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The Best Mobile Networks in Canada for 2024


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The Canadian mobile market offers a variety of phone networks, each catering to different needs and preferences. This article provides an overview of the best phone networks in Canada, highlighting the unique strengths of each provider.

While many people know of the “big three” (Telus, Rogers, and Bell), there are plenty of other mobile networks in Canada to choose from.

While some are “flankers,” or smaller networks owned by the big three, there are also independent providers that can offer great coverage and great savings, too.

What Are the Best Phone Networks in Canada?


As one of the “big three” carriers in Canada, Telus boasts a strong and reliable network. With extensive coverage and high-speed data, Telus is popular with customers in urban and rural areas alike.

Telus offers many plans with competitive pricing, making them a top contender for those seeking a dependable network with a comprehensive selection of devices.


Bell, another member of the big three, is known for its extensive coverage and high-speed data. They provide various plans, from budget-friendly options to premium packages with unlimited data. With nationwide coverage and a robust 5G network, Bell is a solid choice for customers who value speed and reliability.


The third member of the big three, Rogers, also offers a strong and dependable network. They provide a variety of plans and device options, catering to diverse customer needs. With wide coverage and high-speed data, Rogers is a great choice for customers in Canada who are seeking a reliable network.


A subsidiary of Rogers and what’s often known as a “flanker,” Fido is a smaller network that provides a balance between cost and coverage. With various plans and device options, Fido caters to customers who want a reliable network without breaking the bank. They also offer perks such as data rollover and Spotify subscriptions.


Freedom Mobile is an affordable option for customers on a budget. While their network coverage is more limited than that offered by any of the big three, they can provide competitive pricing, which may appeal to budget-conscious customers in urban areas.


Koodo, a subsidiary or “flanker” of Telus, is a popular choice for customers who want a no-frills mobile plan. They offer simple plans, a bring-your-own-device option, and excellent customer service, making them a top pick for those looking to save money while still maintaining quality.


Virgin Mobile, a subsidiary of Bell, offers reliable coverage and competitive pricing. They provide a range of plans, including prepaid options and member benefits like discounts and exclusive access to events. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Virgin Mobile is a strong option for those seeking value and reliability.

Cheapest Phone Plans in Canada

Various providers offer affordable phone plans in Canada for budget-conscious consumers. Here are some of the cheapest phone plans available.

Public Mobile

Public Mobile, a subsidiary of Telus, is known for its low-cost, customizable plans. They operate on a 4G LTE network, ensuring reliable coverage and reasonable speeds.

Public Mobile offers a build-your-own-plan system, allowing customers to tailor Public Mobile’s options to their needs. With no contracts and competitive pricing, Public Mobile is a popular choice for cost-conscious consumers.

Chatr Mobile

Chatr Mobile, a Rogers flanker, provides affordable, no-contract, prepaid plans. Their nationwide coverage on Rogers’ 4G LTE network ensures a reliable connection. With unlimited talk and text options and tiered data plans, Chatr Mobile caters to those who want to manage their mobile expenses and retain coverage.

Lucky Mobile

Lucky Mobile, a subsidiary of Bell, offers a range of low-cost prepaid plans with no long-term commitments. Bell’s extensive network ensures customers have a dependable connection. With plans starting at just $15, Lucky Mobile is an excellent choice for those looking to cut costs on their phone bills.


Cityfone, owned by Rogers, offers cost-effective plans on a reliable network. They provide a variety of talk, text, and data options at competitive prices, with prepaid and postpaid plans available. Cityfone is a great choice for budget-conscious customers who value excellent customer service and flexibility.

Shaw Mobile

Shaw Mobile, a subsidiary of Shaw Communications, offers affordable plans with attractive features. They provide coverage on their extensive network, ensuring a reliable connection for customers.

Shaw Mobile’s plans include unlimited nationwide talk and text, and tiered data options, with the added benefit of data rollover for unused data. As a bonus, Shaw Internet provides discounted mobile plans, making them an attractive choice for those looking to bundle their services and save even more.

Customers can find a phone plan that suits their needs without breaking the bank by considering factors like network coverage, plan flexibility, and additional perks.

The providers mentioned above offer some of the cheapest phone plans in Canada, making them excellent options for budget-conscious consumers.

