KOHO Credit Building Review 2022: Increase Your Credit Score Fast

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Does KOHO build credit? Yes, and this KOHO credit building review covers how you can increase your credit score using the KOHO Card.

KOHO has gone a long way to redefine the loyalty and rewards landscape when you choose to spend cash.

While your bank will hardly reward you for making purchases with your debit card, a KOHO Mastercard prepaid Card offers 0.50% to 2.00% cash back on all purchases!

Along with your prepaid card, you also get a versatile app that automates your savings and helps with budgeting.

More recently, KOHO introduced its Credit Building feature. For a low monthly fee, users can use KOHO to build their credit scores.

If you are looking for a hassle-free and secure way to increase your credit score and improve your finances, Credit Building by KOHO can help.

This KOHO credit building review covers how it works, its pros, cons, and fees.

What is KOHO Credit Building?

Your credit score can make or break your financial life. A good credit score opens the door to competitive rates when you apply for a personal loan or mortgage.

On the flip side, a bad credit score could mean your credit card applications are denied and when you qualify for loans, the interest rates “cost an arm and a leg.”

While repairing credit in tatters takes work, the Credit Building service by KOHO simplifies the process.

Users who register for Credit Building get a line of credit that KOHO manages on their behalf. Transaction activity is reported to Transunion (credit bureau) and this impacts your credit score positively.

How To Build Your Credit Score with KOHO

To get started, sign up for a KOHO account ($20 welcome bonus included).

Register for Credit Building within the app. KOHO conducts a soft credit check that does not affect your credit score.

After setting up your account, you get a Line of Credit (dedicated funds) and KOHO takes a portion of these funds and reports it to a credit bureau as a repayment every month.

This process goes on for 6 months and you can track changes in your credit score using the mobile app.

After the 6-month duration is up, you can either choose to renew or end your subscription depending on the progress you have made.

How Much Does KOHO Credit Building Cost?

A $7 monthly subscription fee applies when you register for Credit Building by KOHO.

The line of credit you receive does not charge interest and should only go towards making the automated repayments done by KOHO.

The monthly fee is paid for a 6-monthly period and costs a total of $42. You can subscribe for more than one 6-month cycle.

Pros of KOHO Credit Building

  • Affordable monthly cost to build or repair your credit
  • Free access to your credit score
  • The service does not require a hard credit check
  • Access to in-app budgeting capabilities
  • Cash back is earned when you spend using your regular account balance
  • Interest-free line of credit

Cons of KOHO Credit Building

  • Not guaranteed to improve your credit score

KOHO Prepaid Mastercard

KOHO offers two main prepaid cards:

  • Regular KOHO Mastercard
  • KOHO Premium Mastercard

You can add-on the Credit Building service to either card.

A regular KOHO card gives you 0.50% on all purchases and it has no monthly fee. A premium KOHO card offers 2% cash back on transportation, grocery, and restaurant purchases; and 0.50% on everything else.

You also enjoy price matching, free financial coaching, and pay no foreign exchange fees when you spend abroad.

You can apply for the cards here and get a $20 bonus when you make your first purchase with the card (use our promo code CASHBACK during sign-up).


Credit Building by KOHO is one way to improve your credit score faster in Canada. The costs are affordable and clear upfront and you are working with a financial technology company that is legit.

In addition to this service, you should be taking additional measures to grow your credit score, including:

  • Making bill payments on time
  • Lowering the credit utilization on your credit cards
  • Keeping your old credit accounts
  • Limiting your applications for new credit, and
  • Disputing any errors on your credit file

KOHO Credit Building FAQs

Can you build credit with KOHO?

Credit Building by KOHO is a $7 per month service (or a total of $42 for the 6 months subscription) that helps you to build your credit score.

Does KOHO affect your credit score?

KOHO only conducts soft credit cards and this type of inquiry does not impact your credit score.

How fast does KOHO build credit?

It depends on a lot of factors. As per KOHO, it can take anywhere from 30-90 days to begin seeing improvements in your credit score.

Is KOHO debit or credit?

The KOHO reloadable Mastercard (formerly KOHO Visa) is a prepaid card and is very similar to a debit card. When you register for Credit Building, you get a line of credit that is used to make repayments every month. The repayment transactions are reported to Transunion.

Is KOHO trustworthy?

Your money on KOHO is held at Peoples Trust which is a member of CDIC. Eligible Deposits (savings and chequing) held at a CDIC member institution are insured for up to $100,000.

What strategies are you using to build your credit score? Let us know in the comments.

KOHO Credit Building Review


The KOHO Credit Building service can help you build your credit score at an affordable cost. This review of Credit Building by KOHO covers what you need to know.


  • Affordable monthly cost
  • Free credit score access
  • Does not require a hard credit check
  • Interest-free line of credit
  • Cash back on all purchases


  • Not available in Saskatchewan, Quebec, and New Brunswick

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