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How To Apply for the $2000 New Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB)


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January 2022 Update: The CRB has been replaced by the new Canada Workers Lockdown Benefit (CWLB) and you can apply for the new benefit via your CRA My Account or by phone. The CWLB pays out $300 per week or $1,200 per month to workers who are affected by government-imposed lockdowns or whose income is significantly impacted by capacity restrictions. Learn more about the CWLB here.

August 2021 Update: Eligibility for the CRB, CRCB, and CRSB has been extended by 4 weeks with the last payment period now ending on October 23, 2021. This increases the maximum number of weeks for the CRB to 54 weeks or 27 periods. Benefits in the extra 4 weeks are at a rate of $300 per week. See more details about the program below.

When the Canada Emergency Response Benefit ended on September 26, 2020, the federal government took steps to assist Canadian workers who were still being affected by the coronavirus pandemic by introducing several new benefits.

This series of additional benefits kicked in on September 27, 2020, and include a revamped Employment Insurance (EI) program and a new Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB).

The Canada Recovery Benefit provides $500 per week for up to 38 weeks to workers who are not eligible for EI.

This program is expected to provide coverage for the many self-employed and gig economy workers who do not meet the requirements to collect EI benefits and who remain affected by the economic fallout resulting from COVID-19.

A new Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit program also offers $500 per week to caregivers who must take care of children at home because of school or daycare closures.

Finally, a new Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit provides up to $1,000 to workers who are sick and do not have access to paid sick leave.

The CERB replacement and transition plans are expected to cost at least $37 billion over the next year.

2021 CRB and EI Benefit Update

Several of the economic benefits that were introduced to help Canadians during the pandemic are being extended. Here’s how they will be impacted:

CRB: Increased from a maximum benefit period of 26 weeks to 38 weeks (an increase of 12 weeks).

EI Regular Benefit: Increased from a maximum of 26 weeks to 50 weeks for claims between September 27, 2020, to September 25, 2021 (an increase of 24 weeks).

CRCB: Increased from a maximum benefit period of 26 weeks to 38 weeks (an increase of 12 weeks).

CRSB: Increased from a maximum of 2 weeks to as much as 4 weeks (an increase of 2 weeks).

The benefit amounts paid on a weekly basis will stay the same, however, the benefits you may be eligible for have increased significantly.

These changes to the program are expected to cost an additional $12.1 billion.

What is the Canada Recovery Benefit?

The Canada Recovery Benefit is a CERB transition program that provides income support to workers who do not qualify for employment insurance.

The CRB launched in early October (with benefits payable retroactively from September 27, 2020), and will remain in place for one year.

As the CERB winds up, it is expected that millions of recipients will transition to collecting EI regular benefits. However, self-employed folks and gig workers who are ineligible for EI can apply for CRB benefits for up to 38 weeks if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Recipients of the CRB will get $500 per week for up to 38 weeks.

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CRB Payment Periods in 2021

If you remain eligible for CRB payments, you can re-apply on the first Monday after your previous 2-week period ends.

CRB payment periods for 2021 are as follows:

  • Period 7: December 20, 2020: January 2, 2021
  • Period 8: January 3, 2021, to January 16, 2021
  • Period 9: January 17, 2021, to January 30, 2021
  • Period 10: January 31, 2021, to February 13, 2021
  • Period 11: February 14, 2021, to February 27, 2021
  • Period 12: February 28, 2021, to March 13, 2021
  • Period 13: March 14, 2021, to March 27, 2021
  • Period 14: March 28, 2021, to April 10, 2021
  • Period 15: April 11, 2021, to April 24, 2021
  • Period 16: April 25, 2021, to May 8, 2021
  • Period 17: May 9, 2021, to May 22, 2021
  • Period 18: May 23, 2021, to June 5, 2021
  • Period 19: June 6, 2021, to June 19, 2021
  • Period 20: June 20, 2021, to July 3, 2021
  • Period 21: July 4, 2021, to July 17, 2021
  • Period 22: July 18, 2021, to July 31, 2021
  • Period 23: August 1, 2021, to August 14, 2021
  • Period 24: August 15, 2021, to August 28, 2021
  • Period 25: August 29, 2021, to September 11, 2021
  • Period 26: September 12, 2021, to September 25, 2021
  • Period 27: September 27, 2021, to October 23, 2021 (extra period)

Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefits and Canada Recovery Sickness Benefits are made on a weekly basis.

Who Qualifies for the CRB Benefit in 2021?

