Media Mentions

Over the years, Dr. Enoch Omololu and Savvy New Canadians have been featured or quoted in prominent publications, including Forbes, The Globe and Mail, CBC News, Business Insider, Toronto Star, Financial Post, Winnipeg Free Press, Wealthsimple, Global News, GO BankingRates, Credit Canada, Lowest Rates, MSN Money, and several others.

Some of the mentions are listed below.

If you want to reach Enoch for contributions or a quote, please get in touch with him here.

The Globe and Mail: Financial boundaries look different for immigrants in Canada supporting families back home

Seeking Alpha: PayPal: Unlocking $90+ Value

The Globe and Mail: Are Canadians outgrowing mutual funds?

The Globe and Mail: How to find a better credit card in 2024

Insurance Business Magazine: Why small businesses may have a hard time securing insurance

The Globe and Mail: How to rent and save for a down payment when you’re just starting out

The Globe and Mail: Getting to know Canada’s banking systems and building a credit score

Best Life: 9 Things You Should Stop Buying If You Want to Retire Early, Financial Experts Say

TD Direct Investing: Rookie mistakes that have made us better investors

Business Insider: What is the lowest credit score possible?

Winnipeg Free Press: Money on the mind

Nasdaq: 10 Frugal Money Habits That You Need To Embrace

The Globe and Mail: On the economic pain scale, inflation is worse than high rates

U.S. News & World Report: Should You Invest in Gold?

GO BankingRates: AI Gender Divide: Women Tend Toward Saving Money, Men Focus on Growing It

The Globe and Mail: There has never been so much pressure on young adults to have a good credit score

Best Life: 6 Times You Should Never Give Money to Your Adult Children

The EveryGirl: Lifestyle Creep Can Sneak Up on Us All—Here’s How to Avoid It

The Globe and Mail: What to say when friends suggest an outing you can’t afford

CTV News: British Columbia is Canada’s least affordable province, study finds

The Penny Hoarder: Investing in Gold: the Pros, the Cons and Whether to Even Invest at All

The Globe and Mail: PC Optimum, Rakuten, Ampli: How do these five popular cash-back grocery apps measure up?

GO BankingRates: How Much Experts Say You Should Have in Your Savings Account If You Want To Purchase a Home in One Year

The Globe and Mail: Is Simplii’s new instant foreign money transfer product worth a flier?

Winnipeg Free Press: Business is growing for Dollarama

Canadian Immigrant: Tax Tips for Newcomers to Canada

Ratehub: The best finance blogs and podcasts for 2023

Best Life: 4 Times You Shouldn’t Enter Your Credit Card Information Online, Experts Say

The Globe and Mail: Canada’s major banks target new Canadians with credit card offers

The Globe and Mail: A crash course on Canadian banking for newcomers

Winnipeg Free Press: Monetizing the metaverse

Winnipeg Free Press: Financial pressures put Manitobans on unexpected edge

GO BankingRates: Why Are Women More Likely To Think They May Never Pay Off Credit Card Debt?

GO BankingRates: Women Saved $4,000 Less Than Men Last Year — Here’s What Experts Advise To Boost That Number

The Globe and Mail: Say good-bye to roaming fees when travelling with this smart new technology

Toronto Sun: Canadians ring in new year and continue ringing up new debt

GO BankingRates: 10 Ways for Millennials To Get Rich in 2023

The Globe and Mail: Personal finance for newcomers to Canada: Opening a bank account, saving for a mortgage, credit scores and more

The Globe and Mail: Investing apps 101: What apps are available in Canada and are they safe?

The Globe and Mail: Interac now has mellow music for the inflation-weary

The Globe and Mail: An argument for cracking open your TFSA

CAA Magazine: How to Save on Everything (Fall 2022 issue)

CBC News: Financial experts, deal-finders share tips for back-to-school savings as prices rise

The Globe and Mail: Why newcomers, including Ukraine refugees, struggle to obtain bank accounts, credit cards

The Globe and Mail: These credit cards will save you money on all your travel outside Canada

Winnipeg Free Press: ‘Few and far between, and more pricey’

The Globe and Mail: Who are Canada’s most trusted financial brands?

