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39 Jobs You Can Do From Home No Matter Your Experience


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Key Takeaways

  • You can transform your passion into a fun online job from home, whether you are a therapist, personal fitness trainer, programmer, teacher, accountant, or graphic designer.
  • Some of the highest-paying online jobs include working as an SEO expert, copywriting, web developing, accounting, being a voiceover artist, investing in businesses, or event planning. 
  • As an online freelancer, it’s important to learn to identify scammers, find legitimate freelance marketing job boards, and build your job portfolio.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career, there are many opportunities with no education requirements in the world of remote jobs. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home was a luxury, but according to Forbes, as of 2023, 12.7% of people work full-time from home, while 28.7% work partly from home and partly from the office.

If you’re seeking online jobs you can do from home, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of different careers well-suited for remote options and how much you can earn.

Easy Work From Home Jobs

You can start with some of these easy work from home jobs.

Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant (VA), you’ll work for an individual or company on a contract or self-employed basis. The main role of a VA is office management work in the form of answering emails, coordinating schedules and calendars, transcribing documents, making travel arrangements, social-media-related activities, and more.

Some of the requirements for virtual assistant jobs include time management, organization skills, communication skills, computer proficiency, creativity, and more. You may get an entry-level remote job without experience.

In Canada, salaries for a VA job range from $43,000 to $65,000. However, it can be as high as $85,000 for experienced VAs. 

Data Entry

Data entry jobs require people to get new and updated information about a customer and add the data to computer databases. Your daily activities include gathering data, interpreting information, and contacting people to verify information.

Some of the skills you need include typing accuracy, communication skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of basic software. The average annual salary for a data entry clerk is $35,100 or $18 per hour. 

Take Surveys Online

If you have the time, completing paid surveys online is among the part-time jobs you can do remotely. You can sign up with companies like Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, Ipsos i-Say, and Branded Surveys to start earning.

Remember, you won’t be rich from online surveys; companies like Swagbucks say you may earn $1 to $5 from several surveys. Still, it’s a good way to earn extra cash, and if you combine several survey companies, you may earn more.

Website Tester

A web tester’s main job is to evaluate a website’s performance by acting as a normal user. You test the user-friendliness and design of the site on your computer, then give the company your feedback to ensure customer satisfaction.

Most companies don’t require educational requirements, but programmers may have an edge. Also, you must be familiar with experience testing, content inventory, and Java. 

This job is set to grow as demand for apps and websites grows in the future. According to Climb the Ladder, the median annual salary for a website tester is $62,500 in Canada. 

Invest in Businesses

Remote investing allows investors to buy and profit from their investments anywhere in the world. Analysts and consultants with investment experience may apply for such a position and advise their clients on how to invest their assets.

Unlike many remote jobs in this list, you may need to have knowledge of money management and financial planning. However, this is still a viable avenue if you have knowledge of a particular product, industry, or region.

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QA Tester

Closely related to a web tester, a Quality Assurance (QA) tester ensures a web application or website is bug-free and foolproof before it’s released to the public. This helps the company to fix any problem before it becomes too expensive to fix.

QA testers’ requirements include agile testing, knowledge of software development lifecycle (SDLC), cross-browser testing skills, testing tools and techniques, and programming skills. However, you don’t need the deeper programming skills needed to be a software developer.

In Canada, the average annual salary for a QA tester is $54,400. 

Personal Fitness Trainer

Like an onsite fitness trainer, an online one guides clients as they work out at home or in the gym. Your main role is to help people set achievable fitness goals, coach them through a workout program, and provide customized training.

The median annual salary for a fitness trainer in Canada is $57,528 or $29.50/hr.

Medical Billing Specialist

As an online billing and coding specialist, you’ll be tasked with helping a medical facility manage insurance claims, invoices, and payments. These specialists work with patients, doctor’s offices, insurance companies, and healthcare facilities to calculate and collect payments for medical procedures.

In Canada, your salary for this profession ranges from $10/hr to $25/hr.

