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image showing bitget logo and texts providing Bitget's 5th anniversary

Marking Bitget’s 5th Anniversary: The Exchange’s Crypto Journey

It’s 2023! And Bitget, the largest copy trading platform in the crypto space, is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Bitget Overview Established in 2018, Bitget has grown to become the 13th-largest crypto exchange in the world and the largest copy trading platform in the crypto sphere.  Against all odds, Bitget has built a one-stop trading solution, ... Read more

image showing temu app logo

Temu Shopping App Canada Review: How Safe and Legit Is It? 

The viral shopping app Temu has taken the eCommerce world by storm with its unmatched bargain prices and nonstop free shipping discounts.  However, many people are also skeptical about the app’s seemingly too-good-to-be-true deals, with some warning that you’ll be trading off your privacy and information for the money you save.  In this article, you’ll ... Read more

image showing the map of alberta, canada

Top 10 Worst Places to Live in Alberta: Ranked for 2023

Is Alberta really as perfect as people say? While famous for its economic prosperity and stunning landscapes, there are areas in the province that raise cause for concern. Most of the top 10 worst places to live in Alberta have high crime rates and safety challenges, making them among the most dangerous places to live ... Read more

image showing map and flag of british colombia

Top 10 Safest Cities in British Columbia: Ranked for 2023

British Columbia is one of the least affordable places to live in Canada. And, when moving to this province, it’s best to ensure that you’ll live in a safe city with low crime rates, as not every corner of BC is as safe as you may think. This article covers the top 10 safest cities ... Read more

image showing credit limit icon

How to Increase the Limit On Your Credit Card in Canada

If you want to access more credit, one of the easiest options is to increase the limit on your credit card. But how can you go about this? Let’s take a closer look at how to increase your credit limit, the pros and cons, how often you should do it, and more. How to Increase ... Read more

image showing the logo of bitget

Bitget Proof Of Reserves: Enhancing The Crypto Exchange’s Transparency

This post was sponsored by Bitget. All opinions are mine. Many crypto firms collapsed in 2022, but the collapse of FTX came as a surprise that sent shock waves throughout the crypto market, costing investors over $8 billion worth of crypto assets. That significantly eroded user confidence, resulting in more market volatility as crypto investors ... Read more

image showing bitget logo

Bitget Protection Fund: A $300M Fund To Protect Users’ Assets

This post was sponsored by Bitget. All opinions are mine. The Bitget Protection Fund is a great example of how centralized exchanges can protect user funds and build resilience against cybersecurity threats. Security remains a major threat in crypto and DeFi, and a big stumbling block to the adoption of cryptocurrencies as the “future of ... Read more

image showing an illustration of investing the retirement savings in gold

The Pros and Cons of Gold IRAs: What You Need To Know

Gold IRAs allow you to invest your retirement savings in physical gold and other precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium, which cannot be held in a regular IRA account. And, due to the stable price of gold, an IRA gold investment may help preserve your retirement funds during inflationary times and tough market conditions. ... Read more

image showing the logo of amazon prime

How Much is Amazon Prime Canada in 2023?

If you enjoy shopping and entertainment but want to save money over time, consider subscribing to Amazon Prime Canada! As a Prime member, you can access many benefits, such as exclusive deals, free and fast shipping on millions of items, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows, and so much more. If you’re curious about ... Read more

image showing an icon of best mobile networks in canada

The Best Mobile Networks in Canada for 2023

The Canadian mobile market offers a variety of phone networks, each catering to different needs and preferences. This article provides an overview of the best phone networks in Canada, highlighting the unique strengths of each provider. While many people know of the “big three” (Telus, Rogers, and Bell), there are plenty of other mobile networks ... Read more