The Globe and Mail: Returning to the office? Brace yourself for lunchflation

The Globe and Mail: The customer loyalty plan that ‘leaves all the others in the dust’

The Globe and Mail: Canadians are showing signs of generosity fatigue

The Globe and Mail: Six ways to play the cryptocurrency craze through ETFs

The Globe and Mail: Presenting Canada’s average restaurant tip

Winnipeg Free Press: Robot bankers to the rescue

The Globe and Mail: This is how much allowance kids are getting these days

The Globe and Mail: These are the credit cards with the most satisfied customers

The Globe and Mail: Would you buy ‘enjoy tonight’ meat?

The Globe and Mail: A family’s budgeting quandary: How many ‘treats’ can they afford?

Winnipeg Free Press: Helpful advice, if you want it

The Globe and Mail: Need-to-know stuff for personal finance in 2021

Wealthsimple: Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)

Lowest Rates: We asked 11 financial experts what their best mortgage and insurance advice is for 2021

The Globe and Mail: Inflation, as tracked in bagels, bacon and pints of beer

Winnipeg Free Press: Big market data for the small investor

Credit Canada: The 15 Best Personal Finance Blogs You Should Be Following

Wealthsimple: The Best BIPOC Money Sites in Canada

The Globe and Mail: Should parents of young kids start a house down payment fund?

Financial Post: These are the eight sources of retirement income you need to know about

The Globe and Mail: What will you do differently with your finances in 2021?

Toronto Sun: People who read business books tend to earn more money

CIBC: Lessons learned from the last few months

Lowest Rates: Six personal finance pros on what it takes to become a ‘money expert’

The Globe and Mail: Try this before making a life-altering financial move in the pandemic

The Globe and Mail: You have a Face Punch Fund, don’t you?

The Globe and Mail: A FAIR shake for everyday investors

Financial Post: Why I made my daughter pay for her first year of university

The Globe and Mail: Many hope to work in retirement, but few actually do

Global News: Roads wearing slip covers

Winnipeg Free Press: Chasing the ‘Canadian dream’

Toronto Star: Lessons for students from the School of (Financial) Hard Knocks

Lowest Rates: Here are 10 black personal finance experts you should follow right now

Wealthsimple: RRSP Contribution & Deduction Limit

Credit Canada: How to be debt free

The Globe and Mail: A crash course in affording university and college

The Globe and Mail: Buy a house now, or wait to build a bigger down payment?

The Globe and Mail: Can we please stop worrying about inflation?

The Globe and Mail: When it comes to relationships, negative financial surprises are most unwelcome

The Globe and Mail: Finding your zen as financial markets burn

The Globe and Mail: How to fix a big hole in your financial plan by end of day

TV, Podcast, and Radio…

CBC News: Financial independence, Toyota recall, stolen Jackie Robinson statue

The Just Word Podcast: 10 Tips for Young People with Enoch Omololu (YouTube: 10 TIPS for Young People w/ Enoch Omololu – The Just Word Podcast Ep. 67)

Exploring Alternatives: The 9 Step Money Path Everyone Should Know — Tips to Pay Off Debt & Budget for the Future

CBC News: Recent banking turmoil soften the U.S. Fed’s attack on inflation. Should Canadians care?

CBC News: The cost of living: What to watch for in 2023

Canada’s Podcast: Increasing Number Of Canadians Have Negative Outlook Of Personal Finances

Canadian Immigrant: Managing your finances as a newcomer

TD Direct Investing: My investing lessons for new immigrants to Canada

Toronto Public Library: How To Conquer Debt: 10 Ways To Improve Your Finances This Year

CTV Morning Live: Best Money Saving Apps of 2022

Canadian Securities Exchange: CSE Presents Tech Tuesday – The Metaverse

Moolala: Building credit for new immigrants to Canada

Teach Me Freedom: How to buy a home in Canada

Ackah Law Podcast: Helping newcomers become savvy new Canadians

Moolala: Helping new Canadians manage their money

Burn Your Mortgage: Buying a home and getting a mortgage as a new Canadian

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