Online Beauty advisor

The makeup and beauty industry is one of the leading industries in the world, and if you have a passion for it, you can become an online beauty consultant. Sharing your knowledge and beauty care tips while helping people feel confident in their skin may build your brand over time.

The average entry-level annual salary of an online beauty advisor is $40,801.

Part-Time Jobs You Can Do From Home

Teach English Online

Teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) can help you earn extra cash if you travel or live abroad. This job doesn’t require a degree, but you may need a TESOL/TEFL certificate, and you stand a better chance if you’re a native speaker.

Some companies hiring English teachers include Magic Ears, Qkids, Cambly, VIPKid, and Whales English. The average pay for an English teacher online is $27/hr, though the pay ranges from $11/hr to $47/hr. 

Tutor Online

Becoming an online tutor can help you share your expertise in the subject of your expertise with any student anywhere. Some roles may require a certification in the subject you want to teach, while others may only need you to demonstrate you have substantial knowledge and can effortlessly convey what you know.

Remember, background checks may be conducted if you’ll be working with minors. Some platforms to explore include TutorMe, Kaplan, QKids, VIPKid, Preply, and iTutorGroup. 

The average salary ranges from $15-$60, depending on the subject and the level you’ll teach.


The roles of a virtual bookkeeper are similar to those of a traditional bookkeeper. Online bookkeeping involves managing day-to-day financial tasks like preparing invoices and general ledgers, processing payroll, reconciling bank and credit card accounts, and more.

The average annual salary of a virtual bookkeeper is $52,000 to $70,000, and the hourly rate ranges from $20 to $32 per hour.

Pet Sitting

As a pet sitter, you may be tasked with feeding and giving pets water, administering medication, playing with the animals, changing the litter box, and more. If you love animals, pet sitting is an excellent part-time job from home without a degree. 

The hourly pay usually ranges from $10 to $25 with an average of $19, and you can make about $37.860 per year


You can earn online as an independent virtual translator or work with translation companies that offer consistent work. Some companies where you may offer translation services include Fiverr, Lionbridge, Tomedes, Translate.com, Acclaro, Unbabel, and more.

Annual salaries for translators in Canada vary from $29,000 to $51,280, with most people earning about $37,000.

Bake and Sell Your Desserts

You can make extra dough by selling baked goods from the comfort of your home. You need to know what to sell, how to package and price your products, social media marketing, delivery, and taking payments. 

Remember, your business will still be liable to local and federal laws around food, business licensing, and taxes.

Set Up an Etsy Shop

Etsy is an excellent online platform for selling vintage, handmade, or unique factory-made items. The average successful Etsy seller earns about $43,000 to $46,000 per year. 

To become a successful seller, you should research your niche, create a unique and appealing shop, offer a variety of products within your niche, offer excellent customer service, offer discounts and promotions, and promote your business with quality photos of your products.


Like pet sitting, babysitting is another job you can do from home without experience. Your responsibilities will include providing care to children, giving them well-balanced meals, doing light housework, engaging kids in fun activities, and more.

The average annual salary for a babysitter in Canada is $29,250, ranging from $25,350 to $39,000. 

Rent Out a Room in Your Home

In Canada, renting out a room in your home is legal, but you must get a permit and ensure that you comply with local and state laws. You’ll also be required to pay any applicable taxes.

Still, it may be a great way to earn money if you have extra rooms in your home. Some websites, such as Roomies, Kijiji, and Sparrow, may help you find a housemate to live with. 

Email Marketer

The roles of this job may overlap with the roles of a social media manager, market analyst, business development manager, or freelance writer. But you can specialize in being an email marketer whose main role is crafting emails and newsletters that entice recipients to rush and secure your client’s services.

The more your client’s email list grows, the more you’ll earn, 

Social media influencer

Social media managers run the company’s social media profiles, while influencers work on their own brands and use their outreach to advertise for companies. If you’re popular on social media, you can partner with companies and earn from home.