The CRB has three streams of benefits, and each one has its qualifications criteria:

1. Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB)

This benefit is available to workers who are unable to work because of COVID-19 or whose incomes are reduced compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Based on available information, you may qualify if you:

  • Are at least 15 years old and have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Stopped working due to COVID-19 and are actively looking for employment
  • Are working but your income is reduced due to COVID-19
  • Are not eligible for employment insurance
  • Had an income of at least $5,000 in 2019 or 2020, and
  • Have not voluntarily quit your job

Learn about applying for the CRB below.

2. Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB)

This benefit is available to caregivers unable to work because they have to care for children or other dependents due to COVID-19.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Live in Canada and be at least 15 years old
  • Have a valid SIN
  • Be employed or self-employed just prior to applying for CRB
  • Be unable to do at least 50% of your normal work because school, daycare, or a care facility is closed and you have to care for a child under 12 years of age or a family member with a disability
  • Do not have access to paid leave for the weeks you are claiming
  • You are not receiving the CRB, Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit, disability benefits, worker’s compensation benefits, or EI Emergency Recovery Benefits for the week you are claiming

Applications for the CRCB started on October 5, 2020. You can apply for this benefit for each 1-week period if you are eligible.

3. Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB)

This benefit is available to workers who are unable to work due to sickness or self-isolation as a result of COVID-19.

To qualify, you must:

  • Be a resident of Canada and at least 15 years old
  • Be employed or self-employed at the time of your application, and
  • Must have earned at least $5,000 income in 2019 or 2020
  • Be unable to work at least 50% of your normal weekly work schedule

Applications for the CRSB started on October 5, 2020. You can apply for this benefit for each 1-week period if you are eligible.

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How Much Money Will I Get From the CRB in 2021?

You will receive a benefit amount of $500 per week for up to 38 weeks or about 9 months. This translates to $2,000 per month in Canada Recovery Benefits.

Eligible workers can receive a total benefit of $19,000 between September 27, 2020, and September 25, 2021 (1 year).

The amounts from the two other temporary benefit programs are as follows:

Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit: You receive $500 per week (i.e. $2000 per month) for up to 38 weeks, for a potential total benefit amount of $19,000. A $50 tax is withheld at source and you will receive $450 for each 1-week period.

Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit: You receive $500 per week for up to four weeks, for a potential total benefit amount of $2,000. A $50 tax is withheld at source and you will receive $450 per week.

Applications for the Canada Recovery Benefit commenced on October 12, 2020, and it will be available for one year (12 months).

How To Apply for the CRB Benefit

The Canada Recovery Benefits program is managed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and you can apply online via CRA MyAccount.

For the CRB, you will need to apply after every 2-week period. If you are still unemployed, you will need to apply again. You can apply up to a total of 19 eligibility periods (38 weeks) between September 27, 2020, and September 25, 2021.

During each CRB benefit application, CRA will require you to attest that you continue to meet the eligibility requirements. In general, you must actively seek employment to remain eligible.

For the CRSB (sickness benefit), a medical certificate is not required to qualify for the benefit. You will need to have missed at least 60% of your weekly duties due to sickness from COVID-19 or self-isolation.

For the CRCB (caregiving benefits), you can apply after the period in which you meet the requirements. Only one member of a household can apply for the benefit in any period.

Watch out for more updated information relating to the CRB application process on this page in the coming days.

You will receive payments through direct deposit if you set it up through your CRA MyAccount (takes 3-5 business days). Otherwise, it is sent via cheque through the mail and may take 10-12 business days to arrive.

Applications that require further validation by CRA may take longer to be processed.

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Can I Work While Receiving CRB Benefits?

The government wants to encourage people to go back to work while also creating a cushion if work is not available due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

You can work and earn an income while receiving the new Canada Recovery Benefit payments.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can continue to get the $2,000 per month CRB benefit and still earn up to $38,000 in net employment or self-employment income.

After you cross the $38,000 threshold, CRB payments are clawed back at a rate of $0.50 for every dollar in income (i.e. a 50% clawback).

For example, if you earn $40,000 in employment income and have collected CRB, you will have to repay up to $1,000 back (calculated as $2000 in excess income x 50%).

As per CRA, the $38,000 net income includes any CERB, CRCB and CRSB payments you received. However, it does not include the CRB.

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CRB Contact Information

If you have general questions about the Canada Recovery Benefit including when/how to apply, payment periods and amounts, and eligibility, you can reach CRA at 1-833-966-2099.

For questions about your CRA MyAccount, including changes to your account, call 1-800-959-8281. Also, if you haven’t filed your 2019 tax return and are having difficulties with creating a CRA MyAccount, this number is the one to call.

