How To Apply For The $1,200/month Canada Workers Lockdown Benefit (CWLB)

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When the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) ends on October 23, 2021, it will be replaced by a new pandemic benefit – Canada Workers Lockdown Benefit (CWLB).

As announced by the Deputy Minister and Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland, the new Canada Workers Lockdown Benefit will provide $300 per week to eligible workers.

This program will run until May 7, 2022, and along with other associated pandemic benefits, is expected to cost $7.4 billion.

The CWLB mirrors the $300 benefit available through the CRB in its last 4 weeks and is lower than the $500 weekly payment that was initially available through the CERB and CRB.

Two current COVID-19 benefits, the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB) and Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB), are also expected to continue in their existing form (with some changes) until May 7, 2022.

Read on to learn about Canada’s recovery benefit extension for 2021, the CWLB, how to apply, and how much you can expect.

What is the Canada Workers Lockdown Benefit?

CWLB replaces the CRB which ends on October 23, 2021.

It will provide income support to workers who are impacted by government-imposed temporary lockdowns.

CWLB will be available until May 7, 2022, with retroactive applications to October 24, 2021.

The legislation for this new benefit is expected to be introduced when parliament reconvenes in November.

Who Qualifies for the CWLB Benefit?

The Canada Workers Lockdown Benefit will be available to workers whose work interruption is a direct result of a government-imposed public health lockdown.

Workers who are ineligible for EI will be able to apply as well as those who are eligible for EI as long as they are not paid EI benefits for the same period.

CWLB will not be available to workers who are unable to work as a result of their refusal to comply with a vaccine mandate (e.g. if fired due to a workplace vaccine mandate).

In addition to the CWLB, two other income benefits will continue:

Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefits

Eligibility requirements for the CRCB are that you must:

  • Be at least 15 years old
  • Be resident in Canada
  • Have a valid SIN
  • Be unable to work at least 50% of your normal work week because you are caring for a family
  • Are unable to work because you have to care for a child under 12 years of age because they are sick, self-isolating, or their school/daycare/care facility is closed due to COVID-19
  • You are not applying for or receiving another benefit i.e. CRSB, EI, etc.

Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit

This benefit provides income support to workers who are unable to work due to illness or the need to self-isolate because of COVID-19.

With the introduction of new benefits, it is likely that eligibility requirements may be updated in the near future.

how to apply for the canada workers lockdown benefit

How Much Money Will I Get From CWLB?

CWLB recipients will receive $300 per week in income support. This translates to $1,200 per month in Canada Workers Lockdown Benefits if you are eligible.

The CRCB currently pays $500 per household per week or $2,000 per month. Based on the recent updates, the maximum duration to get the CRCB is being extended by 2 weeks (from 42 to 44 weeks).

The CRSB currently pays $500 per week and $2,000 per month. You can now get CRSB for up to a maximum of 6 weeks (extended by 2 weeks).

How To Apply For The CWLB

There is currently no information about how to apply for CWLB. Watch this space for an update as soon as the details are available.

If the application process for the CRB is maintained, then eligible workers will be able to apply for CWLB online via their CRA MyAccount or by phone.

COVID-19 Benefits For Businesses

Business support programs will be made available through two new programs:

  • Tourism and Hospitality Recovery Program: This will provide wage and rent subsidy to eligible hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, and tour operators.
  • Hardest-Hit Business Recovery Program: This will support business that have suffered significant losses with a wage and rent subsidy of up to 50%.


What’s your take on the CWLB? Leave it in the comments.

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  1. I was laid off last year due to covid I am still not back yet I was on EI which is done and I just applied 3 weeks ago to CRB now its closing. I am 65 Next year I cant get OAS till next year. I found out about a month ago my job is terminated due to shortage of work due to covid. I don’t know if I can apply for CWLB if you have any advice it would be great Thank you Linda Lock

  2. Thank you very much for the updates

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    I would like to know if I qualify for the $300.00 weekly. The Canada Worker Benefit. I have not been recall for my job and I don’t know
    when I will be recalled.

  4. I have not been called for work . what do I do? I need the phone number please to talk about my Benefits.

  5. I lost my job end of 2019 after 40 years in IT. After EI expired I was getting CRB until it was closed in Oct 2021. I sent 100s of resumes each week since the start of pandemic but not a single job offer. I think the reason is employers get Covid benefits from the government but do not hire people, rather they just distribute that money to themselves, including government (on a government web site I found out that they increased their salaries in 2020 for ~$50,000 per worker, in the same department where they laid off people allegedly due to downsizing – this was done by Ford government and it is easy for everybody to check salary numbers on the sunshine government salaries web sites and compare salaries for 2019 and 2020: instead of cutting salaries in 2020 for 50%, due to overall pandemic impact, they INCREASED salaries for 50%!)

  6. when can i apply for cwlb

  7. Taking to long to implement,im a senior who works driving tour bus,cant servive without a job or cwlb help please.

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