Best Mobile Networks in Canada for Students

Canadian students often have unique needs for mobile networks, including affordability, flexibility, and reliability. The following mobile networks offer a range of features and services to meet students’ needs.


Telus is known for its strong network coverage and high-speed data, making it a reliable choice for students who need a dependable connection for their studies. They offer a range of plans with competitive pricing, ensuring students can adhere to their budgets.

Some plans include unlimited nationwide talk and text, so students can connect with friends and family.


With extensive coverage and a variety of plans, Rogers is a popular choice with students. They offer discounts for students and no-term contracts. In addition, Rogers provides perks such as unlimited talk and text, ensuring students can stay in touch with loved ones without worrying about overages.


Koodo, a subsidiary of Telus, offers affordable, no-frills plans perfect for students on a budget. They provide customizable plans and a bring-your-own-device option, helping students save even more.

With excellent customer service and reliable coverage, Koodo is ideal for students seeking a cost-effective mobile solution.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile, a subsidiary of Bell, offers reliable coverage and competitive pricing. They provide a range of plans, including prepaid options and student discounts.

Virgin Mobile members can also enjoy exclusive access to events and discounts, adding extra value for students who want to make the most of their mobile experience.


Fido, a flanker of Rogers, balances cost and coverage, making it an attractive option for students. They cater to diverse needs with a variety of plans and device options. With perks like data rollover and Spotify subscriptions, Fido ensures students can stay connected without breaking the bank.

Students in Canada have several mobile network options. The providers listed above offer a range of features, pricing, and perks tailored to students, ensuring they can find a plan that suits their lifestyle and budget.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Network for You

It takes time to choose the best mobile network. Here are some of the factors that you might want to think about when making this important decision.


Cost is often the most significant factor for many consumers. Consider the amount you’re willing to spend monthly. Analyze providers’ plans to find a plan that aligns with your budget.

Some providers, like Public Mobile, Chatr Mobile, and Lucky Mobile, are known for their low-cost plans, while others, like Koodo and Fido, balance cost and coverage.

Coverage in Your Area

Coverage is crucial because it determines the quality of your connection. The big three – Telus, Bell, and Rogers – provide extensive coverage and high-speed data across Canada, including in rural areas.

However, smaller providers like Freedom Mobile and Shaw Mobile may have limited coverage. Ensure that the network you choose offers reliable service in your area, especially if you’re living outside of a populated city.

Plan Features

Different providers offer different features in their plans, such as unlimited talk and text, data rollover, and music streaming subscriptions. Determine which features are most important to you. For instance, if you frequently use data, prioritize plans with higher allowances or unlimited data options.

Flexibility and Contracts

Some mobile networks offer no-contract plans, allowing you to switch providers or adjust your plan without penalties. This flexibility can be valuable, especially for those who are still determining their long-term mobile needs or may be moving soon.

Prepaid plans, like those that Chatr Mobile and Lucky Mobile offer, are also an option for those seeking flexibility.

Customer Service

Lastly, consider the network’s quality of customer service. Read reviews of the company and ask for recommendations to gauge the customer service reputation of each provider. Reliable and responsive customer support can make your mobile experience more enjoyable.

By considering these factors and evaluating your needs and preferences, you can make an informed decision and choose the best mobile network.

Remember, the perfect mobile network is the one that offers the right balance of price, coverage, features, flexibility, and customer service to meet your specific requirements.


What is the best mobile network in Ontario?

The best mobile network in Ontario depends on your needs, such as price, coverage, and plan features. The big three—Telus, Bell, and Rogers—provide extensive coverage and high-speed data in the province, while smaller carriers offer budget-friendly options.

Is Telus better than Rogers?

It’s hard to determine whether Telus is better than Rogers. Both providers offer strong coverage and a range of plans, so consider factors like price, coverage in your area, and plan features when choosing.

Which is better: Bell or Telus?

It depends on what you need! Both networks provide extensive coverage and high-speed data, so consider factors like pricing, plan features, and customer service.

Which 5G network is best in Canada?

The big three—Telus, Bell, and Rogers—have all rolled out their 5G networks, offering varying levels of coverage and performance. Consider your location and specific needs when choosing a 5G network.


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