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KOHO allows Canadians to budget, spend, and save smartly. The KOHO app is not only FREE to use, but they are also offering an extra 1% cash back on all purchases to readers of this blog when you enter the referral code CASHBACK during sign-up.

Click here to download the app and enter CASHBACK to claim your cash bonus! This referral code can be used unlimited times, so no worries, we’ve got you covered!

After signing up, you receive a bonus of 1% cash back for 90 days as long as you make your first purchase with your KOHO card within 30 days of card activation. In addition, you get an extra 0.5% cash back on every purchase for 90 days if you set up a direct deposit from your employer.


There are many reasons for using the KOHO app and reloadable Visa card, including – –

Zero monthly fees: They charge zero monthly fees

Earn cash back on debit purchases: Your bank does not pay you when you spend cash, however, KOHO rewards your good financial habit with 0.5% in cash back! With my referral code CASHBACK, your cash back earnings jump to 1.5% for your first three months.

Free Early Payroll: When you link your payroll deposits to your KOHO account, you can get $100 three days early before your paycheque hits your account. The service is free and has no interest or fee charges.

Real-time financial insights: Gain useful insights into your spending, budgeting, and savings. See where your money is going and if your budget is intact…all on one dashboard.

Increase your savings: The app has options for increasing how much you are putting away for savings, and can help you save your spare change using their Roundups feature.

Easy investing: You can easily transfer funds from KOHO to your Wealthsimple investing account.

Financial coaching: KOHO is working on giving you access to free financial advice via the app when you have a direct payroll deposit setup. Have a question about investing, debt, savings or budgeting? The answers are now at your fingertips.

Earn referral cash bonuses: When you refer friends and family to sign up, you both receive a bonus of 1% cash back for 90 days on every purchase – no limits!

KOHO referral code

KOHO Referral Code Welcome Bonus

The good folks at KOHO want Canadians to not only save on banking fees but also, to be rewarded for building frugal financial habits when they pay with cash. This is why they have offered a 0.5% cash back when you make purchases using your KOHO card.

Additionally, you earn an extra 1% cash bonus when you sign up here and enter the referral code CASHBACK.

KOHO now also offers a premium service “KOHO Premium” with even more rewards! You earn up to 2% on everyday purchases, as well as extra cashback at select partners.

You can read my KOHO Premium review here.

KOHO Cash Back Bonus Referral Code


Use the KOHO referral code “CASHBACK” to earn up to 3% cash back when you sign up – an extra 1% cash back for 90 days! The KOHO app and reloadable card are great for earning cash back on your debit purchases and saving your spare change.