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The Best Low Maintenance Cars in Canada in 2024 

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Whether you’re getting your first car or shifting to a budget-friendly option, finding an affordable and reliable car can help ensure dependable transportation and considerably reduce your car upkeep costs. 

In this post, I have compiled a list of the best low-maintenance vehicles to trim down the countless options on the market.

I will also highlight some of the benefits and drawbacks of buying this type of car to help you find the unit that suits your needs.  

The Best Low-Maintenance Cars 

Toyota Corolla

Experts describe Toyota as the cheapest car brand to maintain and repair, averaging $5,996 in maintenance costs over ten years. Corolla is also fuel-efficient, consuming 7.4/5.7/6.7 L/100km on city roads, highways, and combined. 

With prices starting at $26,400, it is known for its reliability stemming from its reliable engine, robust suspension, durable brake components and low-cost parts. Since it is a popular choice, its parts are also widely available.

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is among the cars with the lowest maintenance costs, averaging $7,380 on maintenance and repairs spread over ten years. A dependable brand with great resale value, the price starts at $39,466.

The 5-seater Honda Accord is also fuel-efficient at 7.3 L/100km. Built to be simple and easy to maintain, it can go for hundreds of thousands of kilometres. 

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is a four-door hybrid sedan with decent power and excellent fuel economy. With prices starting at $40,645, it remains one of the most reliable cars due to its hybrid technology, meticulous engineering and consistent battery technology improvements.

The car’s fuel economy averages 57 mpg in the city and up to 56 mpg on the highway. Its battery warranty also reduces long-term maintenance expenses. Over the first ten years of use, maintenance costs averaged $6,000. 

Tesla Model 3

Tesla cars are the easiest to maintain since they require no regular fuel changes or annual maintenance, unlike gasoline-powered cars. The Tesla Model 3, ranked among the most reliable Tesla units, is also one of the most affordable Tesla cars.  

Being Tesla’s entry-level car, the Model 3 has a lower price, starting at $50,990. It comes with an electric powertrain that’s cheaper per mile than regular fuel and an energy-efficient internal combustion engine. It also uses regenerative braking that minimizes frequent charging. 

Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 is an affordable 5-seater sedan with a base price of $24,200. It is one of the cheapest cars to own and has low maintenance costs, totalling around $7,000 in over ten years of use. 

This budget-friendly option’s efficiency can be attributed to its high-quality engineering, engine performance, robust build quality, sturdy components, and highway fuel economy of 6.3 L/100 km. 

Cheapest SUVs to Maintain 

Toyota RAV4

Over the years, the Toyota RAV4 has remained one of the cheapest SUVs to maintain compared to the average SUV. Maintenance costs over ten years totalled $5,531

At $36,215, the Toyota RAV4 is also among the most affordable SUVs. It comes with a simple design and no-frill yet functional mechanical system that helps reduce maintenance costs overall.  

Kia Seltos

In its class, the Kia Seltos is regarded as a frontrunner in offering the cheapest maintenance costs across both petrol and diesel models. After ten years, maintenance and repair costs for Kia cars average about $8,442

This subcompact SUV, which starts at $28,077, utilizes 6.8 L/100km for highway driving and 8.3 L/100km in the city. It also comes with efficiency-boosting features like an aerodynamic design, fuel-efficient engines, sophisticated transmission systems and an eco-driving mode. 

Toyota 4Runner

With prices starting at $56,443, the Toyota 4Runner is a midsize SUV ranked highly on the list of reliable cars. After ten years of use, it costs around $7,966 to maintain and repair. As for fuel efficiency, it uses up 13.8L/100km in combined driving. 

Due to its main features and being Toyota-built, the 4Runner is regarded as having above-average reliability. This reputation is a result of several factors, such as simple and durable components, excellent build quality and superior engineering standards.

Hyundai Venue

With an MSRP of $20,899, the Hyundai Venue is an affordable and practical crossover SUV with a fuel economy per 100km of 7.9L on city roads and 6.9L on the highway. 

It’s also among the most inexpensive to maintain, with maintenance costs of about $7,761 after ten years. Hyundai cars are famous for being economical yet dependable options due to their simple yet reliable engineering, fuel efficiency and affordable parts.  

Chevrolet Trax

Starting at $25,733, the Chevrolet Trax is among the most affordable SUVs today. With a combined fuel consumption of 8.4L/100km, this 5-seater, gasoline-powered compact SUV is rated to have an annual fuel cost of $2,291. 

This reasonably-priced entry-level SUV is also cheap to maintain due to its simplified mechanics, fuel efficiency, inexpensive replacement parts, and easy availability of services.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Low-Maintenance Car 


  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced repairs
  • Fuel efficiency
  • More reliable transportation
  • Higher resale value due to reliability
  • More hassle-free car ownership experience
  • Lesser need for vehicle replacement
  • Longer vehicle lifespan


  • May be more expensive than other vehicles
  • Potential to neglect maintenance
  • Limited choices


Which car brand is the cheapest to maintain in Canada? 

Toyota is the lowest-maintenance car brand due to various factors, including simple engineering, reliability and durability, affordable parts, and an extensive service network. Automotive experts refer to it as the cheapest car to maintain and repair, with a 10-year maintenance cost of $5,996.  

Which luxury car is the cheapest to maintain in Canada? 

Lexus is among the cheapest luxury cars with low maintenance costs because of its low-maintenance qualities. The luxury brand arm of Toyota, Lexus, has maintenance costs of $7,786 over ten years.   

What is the #1 selling car in Canada? 

Driving.ca ranked Toyota as the #1 selling car in Canada. During the first quarter of 2024, Toyota posted a 36% increase in car sales, with 50,722 units sold.

What is Canada’s most fuel-efficient car? 

According to a Natural Resources Canada report, the two-seater Mazda MX-5 is the most fuel-efficient vehicle for model year 2024. Its fuel consumption is 9.0L/100km in the city, 6.7 on the highway, and 8.0 combined. Its annual fuel cost is $2,720. 

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