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I love getting cash back when shopping for groceries and other household purchases and until now, my go-to cash back apps have been Ebates (Rakuten), Checkout 51, Drop and Caddle.

I recently stumbled upon another Canadian rebates site, Shopper Army, and this review covers how to earn cash back using their portal and how the company stacks up against its closest competitors.

What is Shopper Army?

Shopper Army review

Shopper Army is a part of BrandSpark International and has been operating in Canada since 2014. They are a cash back rebates company providing Canadians with an opportunity to earn cash rewards when they shop at 60+ retailers (like Amazon and Walmart).

Their office is located at Unit 503-1 St. Clair Avenue W, Toronto, Ontario, M4V 1K6.

BrandSpark International is actually a market research company which is why I was not surprised to see that some of the ways to earn rewards on Shopper Army include testing products for free, taking surveys and showing your honest feedback.

As of this writing, Shopper Army has awarded its members over $389,000 in cash back rewards.

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How To Earn Cash Back With Shopper Army

If you use Ebates (Rakuten Rewards) to earn cash back when shopping online, you will find the Shopper Army system to be pretty similar.

Basically, to earn cash back, you need to:

  • Sign up for a free account at
  • Visit your favourite online store (e.g. Amazon) by clicking on the “Shop Now” link on Shopper Army’s website.
  • Shop as usual at your store of choice.
  • Get cash back deposited into your account within days.
  • Cash-out your earnings via an Amazon gift card (starting from $5) or PayPal (minimum of $35).

Similar to Rakuten (Ebates), there is a waiting period (validation time) when your cash back earnings are set to pending status. This is to allow the site to ensure your product is not returned back.

Shopper Army sign up

Shopper Army Cash Back Stores

Shopper Army is affiliated with over 60 popular retailers in Canada and you earn cash back when you shop at these stores using the Shopper Army website. Cash back offers range from 1% to 10%.

Personally, I find the up to 8% cash back on Amazon to be the most rewarding for my shopping preferences.

Some of the stores available are:

  • Amazon (up to 8% cash back)
  • Sephora (5% cash back)
  • Hudson’s Bay (3%)
  • Walmart (1%)
  • Shoppers Drug Mart (4%)
  • Old Navy (4%)
  • Canadian Tire (4%)
  • GAP (4%)
  • Adidas (up to 4%)
  • Banana Republic (3%)
  • Joe Fresh (3%)
  • Rona (3%)
  • Best Buy (5%)

The variety of stores cover any purchases you may need to make in the fashion, shoes, home, baby and kids, electronics, beauty and personal, health and wellness, food and groceries categories.

Additional Ways To Earn Cash Back With Shopper Army

Shopper Army - find deals

Shopper Army offers the savvy shopper additional ways to earn rewards:

1. Bonus Cash Back, Coupons and Promo Code

The Shopper Army website has a ‘promotions’ page where you will find a list of opportunities to earn bonus cash back and coupons or promo codes for significant discounts off everyday household purchases. This is in addition to the regular cash back offers.

Shopper Army Coupon

You can also score free promo codes and coupons by following their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

2. Missions

On your account dashboard, you will find a ‘missions’ page that lists opportunities to earn extra rewards. For example, your mission (if you choose to accept it) could be to participate in a research study, complete a survey, provide feedback about a product or test a product.

Shopper Army Missions

3. Refer Friends

If friends join Shopper Army and use your referral link when signing up, you both share $5 ($2.50 each) after they have earned at least $10 in cash back.

Shopper Army vs. Ebates (Rakuten)

These two cash back rebates sites are similar in some ways and different in others.

Earning Cash Back: To earn cash back rewards, you need to be signed in to your account and visit your preferred online store after clicking on a link to their website. Note that if you have Adblock installed on your browser, your shopping trip may not be recorded.

Rakuten has partnerships with over 750 stores, while Shopper Army has over 60 stores on its platform. To maximize your earnings, check each site before you shop and use the one with the highest cash back offer at your store of choice.

Sign-Up Bonus: Ebates offers new members a $5 sign up bonus after they have completed a purchase of at least $25. Shopper Army will pay you $5 after your first purchase of $50 or more.

Referral Bonus: When you refer friends to join Shopper Army, you both receive $2.50 after they have earned $10 in cash back. Ebates gives you $5 to $10 for each referral after they make a purchase of at least $25 through the Ebates portal.

Mobile App: Ebates has a versatile mobile app that is available on Android and iPhone. Shopper Army does not have an app, however, their website is mobile-friendly.

Browser Extension: I find the Ebates Chrome and Firefox browser extension to be very useful. It alerts me when I am on one of their affiliated store’s website and reminds me to activate cash back offers. The extension also makes cash back offers to show up on your search results from Google and Bing.

Shopper Army does not currently offer a browser extension.

Pros and Cons of Shopper Army

In my opinion, the downsides of Shopper Army are its limited number of affiliated stores. Ebates has over 750 stores on its platform, giving shoppers greater access to earn cash back. That being said, if you shop at Amazon, Shopper Army probably has the best cash back offer available.

A few other things I’d like to see them improve upon would be to have a mobile app and up their referral bonuses. Depending on where you shop, racking up $10 in cash back can take a while.

Overall, my review of Shopper Army is positive, and you should add them to your list of sites to check whenever you shop online. 

Other cash back apps worth checking out in Canada:

  • Checkout 51: Earn cash back on your grocery shopping (up to 35%) and get a $5 bonus after redeeming your first offer.
  • Paymi: Earn easy cash back when you shop at participating stores in Canada and get a free $5 welcome bonus here.
  • Drop App: Earn automatic cash back when you shop online or in-store and get a $5 bonus after linking your first card.
  • Caddle: Earn rewards when you shop, answer surveys and watch video ads. Get a $1 signup bonus when you use the promo code ENOCH48192.

Have you used ShopperArmy? Tell us about your experience in the comments!


Shopper Army Review


Shopper Army is a cash back rebates site similar to Ebates that pays you when you shop online. This Shopper Army review covers what you need to know.

Shopper Army Review: Get Cash Back When You Shop