Best US Dollar Savings Accounts in Canada (2022)

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by Enoch Omololu


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U.S. dollar savings accounts that pay a reasonable interest rate on your deposit are few and far between in Canada.

While USD accounts themselves are not uncommon, they rarely function as “savings” accounts even when they are called such.

With the best U.S. savings rates being offered by big banks as low as 0%, you must look elsewhere if you really want to grow your account.

In this article, I cover the best USD personal savings accounts in Canada.

If you also want to maximize the returns on your CAD deposits, these high interest rate offers can help.

Best US Dollar Savings Accounts

A few of these rates are great and the rest are average. Overall, they beat the mediocre offerings from Canada’s biggest banks.

1. EQ Bank US Dollar Account

  • Rate: 1.00%*
  • Minimum balance: None
  • Fees: No monthly account balance; other fees may apply

The newly introduced EQ Bank US Dollar Account is one of a kind. It pays a “high interest rate” and has no monthly fees.

USD transfers to your linked bank accounts as well as USD or CAD deposits are free.

When you send USD funds outside of Canada, it is completed using Wise, an international money transfer service that is available right from your account dashboard.

Before you can open an EQ Bank US Dollar Account, you need to open a free Savings Plus Account.

This process takes a few minutes and is completed online.

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2. ICICI Bank US$ HiSAVE Savings Account

  • Rate: 0.45%
  • Minimum balance: $50
  • Fees: No monthly account fees; other fees may apply

ICICI Bank Canada offers a US dollar account that pays 0.45% interest on your balance.

You can link up to three existing accounts at other financial institutions and transfer fund between them for free.

To open an account, complete the online application form.

You will also need to write a personalized cheque payable to you ($50 or more) and mail the cheque to ICICI Bank Canada, P.O.Box 396, Don. Mills, ON M3C 2S7.

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3. Manulife Bank US Dollar Advantage Account

  • Rate: 0.20%
  • Minimum balance: None
  • Fees: No monthly account fee; other fees may apply

This online bank pays 0.20% interest on your USD balance.

When making deposits, you either transfer US funds from another Canadian bank or mail a US dollar cheque from a Canadian bank.

Withdrawals to your linked bank account is free.

To open an account with Manulife Bank, you need to contact one of the listed financial advisors in your area.

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4. Tangerine US Dollar Savings Account

  • Rate: 0.10%
  • Minimum balance: None
  • Fees: No monthly account fee; other fees may apply

A Tangerine US dollar account is easy to open if you already have other accounts with them.

You can move funds back and forth between your linked account at another Canadian financial institution.

Tangerine Bank also offers US$ Guaranteed Investments (GICS).

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What is a US Dollar Savings Account?

A US dollar savings account holds US funds and works like a regular savings account in that you expect it to earn interest and grow over time.

This account can either be opened in your name (personal account) or in the name of a business (business account).

What to look for in a US dollar savings account:

  • Reasonable interest rate
  • No monthly account fees
  • Free transactions
  • No minimum balance
  • Eligibility for Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) protection
  • Easy access to your account and customer service

Benefits of a U.S. Savings Account

With U.S. dollars stashed away, you can avoid unfavourable USD-CAD exchange rates when you need to spend US funds.

If your account pays a decent interest rate, your deposit grows over time.

Also, you could benefit from FX rates and can decide to convert your US dollars to CAD and lock-in gains if the Canadian dollar significantly weakens against the US dollar.

Disadvantages of U.S. Savings Accounts

You often have to jump through various hoops to open a USD account especially when it is an online bank.

A U.S. dollar savings account does not offer Interac e-Transfers or support bill payments. Also, they do not support mobile cheque deposits and fees may apply to in-branch deposits/withdrawals.

Lastly, many U.S. savings accounts do not support ATM withdrawals.

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Best US Dollar Savings Accounts in Canada (2022)

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  1. You missed Hubert Savings US $ account!

  2. One negative issue with EQ is that the US$ accts cannot be jointly held. No idea when that will occur.

  3. To avoid the issues raised regarding Interac e-Transfers or support bill payments, I have a US$ (no fee) MasterCard linked to my US$ BMO Savings account that permits the monthly settlement of any outstanding balance on the credit card.

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