Is the CRB Taxable?

All benefits received under the three Canada Recovery Benefit programs are considered as taxable income.

A $100 tax is withheld from your bi-weekly payments and you will receive $900 instead of the $1,000 payment.

Also, come tax season in Feb-April 2021, a tax information slip will be available in your CRA MyAccount. Additional taxes may be due at this time.

CRB Repayment

You will be required to return Canada Recovery Benefit payments if any of the following apply:

  • You applied for the CRB and later found that you are not eligible
  • You received a payment in error
  • You received one of the following for the same eligibility period:
    • Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit
    • Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit
    • short-term disability benefits
    • workers’ compensation benefits
    • Employment Insurance (EI) benefits
    • Québec Parental Insurance Pan (QPIP) benefits
  • You are found to have made a fraudulent claim

To repay CRB, you can either use:

  • Online Banking: Add CRA as a payee to your online bank account and send the money back. Enter your 9 digit social insurance number (SIN) as the CRA account number for the account you are paying to.
  • Mail a Cheque: You can mail a cheque or Money Order to CRA and include your SIN. Make the payment out to the Receiver General for Canada and send your cheque to “Revenue Processing – Repayment of CRB, Sudbury Tax Centre, 1050 Notre Dame Avenue, Sudbury ON P3A 0C3.”


CERB is transitioning to a simplified Employment Insurance (EI) program starting on September 27, 2020, and eligible CERB claimants will start receiving EI through Service Canada.

CRB is a temporary program designed to cater to workers who are ineligible for EI regular and EI special benefits.

This includes self-employed and gig economy workers who are unable to return to work.

Employment Insurance (EI) Changes

The EI program is being overhauled and simplified to allow more workers to claim benefits. It will be administered by Service Canada and offer the following benefits:

EI Regular Benefits and EI Special Benefits

Eligible recipients will get a minimum EI benefit of $500 per week for up to 50 weeks. EI claimants for extended parental benefits will receive at least $300 per week.

Changes were made to EI eligibility requirements in order to accommodate workers who have been unable to work a normal schedule due to COVID-19.

These EI changes include:

The minimum hours to qualify for EI is now 120 hours of work (approx. 3.5 weeks). This is in comparison to the 420 to 700 hours usually required.

To meet the minimum hours required, EI claimants get a 300 hours credit for regular benefits and 480 hours credit for special benefits e.g. sickness, maternity, or compassionate caregiver benefits. These insurable credit hours are available for EI claims made within the next one year.

The minimum weekly EI benefit is $500 per week (to match the CRB and former CERB).

This is different from the traditional 55% of average weekly earnings of up to $573 maximum that is normally paid out. The new program puts a bottom to the weekly benefits of $500.

EI Premium Rate Freeze

EI premium rates for employers and employees will stay frozen at the 2020 level for two years. What this means is that there won’t be an increase to EI premiums and employees will continue paying $1.58 per $100 of insurable earnings.

Also, the employer rate will remain at $2.21 per $100 of insurable earnings.

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    • Gravatar for Enoch Omololu

      @Ashley: You can take the CERB quiz on the government’s website and that may give you an idea about how his CRB application will likely play out as well.

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        How can I proof for cra to apply for crb the 5000$ of the 2020 year

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          I am working now and I already made more than $5000 this year but I want to apply for crb because I am making more than 1000 a month so how can proof that for cra to get the 2000 crb

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          @Ali: Your tax return will show it later if you are paying income taxes on the income you have earned so far. You can also use your paystubs.

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          @Willie: No, it’s taking longer than expected but should be live soon.

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    This is a great summary Enoch. Thank you for putting this together as many Canadians are still confused by the possible benefits and we need to keep discussing it.

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      @Kat: It is not clear whether the CESB will also transition to CRB. My guess is that if you are a student and meet the CRB requirements, you will be able to apply.

      • Gravatar for Kat

        I meet the CERB requirements cause I work during school. I do private tutoring, I had to stop and its dwindled a lot since start of COVID, as well as a part time that I was let go from.

        • Gravatar for Kat

          According to the requirements listed here I should be able to, but I’ve also been told since it’s essentially EI I can’t as I’m in school.

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    If someone is currently on CERB, and their next report period ends September 26 should they apply to the CRB on the 27? Wait until two weeks have passed? Or not file their last two weeks for CERB? Thanks for any insight.

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      @enoch any insights on this, or where I can find out? Thanks!

