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There are many ways to go about making money online. One easy option that requires no investment, experience or heavy lifting on your part is to refer friends and family to a product or service you are already using.

Many apps, websites and services on the internet have a refer-a-friend program that pays you money every time someone signs up or makes a purchase using your unique referral link.

How To Refer and Earn Money With Referral Links

Tons of businesses and sites now use juicy referral programs to attract customers. If you are already signed up with their service, you receive access to the affiliate program and can earn a referral bonus when you refer friends, family members or even strangers.

To make money, simply invite others using the referral link or referral code provided to you through your account.

Bloggers use their blog as a means to reach hundreds or even thousands of people and they use referral links to monetize their blog contents.

Even if you do not own a blog, you can still make real money by promoting your referral links using social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) and through Word of Mouth advertising.

Thinking about starting your own blog? Check out my easy 6-step guide to a profitable blog.

The referral programs in this post pay you cash through PayPal, Check (cheque), gift cards and merchandise.

Sites and Apps That Pay You To Refer a Friend

If you are already using an app and you find it useful and rewarding, it makes sense to refer friends and family so they can be a part of the fun.

The services listed below pay you up to $1,000 per referral. Not only that, but many of them also offer sign-up bonuses which are additional incentives for your referrals.

Apps and Websites That Pay You To Refer Friends

Cash Back Shopping Apps Referral Programs

These cash back sites pay you to do your regular shopping.

1. Checkout 51 ($10)

Available in Canada and the United States.

This is the ultimate grocery shopping app with discount offers up to 35% every week on basic grocery and household items. Checkout 51 is free to join.

Get $10 for every friend you refer and they also receive a $5 bonus after redeeming their first three offers. You can read my detailed Checkout review here.

2. Drop ($5)

Available in Canada and the United States.

Drop is an automatic cash back app that rewards users when they make a purchase online or in-store using a linked credit or debit card. Join Drop here to get a $5 sign up bonus.

Refer a friend to get $5 per referral and they also get $5 after linking their first card. You can read my Drop review here.

3. Rakuten ($10)

Available in Canada and the United States.

Ebates, now re-branded as Rakuten, is my go-to site to earn cash back when I shop online at Amazon, eBay, The Home Depot, Hudson’s Bay and 2,000 other popular retailers.

Ebates pays $5 to $10 per friend that signs up after they have made their first purchase of $25 or more. They also get a $5 to $10 bonus.

Join Rakuten Canada, or 

Join Rakuten U.S.

4. Caddle ($1)

Available only in Canada.

Caddle is a cash back app similar to Checkout 51. It is great for earning cash back on your grocery shopping and also pays you to answer surveys and watch ads.

Sign up for Caddle and enter my promo code ENOCH48192 to get a $1 bonus.

For each friend who uses your referral code, you both get a $1 bonus.

5. KOHO (Up to 12% cash back)

Available in Canada.

The free KOHO app and reloadable Visa rewards you with 0.50% cash back whenever you shop. Refer friends to the app and get an additional 1% cash back for 90 days for every referral.

Join KOHO here and use the promo code CASHBACK to get a bonus 1% cash back.

6. TopCashback ($10)

Available in the United States and Canada.

This cash back app is one of the most popular in the U.S. and is linked to more than 4,000 stores.

Invite a friend and you will receive a $10 bonus after they have earned their first $10 in cash back.

Sign up for TopCashback and receive a $5 bonus after earning your first $10 in cash back!

Investment Apps and Services That Pay You To Refer a Friend

These automatic investment apps and services do not only cut your investment fees, but they also reward you with bonuses when you refer a friend.

7. Wealthsimple ($50)

Available in Canada and the United States.

Wealthsimple is one of the world’s most popular automatic investing apps (robo-advisor). They use low-cost ETFs to minimize your investment costs and grow your portfolio.

When you refer a friend to Wealthsimple, you get $10,000 managed for free for 1 year (Canada).

Read more about Wealthsimple here.

8. Mylo ($5 to $1,000)

Available in Canada.

