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Caddle is a cash back program that helps Canadians save money while making grocery purchases and other everyday shopping. Users of the app also get paid to answer short surveys, watch ads, and write reviews.

Like other money-saving apps available to Canadians – EbatesCheckout 51 and Swagbucks – the Caddle app is easy to use and available on multiple devices.

Caddle was launched in 2015 by entrepreneur, Ransom Hawley. In 2016, the startup featured on the Dragon’s Den where it received an investment of $125,000 from four dragons for a stake of 28% in the business.

How Does Caddle Work?

1. Sign up for an account here (enter the promo code ENOCH48192 to receive a $1 welcome bonus) using your computer or download the smartphone app.

2. Browse weekly offers and get paid when you: (a) proceed to buy the product at any store of your choice (b) watch the videos and/or complete the questionnaire for surveys and ads. Survey questionnaires are typically 8 questions or less, while video ads are about 30 seconds or so.

3. Take a photo of your receipt and upload on the Caddle website or app.

4. Your receipt is processed and the cash back is credited to your account.

5. To get paid, simply go to your account settings and request “Cash Out.”


Other Things To Note

  • New offers are published every Thursday (similar to Checkout 51) and usually run until the following Wednesday (1 week).
  • You can claim multiple offers on one receipt.
  • Online purchases are also eligible for cash back as long as you can photograph and upload a packing slip to prove purchase.

Caddle – Sample Cash Back Offers

Some cash-back offers on the app/website will change from week to week. Companies, brands and retailers that partner with Caddle and whose products are often featured on the app include Danone, Costco, Amazon, Melitta, Storck, MARS, GK Skinnypasta, Lays, SunRype, Campbells,, Pepsico, JJ Bean, General Mills, Chef’s Plate, Old Tomorrow, etc.

For example, some of the offers available to me as I write this review are in the gallery below:


Caddle – How Do You Get Paid?

When you complete paid surveys and/or after watching ads, your account is immediately credited with your earnings. For product offers, after you buy, snap and upload your receipt, you can expect it to be reviewed within 72 hours and cash back credited to your account.

When you reach $20 or more in your account, you can cash out and they will send you a cheque in the mail.

Caddle – Refer a Friend and Earn

Caddle offers an additional way to earn cash back. When you refer a friend and they start using the app, you get $1.00. So for everyone who signs up with them using your referral link, you get a buck.

When you sign up for a Caddle account using this link (and enter promo code ENOCH48192), you will receive a $1 welcome bonus!

Advantages of Using Caddle

The obvious advantage of using Caddle is that you get cash back for doing your normal grocery shopping. You also earn money for viewing ads and answering short questionnaires.

Unlike the longer surveys offered through survey sites like Swagbucks, all the surveys I have done on Caddle took me less than a minute to complete, and the cashback is instantaneous. In addition, if you refer friends and they start using the app, you get paid.

Disadvantages of Using Caddle

November 2018 update: Caddle now has a more diverse selection in their weekly offers and they include items we purchase on a weekly/monthly basis.

Most of my earnings on Caddle are from answering short survey questionnaires. So far, most of the weekly product offerings are not items we typically buy. Depending on what your grocery shopping entails, you may find that many (or only a few) of the items being offered are useful to you. This is why combining rebates/cash back apps is a smart strategy.

Closing Thoughts

Caddle is one of the few cash back apps we have here in Canada. Other similar programs include Checkout 51, Ebates, Swagbucks, Great Canadian Rebates, and Flipp. While you may not make thousands of dollars from using these free apps, you can earn significant cash back every time you go shopping for groceries or other household items.

A dollar is a dollar, and if it’s free, I will take it! 🙂

The Caddle app is one of the easiest ways to earn cash back when you are shopping for groceries. You also earn money to watch short videos and take short surveys. Start earning cashback when you go shopping today, and save money. Cash back apps grocery store | cash back apps shopping cash rewards | cash back apps make money | cash back apps Canada #cashback #savemoney #groceries #freeapp

My Caddle Ratings
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Caddle is a cash back program that helps Canadians save money while making everyday purchases. Users of the app also get paid to answer short surveys, watch ads, and write reviews. Use promo code ENOCH48192 to get a $1 bonus after you sign up.