Pay varies from influencer to influencer, with a handful earning millions.

Voiceover Artist

You can become a part-time or full-time online voiceover artist if you have a unique voice and a smooth accent. Online voiceover artists may work for podcasts, dubbing in foreign films, cartoons, apps, and more. 

Marketplaces for online voiceover artists include Fiverr, Bodalgo, Voice.com, Voice123, and The Voice Realm. The median annual income is $84,791 in Canada.

Stock Photographer

This may seem like an on-site job, but you may do it from home, especially if you are a professional photographer with hundreds of pictures. Find photography marketplaces online where you can post your pictures to be bought by consumers or used as stock photography online.

Music Reviewer

Music reviewing can be fun work from home, where you listen to your favourite music and get paid. If you’re a music buff, you can earn from sites like Musicxray, Research.fm, Playlist Push, and RadioEarn.

Remember, like with online surveys, you may not earn enough to sustain yourself. Still, this is a great side hustle for music lovers.

Online Jobs You Can Do From Home

Customer Service Representative

Online customer service representatives facilitate communication between a company and their consumers. Their roles may include handling customer complaints, customer services, tech support, answering emails, providing information about services or products, and more.

You need patience, time management, multitasking abilities, computer skills, attentiveness, good etiquette, and more. 

The median annual pay for a virtual customer service representative is 33,248, and the entry-level pay is around $29,250 in Canada.


Copywriters are professional writers who produce promotional materials like landing pages, blogs, news articles, emails, and promotional ads. Their main role is to research keywords and produce compelling articles that can convince their target audience.

In Canada, the entry-level pay for a copywriter is about $53,625, and the median pay is about $76,815. Senior copywriters may earn up to $104,010 per year, depending on the province.


As a proofreader, you are responsible for ensuring consistency in language, style, and formatting to ensure the written work is readable and impactful. Some of the things you’ll do include thoroughly reviewing the content and correcting any grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors.

You’ll earn about $34,613 per year as a proofreader at the entry-level position. However, the salary may be as high as $59,651. 


Transcription involves listening to a recorded video or audio and typing what you hear word-by-word (or according to given instructions). These audio/video files may include interviews, medical files, law-related files, marketing, zoom meetings, and more.

You may become a good transcriber or transcriptionist if you’ve excellent typing skills, an active and discerning ear, attention to detail, editing skills, and great time management abilities. The base pay ranges from $16/hr to $31/hr, and the average hourly pay in Canada is $20.11.

Web Developer

A web developer designs websites. They ensure sites and apps are user-friendly, run smoothly, and satisfy user needs. Their job is closely linked with the QA testers’ job, where developers also work on the feedback provided by QA and website testers.

Hard skills of a web developer include familiarity with analytical skills, programming languages, and knowledge of tools like Git, hosting services, and CMS platforms. This may seem like a difficult job, but with dedication, anyone can learn it online and open several avenues for themselves. 

The median annual salary in Canada is $74,396, ranging from $55,912 to $104,821. 

Event Planner

As an online event planner, your roles revolve around managing the event budget, designing event marketing strategy, managing vendor relationships, scouting locations, managing events teams, analyzing event success, and more.

Remember, this may be partially remote, and sometimes you may be needed on-site. 

The average base salary for a virtual event planner is $23.50 in Canada or around $55,000 to $65,000 per year. 

Graphic Designer

Graphic design entails producing visual concepts to captivate, inspire, and inform the audience about a company’s services or products. A graphic designer may be tasked with providing the overall layout of a website, brochures, social media product graphics, photography, email templates, and more.

The entry-level pay for a graphic designer in Canada is about $39,672, but it may go as high as $76,213. 


A recruiter is a professional human resource agent who finds qualified candidates for client companies. You’ll be responsible for posting job openings online, screening the candidates, and contacting potential employees.

Remember, you may need a human resource degree or a related field to be an independent or employed online recruiter.