Mylo is the ultimate app to automatically invest and save small sums of money so you can build wealth even when you are on a tight budget.

For every friend you refer to Mylo, you both get a $5 bonus. During their occasional referral program bonus events, Mylo gives you a $1,000 bonus when you refer up to 10 friends.

Read my complete Mylo review.

9. Tangerine ($50)

Available in Canada.

Tangerine offers one of the best savings interest rates in Canada. There are no monthly fees and you can set up an automatic savings plan.

Sign up here to open an account and earn 2.50% on your savings. When you refer a friend, you get up to a $50 bonus. 

Read my Tangerine Bank review here.

10. Mogo ($5)

Available in Canada.

If you want to trade bitcoin using a company that is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, Mogo is an excellent option. They also provide free credit scores

Mogo pays you $5 per referral. Read my Mogo review here.

11. Questrade ($70)

Available in Canada and the United States.

Questrade is a popular discount brokerage that is popular for offering rock-bottom fees and commission-free ETF trading.

They pay you $70 for every friend you refer and your friend gets $50 in free trades.

Enter the promo code SAVVY50 when you sign up to get $50 in free trades.

12. Acorns ($5)

Available in the United States.

Acorns is a spare change investing app similar to Mylo. Also known as a micro-investing app, Acorns pays you $5 for every referral.

13. Blooom ($10)

Available in the United States.

Blooom makes investing your 401(k) super easy and at a lower cost. They estimate that they have saved clients over $1 billion in lifetime investment fees.

You receive a $10 Amazon gift card for each referral.

Referral Programs for Rewards and Paid Survey Sites

Survey sites do not pay a ton of money but are one of many ways to make extra money in your spare time.

14. Swagbucks ($5 to $10)

Available in Canada and the United States.

Swagbucks is the ultimate side hustle site. They pay members to answer surveys, play games, watch videos, browse the internet and shop online.

Swagbucks has paid its members over $360 million and holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Earn $5 to $10 when you join Swagbucks and $3 for every friend who joins using your referral link.

15. Survey Junkie ($1)

Available in Canada and the United States.

As the name suggests, Survey Junkie takes the top spot when it comes to paid online survey sites. They pay you $1 for every referral.

Join Survey Junkie Canada, or

Join Survey Junkie U.S.

16. Daily Rewards ($5 and 10%)

Available in Canada.

This is another rewards site that pays members when they take surveys, watch videos, read emails and more. Refer a friend and you earn 10% of their earnings.

Join Daily Rewards here for a $5 bonus.

17. Inbox Dollars ($1 to $5)

Available in the United States.

Inbox Dollars is similar to Swagbucks and pays members to complete simple tasks. You earn $1 for every referral and after 5 referrals, you earn 30% of your referrals earnings.

Join Inbox Dollars here and get a $5 signup bonus.

18. Vindale Research ($5)

Available in the United States and Canada.

Get paid to take surveys, watch videos, read emails and refer friends.

Vindale Research pays you $5 for every referral.

19. PrizeRebel (30%)

Available in Canada and the United States.

PrizeRebel awards members points they can redeem for gift cards and cash. As of 2019, they have given out over $18 million.

When friends sign up using your referral link, you receive up to 30% of their earnings. Read my PrizeRebel review.

Side Hustle Apps With Referral Programs

These side hustle apps are great for earning passive income. They also pay you to refer friends.

20. Turo ($25)

Available in Canada and the United States.

Turo is the Airbnb for cars. The service makes it easy for you to rent out your car when it’s not in use. They also provide a $2 million liability insurance coverage.

Join Turo and get a $25 bonus. You also earn every time you refer a friend to the service.

21. Instacart (up to $1,000)

Available in Canada and the United States.

Instacart is an on-demand grocery delivery service that pays side hustlers to work as in-store shoppers and full-service shoppers. Essentially, you get paid to shop groceries for others.

When you refer new drivers and shoppers to Instacart using your referral code and they are active, you can make up to $1,000 per referral.

22. Lyft (up to $500)

Available in the United States and Canada.

