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The MBNA True Line Gold Mastercard offers one of the best low-rate interest rates for a credit card in Canada.

In addition to its competitive standard purchase and a balance transfer rate of 8.99%, this card also has a 0% promotional balance transfer interest rate for the first 6 months.

This MBNA True Line Gold Mastercard review covers its benefits, downsides and how it compares to the MBNA True Line Mastercard.

MBNA True Line Gold Mastercard

MBNA True Line Gold Mastercard Benefits

1. 0% balance transfer rate for 6 months. After the welcome offer expires, an 8.99% balance transfer rate applies and this is still much better than what you get on most standard cards.

A balance transfer fee ($7.50 minimum fee) applies to your transfer amount.

2. 8.99% purchase annual interest rate. Compared to the 19.99% or more that is standard for the industry, this card could save you a ton of money in interest if you carry a balance from month to month.

3. Insurance coverage including purchase protection and extended warranty.

4. Car rental discount at participating Canadian Avis Rent A Car and Budget Rent A Car locations.

5. Other Mastercard benefits including Zero Liability for unauthorized purchases, 24/7 emergency support, trip assistance and more.


The MBNA True Line Gold Mastercard comes with a $39 annual fee and limited rewards.


This card offers a promotional 0% balance transfer rate that is a somewhat rare offering in Canada.

In addition, you enjoy a standard low-rate on purchases which can go a long way to lower your interest fees over time.

You could also consider applying for the no-fee MBNA True Line Mastercard which comes with a 0% balance transfer rate for 12 months (6 months longer) and a standard 12.99% purchase interest rate.

Read my MBNA True Line Mastercard review.

Regardless of which card you choose, remember to make at least the minimum payments. The balance transfer rate jumps from 8.99% to 21.99% if you are late in making the minimum payment twice within any 12 consecutive payment periods.

Check out my review of the Scotiabank Value Visa if you’d like to compare the MBNA True Line with a low-rate interest credit card from another bank.

Apply for the MBNA True Line Gold Mastercard.

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