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8 Best & Cheapest Virtual Business Addresses in Canada 2024 


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Virtual business addresses are tangible mailing locations that you can use as your business’ official address for a nominal fee. They enhance your business’s professional image and safeguard your privacy, especially when operating it in a home-based setting.

This article will guide you through finding the best virtual mailbox in Canada and help you decide whether it’s suited for your business. 

Key Takeaways

  • Some of the best virtual business addresses in Canada include Anytime Mailbox, PostScan Mail, and iPostal1.
  • The main benefits of subscribing to a virtual address are protecting your privacy, making your business appear more professional, and getting a more efficient way to manage your packages.

What is a Virtual Business Address? 

A virtual business address, also referred to as a virtual mailbox, is a physical street location that you can set as your business address. Like any regular business building, you can use virtual mailboxes to receive mail and packages, establish a local presence in a specific area, and register your business. 

Moreover, as they’re typically located around busy and business-focused neighbourhoods, you can utilize virtual addresses to boost the credibility of your business, even if, in reality, you’re just managing all of its transactions from home. 

Virtual business addresses often offer more services than just forwarding parcels to your personal address. They may also scan the contents of your packages, shred or throw unnecessary items, and deposit checks on your behalf. 

Some providers also let you use their locations as meeting spaces or temporary offices if you ever need a professional environment on demand. 

Best Virtual Business Addresses in Canada 

1. Anytime Mailbox

Get access to 48 mailbox locations in Canada, over a thousand addresses in the US, and hundreds more throughout the rest of the world through Anytime Mailbox. This secured cloud-based platform is compatible with any device, allowing you to access your mail 24/7 from anywhere.

Anytime Mailbox’s pricing differs based on your selected location and plan. The most budget-friendly package, Bronze, can be as low as $8.99 and lets you receive 30 emails per month for free. 

Depending on your chosen plan, you can enjoy added services such as scanning, forwarding, and long-term storing for free or in exchange for an affordable fee. Paid check deposits are also available but only on the pricier plans.

Learn more from this Anytime Mailbox review.

2. PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail gives you access to over 600 mailbox locations worldwide, with 8 of them being located in some of the most commercialized areas of Canada. 

The cheapest plan, Starter, goes as low as at USD$10 per month, while the most inclusive package, Premium, starts at USD $30 monthly.

Once you receive packages, PostScan Mail can scan, forward or store them for you. Environmentally-friendly recycling services are also available for mail you no longer wish to keep. 

Unfortunately, though, this service provider doesn’t offer additional services like check deposits.

3. iPostal1

Get real street addresses in the US and internationally for as low as USD$10 with iPostal1

Through this service provider, not only can you store and forward your mail, but you can also access various additional services such as check deposits, package consolidations, and document scanning. 

If you want a virtual office in Canada, this service provider also has your back. It offers local or toll-free company phone numbers that’ll make your business more professional and reliable. 

Plans only include viewing and managing emails remotely. So, you’ll need to pay for additional services you want. 

4. eSnail.ca

Obtain a virtual address in Vancouver or Edmonton for as low as $25 a month. Once subscribed, you can enjoy free storage of your physical mail for up to 3 months, automatic shredding services of your old mail, and automatic mail forwarding to multiple destinations of your choice.

eSnail stores your emails online as searchable PDFs, making it very convenient to organize the files you receive at your virtual address for business in Canada. 

If you want an address for business purposes, this provider recommends its Business plan, which, unfortunately, is more expensive ($54.99/month) than most of your alternatives.

5. Your Canadian Address

Pay a one-time fee of USD$20 and access forwarding and mailing services that you can pay per use. While avoiding monthly fees, this mailbox provider can help you consolidate packages, separate junk from important mail, and forward documents exactly where you need them to go. 

You may also request personalized services such as personal shopping for a fair fee. 

Heads up, though, that as “Your Canadian Address” charges per service, your total fees can add up quickly if your business receives a high volume of emails and packages each month. 

6. Planet Express

Although Planet Express is not technically a virtual mailbox in Canada, it’s a reliable mail forwarding service provider that’s suitable for handling your business-related online purchases. 

With its warehouses in the US and the UK, this company can receive packages in your stead if a specific store can’t directly ship to your Canadian address. Rates can vary significantly depending on your package’s size, preferred shipping method, and any additional services you may require. 

Remember that you won’t be able to use Planet Express’s address as a virtual address for your business since it’s a mail forwarder, not a virtual mailbox. 

7. ForwardingMe

Enjoy having a virtual mailbox while accessing affordable mail forwarding and order fulfillment services in Canada with the help of ForwardingMe. You can use this company’s services to buy or sell in North America and forward packages anywhere in the world. 

Plans start at $5 a month, with premium rates going up to $20 monthly. Depending on your plan, storage is free for 7 or 30 days.

The slight downside of this service provider, though, is that mail scanning and discarding are paid services, even though other providers offer them for free. 

8. Incfile

Incfile is an online legal filing and document preparation service provider that offers various business services, including a virtual mailbox.

If you need a genuine street address for your business in the US, this brand can offer it to you, as it has tangible addresses in all American states. 

Incfile’s rates are locked at $29 per month. Traditional mail, letters, and checks are accepted. But unfortunately, packages are not allowed in this provider’s warehouses.

Why Would You Need a Virtual Business Address? 

Having a virtual address for business in Canada comes in handy in a variety of ways. First and foremost, it allows you to maintain your privacy by keeping your residential address confidential, even if you work from home

Second, a virtual mailbox can improve your business’s reputation since using a residential neighbourhood as a business address can give off the impression that your brand lacks legitimacy.

Virtual addresses also give your business a permanent location, regardless of where you actually live. So, you can have a business presence anywhere in the world, and you won’t have to consistently update your brand’s address if you travel or move elsewhere. 

How to Get a Virtual Business Address

Getting a virtual mailbox in Canada is as easy as subscribing to any online service. All you need to do is select a suitable location for your business, choose one of the offered plans by the service provider, and follow the necessary payment procedures. 

Once you finish paying for the service, you can immediately use the virtual address as it’s intended. 

Pros and Cons of a Virtual Business Address


  • You may use virtual addresses to register your business.
  • Your own address can remain confidential, giving you privacy and security. 
  • You can give your business a professional address, making it seem more reliable. 
  • Reduce the time you spend on receiving, managing, and organizing your packages. 


  • You’ll need to pay for virtual mailbox services. 
  • There might be delays before you can physically receive packages.

How to Choose the Best Virtual Business Address

Choosing the best virtual business address for your needs is a straightforward process. Just consider how much you’re willing to spend and which features you’ll need for your business operations, and find a service provider that can accommodate both factors. 

Of course, though, you should be willing to compromise either of the two. After all, the features you want may only be available on premium plans, which will be pricier.


Can I use a virtual office for company registration in Canada? 

Yes, you can use a virtual office for company registration in Canada. This is an entirely legal and accepted practice, but always double-check with your service provider if you can use their virtual mailbox to do so. 

Can I use a PO Box as my address in Canada? 

For general, non-official use, you may be allowed to use a PO Box as your address in Canada. However, many organizations, including government agencies, insurance companies, and banks, will require you to use your own address and provide proof of it.

Is it worth having a virtual address? 

Yes, having a virtual address is worth it if you have a business. Virtual mailboxes bring forth many benefits, including enhanced privacy and improved business reputation.


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