. This is how it works:

Sign up for a free account here

– Connect your bank accounts and Trim will automatically analyze your spending to look for money-saving opportunities including negotiating your utility bills (cable and internet), finding your unused subscriptions and cancelling them, finding cheaper car insurance, etc. 

You can also take the app one step further and set up automated savings using Trim Simple Savings. They secure your account using 256-bit SSL encryption and more.

Available: United States

Cost: FREE. There are additional features you can pay for if desired

Other free apps/websites that can improve your finances include:

Personal Capital: This app will help you manage all your banking and investment accounts through one comprehensive dashboard. Sign up for a free account here.

Ohm Connect: Ohm Connect pays you to cut your energy usage by a bit during peak periods (aka OhmHours). To receive payments, you will need to connect your utility account to Ohm Connect and choose the hours when you prefer to save energy. The company alerts you at least a day before when you are required to participate. 

It is easy to cut your energy usage and save money – I have listed several strategies for doing so here. You can sign up for Ohm Connect here to get $20 free cash. They are available in the United States and Canada.

Hopper: Hopper is a great app to save money on flights. With the app, you know when to book and how far into the future (up to 1 year) you need to wait to get the best deals possible. Savings of up to 40% on flights can easily be had using Hopper. Download the app here.

Credit Karma: Improve your finances by tracking your credit score and report for FREE using the Credit Karma app. No gimmicks, it’s all free! 

Canadians can also obtain their FREE credit score and report through Borrowell, while those in the U.S. should check out Credit Sesame.

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Bonus FREE apps that simplify saving money include:

15. KOHO: KOHO is an app that comes with a reloadable card and is great for budgeting and saving money. Unlike the typical debit card, when you spend money using your KOHO card, you receive a 0.50% cash back!

The KOHO app is versatile and easy to use, allowing you to set financial goals, save on autopilot, budget, and pay less banking fees. It is available in Canada and is FREE to use.

Bonus: When you open a KOHO account here and use the promo code CASHBACK, you will receive a bonus 1% in cash back for 90 days!

16. Tangerine App: Tangerine is a Canadian online-only bank that offers automated savings plans and high-interest savings account with zero fees. You can open a new account here to earn a high-interest savings rate of 2.75%. They also offer a no-fee chequing account that pays interest as well as a $200 welcome bonus!

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best apps for saving money in Canada and the United States. With your newly-found savings, you can choose to pay down debt, save for retirement, splurge on your guilty pleasures, or venture on a much-deserved vacation.

In addition to saving money, I have also written on how to make money and become your own boss. Read my post on the 13 legitimate Work from Home Jobs that can make you up to $80,000 per year, so you can quickly attain financial freedom!

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