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Willful helps Canadians to create a legal will online for as little as $99.

When you use our special promo code – SAVVY20 – you get a $20 discount which means you can write your will today for as little as $79 (instead of the regular $99).

The use of online will kits has grown popular over the years. For an in-depth review of the service they offer, read our detailed Willful review.

What is Willful?

Willful is a fintech company in Canada offering an online will kit that can be used in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and British Columbia.

Their online will templates are designed to manage straightforward estate situations and can save you hundreds of dollars when compared to visiting a lawyer.

One other popular online will kit in Canada is LegalWills.

Willful Discount Code and Pricing

Willful wills are priced to be affordable and competitive. Compared to using a lawyer, you can expect to save between $200 and $850 in fees when you create a will using the Willful platform.

You can save even further when you sign up via this link and enter the promo code SAVVY20. This special offer code comes with a $20 discount.

Willful offers three basic plans that cost $99, $149 and $249 before applying your discount.

Willful wills pricing

1. The Essentials Plan covers your basic last will and testament and is suitable if you are writing a will for just yourself (i.e. not for couples). You can name your personal representatives, beneficiaries, guardians for your children, and how you want to distribute your estate.

Cost: $99

2. The Premium Plan offers all the options available in the Essentials plus Power of Attorney and healthcare emergency documents.

Cost: $149

3. The Couples Plan: This plan offers all the options available in the premium plan for two people e.g. husband and wife. It has separate documents for each person (mirrored) including a last will and testament, Power of Attorney, and healthcare emergency representatives and wishes.

Cost: $249

How Willful Works

The will-writing process can be completed in as little as 20 minutes.

After creating an account, provide your basic details and Willful will recommend the plan that best meets your needs.

Complete your information and outline your end-of-life wishes.

Print out the final documents for the required signatures in order to complete the process and ensure your will is legally binding.

If your circumstances change in the future, you can always access your account online, update your will and print it off again for signatures…for free.

Final Thoughts

Creating a will should be an important part of your financial plan. If anything happens to you, you want to ensure that your family is spared the headache that comes with dying “intestate.”

A legal online will kit such as Willful serves as a middle point between DIY wills and using a lawyer.

It is also cheap and you can shave an extra $20 off by using our promo code SAVVY20 when you sign up here.