Join the ride-sharing business and use your car to transport people within your city. Refer new passengers to Lyft using your referral code and earn a $10 bonus, or refer new Lyft drivers and you get up to $500.

23. BlueHost ($85)

Available in Canada and the United States.

BlueHost is one of the most popular WebHost for bloggers. Using their service, you can start your own blog with $3 per month. 

When you refer others to sign up with BlueHost, you receive $85 USD per referral.

24. Airbnb ($25)

Available in the United States and Canada.

If you have an empty room in your home, use Airbnb to list it for rent. Invite your friends to use Airbnb and get $25 for every referral who completes a qualifying stay. Your friends also receive up to $62 off their first trip.

25. Tailwind ($15)

Available in Canada and the U.S.

Tailwind makes pinning on Pinterest a breeze. If you are looking to promote your blog or products and services on Pinterest, you can use Tailwind to automate the process.

Refer friends to use Tailwind and they pay you 15% commission on all sales. Your friend also receives a $15 free credit.

26. Rover ($50)

Available in Canada and the United States.

Want to earn extra money walking dogs or pet-sitting? The Rover app makes it easy to do.

Refer friends to Rover and earn a $50 bonus.

27. Decluttr ($5)

Available in the U.S. and Canada.

Decluttr makes it easy to sell your unused/unwanted CDs, DVDs, games, cell phone and books. They help you ship your stuff to the buyer for free and you get paid within a day.

Refer friends to Decluttr using your unique code and earn $5 per referral.

28. Flex Offers (50%)

Available in Canada and the United States.

Flex Offers is an affiliate network with thousands of affiliate programs you can promote to make money. You also earn up to 50% of all profits made by your referrals on the platform.

Join Flex Offers here.

29. Payoneer ($25)

Available worldwide.

Use Payoneer to organize and receive your affiliate payments from all over the world and in different currencies. 

Refer a friend to Payoneer and you both receive a $25 USD bonus after they receive a total of $1,000 through their account.

Budgeting Apps and Money Tools With Referral Programs

Use these free budgeting and personal finance apps and websites to earn cash when you refer your friends.

30. Paymi App ($5)

Available only in Canada.

Paymi is a cash back app that rewards you when you shop at any of their partner store or brand including Lowes, Burger King, Leons, Gap, and several others.

Join Paymi here (no referral code required) to get a $5 welcome bonus. They also pay you $5 for every friend you refer using your referral code.

31. Paytm ($5)

Available in Canada.

The Paytm Canada app rewards you for paying your monthly bills, credit card balance, rent, car insurance, property taxes, cable, internet and more.

When you refer your friends, you both receive a $5 bonus after they pay their first bill of $50 or more.

Sign up for Paytm here and use promo code PTM2477287 to get your $5 bonus.

32. TransferWise ($50)

If you receive money from abroad or send money transfers, TransferWise can help you save on foreign exchange fees. Refer friends to Transferwise and earn $50 per three friends who transfer at least $200 each.

Join Transferwise here or read my full review.

33. Trim Financial App ($5)

Available in the United States.

Trim works like your very own personal finance assistant. It analyzes your spending and automatically finds ways to save you money including finding cheaper insurance and cutting your utility bills.

Get a $5 bonus for every friend that signs up.

34. Lending Loop ($25)

Lending Loop is Canada’s premier peer-to-peer lending platform. You can lend businesses money through the site and earn returns on your capital.

Refer a friend to Lending Loop and you both receive $25 after they lend up to $1,000 to businesses on the platform.

35. STACK ($5)

Available in Canada.

Similar to KOHO, the free STACK app and Mastercard offer multiple cash back rewards when you pay cash. STACK also waives the 2.5% foreign transaction fee when you spend money abroad.

Refer friends to STACK and get a $5 bonus. Join STACK here for a $5 bonus (mobile link).

You can also read my complete STACK review.

Are there any other referral programs you are aware of that pay you to refer-a-friend? Leave them in the comments.

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35 Best Apps and Websites That Pay You To Refer Friends