In Canada, salaries for an online recruiter range from $42,500 to $90,829. The average pay per hour is $31.97.

Social Media Manager

Also known as community managers, these professionals manage company interactions with its audience by identifying trends, implementing content strategies, and planning digital campaigns. 

In short, you’ll manage social media outreach and ensure you reach your audience and help it grow. 

Social media management is among Canada’s highest-paying online jobs, with an average annual salary of $68,342 or $35.05/hr.


You can leverage your expertise or education to become an online IT, healthcare, business, or legal consultant. Remote consulting can be flexible to where and when the job is done.

Whatever your area of expertise, you can conduct online business meetings with your clients, listen to their needs, and offer advice.

Remember, the salary of an online consultant ranges from profession to profession, and it’s important to research the base range salary in your field.

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Travel Agent

An online travel agent helps customers research and book products and services. They include services such as flights, hotels, taxis, taxis, cruises, and more.

In Canada, the entry-level annual salary for a travel agent is $33,028, while the median is $40,950. 

Write an eBook

Writing an eBook can be an excellent way to earn passive income, and anyone can do it. In 2020, the eBook industry generated around $1.1 billion in the US alone.

However, it isn’t an easy venture, and there are some things you have to know before you start. Some factors that help you become a successful eBook seller include identifying your audience, outlining the chapters, and designing the eBook.

Earning may range from book to book depending on factors such as pricing, promotion, social media influence, author authority, and more.

SEO Expert

As an SEO expert, your job is to improve your client’s search engine ranking by optimizing their site(s) content. The good thing is that you do not need any educational degree, but experience may be crucial in this field.

In Canada, the median annual salary for an SEO expert is $95,287 or $48.87/hour, making it one of the highest-paying online jobs on our list.

Online Accountant

You can become a remote accountant since most companies have digitized their accounting work. If you have an accounting degree, CPA certification, or solid experience, you may find independent online work or freelance marketing platforms like Guru, Toptal, Kolabfree, and Colson Strategies.

The average pay in Canada ranges from industry to industry.

Online Moderator

The main role of an online moderator is to oversee online forums, social media message boards, and chat rooms. Online moderators ensure that posts meet the site’s standard standards, such as restrictions on racism, hate speech, bullying, and more. You may also be tasked with categorizing comments, answering negative comments, and settling disputes.

According to ZipRecruiter, you may earn between $14 to $36/hr as a social media moderator in Canada.

How To Find a Work-From-Home Job

Learn to identify legitimate jobs from scams

Before starting any remote job, the first thing to do is learn how to avoid scammers. Look out for spelling and punctuation errors, vague descriptions, salaries that are good to be true, requests for confidential information, and caveats that need you to “invest” or buy something before you start earning.

Find jobs through legitimate freelance marketplaces

You can apply for jobs through freelance marketplaces like Upwork, ProBlogger, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and more. Remember, job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, FlexJobs, and even Facebook are also potential avenues, but you’ll have to sift through a lot of scams.

Build your portfolio

Once you find a legitimate freelance marketplace, work on building your experience. You can add every job you do to your remote portfolio if the job doesn’t come with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). 

Pros and Cons of Work-From-Home Jobs

Working from home has its upsides, like no commute, setting your hours, charging your own prices, and working only on projects that resonate with you. Besides the independence and flexibility, some people also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with no office distractions.

However, working from home may not be for everyone. There are downsides like working alone, lack of motivation, distractions at home, having to bid for jobs every time, and lack of consistent earnings. You will also miss out on competitive employee packages, paid time off or sick leaves, and company health insurance. 

How Much Can You Earn From a Work-From-Home Job? 

The amount you make from work-from-jobs depends on several things. First, we’ve seen dozens of jobs you can do from home, each paying differently. Other factors that may determine how much you earn from home include your experience, negotiation skills, the demand for the job, and, to some extent, your geographical location.

Like any other job, if you’re willing to gain experience in your chosen remote job, you may earn enough as a part-time or full-time online freelancer or businessperson over time.

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