      • Gravatar for Think Tank

        LM, I believe that the Cerb ends on Sep 26, so on Sunday the 27th the portal will have been changed, showing the New benefits application process. The CRB and the other ones. Meaning that it should have been altered so you can apply on Sep 27th with the only difference being you need to apply every two weeks and will only receive $1000 every 2 weeks instead of $2000 at once for the months. This step will have to be repeated twice a month if you are applying more than once.

        • Gravatar for John Yalowica

          Is there a phone number to apply for CRB?

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          No people the new crb is not available yet as it still hasn’t been approved so there’s no way to apply for it

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    I’m wondering the same thing , and can u call the number u have been since cerb started

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    Can I work part time while still receiving EI?

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      @Nina: Yes.

      • Gravatar for March

        Is this a sure thing sir thank you for your post @Enoch Omololu

      • Gravatar for Mat

        How much can someone earn on the new EI before wages are garnished? Cerb allowed people to earn $1000/ month, will it be the same transitioning to EI? Thanks

        • Gravatar for SP

          You will be allowed to earn 38,000 per year.

    • Gravatar for L

      I would like to know this too, as people receiving the CRB are still allowed to make up to $38000 a year! Should be same for

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    Shouldn’t there be a link to the CRB…or does it mean the portal ain’t ready for the applications as yet until sept 27?


    • Gravatar for Enoch Omololu

      @Kamaa: It won’t be available until Sept 27th.

      • Gravatar for Rose

        My understanding is that unlike CERB which was available at the beginning of a 4 week period, the CRB benefit is available at the end of the 2 week period. So I believe the first day to apply for CRB will be October 12th. That’s assuming the NDP won’t force a non-confidence motion.

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          It amazes me how many people here can not speak English well enough to understand the answers.With all this free time on your hands look into some free English courses. That will help you gain employment in the future.

    • Gravatar for Nathan

      You talked about while working on CRB we get it. The 38000and over.

      But what about EI how come if we work they want 0.50 for every dollar we make during the week. It’s stupid because I payed into the system and CRB claimants didn’t do nothing.

      • Gravatar for Corrine

        Yes I agree. Why didn’t they tell us how much we can make on EI???? On CRB they can make 38,000$. Holy crap that’s not fair. Why make it difficult. Should be the same.

  11. Gravatar for Rushi Buckshi

    What about pension splitting? Does that get counted in the $38000 threshold

  12. Gravatar for Len Tully

    Are we able to apply for the CRB after the Cerb has run its course online or will we have to go to our local SNB and apply in person. My business has been operating at 80% below its projected revenue since Covid-19 hit…..

  13. Gravatar for ger

    I do not seem to qualify for any benefit. what to do if you have no income, didnt collect cerb What should I do?

    • Gravatar for Hassan

      Did you have income for 2019???

      The CERB is ending on Saturday/Sunday I believe…if you technically qualify for the CERB, but never applied for it during the 6+ months it was available, phone CRA and ask to get things sorted out. There are some people I know who were told they technically qualified for a few CERBs since business levels dropped and rose. They’re expecting ~$6000 and ~$8000 respectively, but these things mostly have to be sorted out BEFORE the benefit ends. It’s already been extended 2 times I believe, so it’s up to people to “chase” these sort of things and not sit on them…

      • Gravatar for Corndogger

        You have until December 2 to apply for past CERB payments.

  14. Gravatar for Sam Webster

    Where is the number for CRB??? I do qualify but I need to find out the number…is it the same number as CERB???

  15. Gravatar for Reefat

    Can I apply for CRB over phone like CERB? If so what is the number to call for apply of CRB? Thanks

    • Gravatar for Sylvie

      I got sick in March and my doctor took me off work, i applied for sickness benefits and was put on EI/cerb. I am not back to work because of covid i was not able to get tests done because everything was shut down. Will i still be eligible for EI sickness?

    • Gravatar for Amber

      I also need to apply by phone. I don’t see your answer is there a way I can apply for the crb benefit by phone that’s what I did with my curb and I’m hoping I can do that the same way please let me know ASAP

      • Gravatar for Rebecca Roux

        Crb is not available until October 10th.

  16. Gravatar for Joe

    Enoch, you describe the $38 000 threshold as “employment income”, but everywhere else it’s described as “net income”, please clarify (I qualify if it’s employment income but there’s a chance I’ll be receiving a dividend cheque from a Canadian company I invested in 10 years ago in November which would put me over $38k in net income – so I don’t know if I should apply for CRB or EI), thank you.

  17. Gravatar for Nancy Etta Palmer

    is the tel. number same as CERB to apply for CRB.

  18. Gravatar for Paul G.

    On March 5, 2020, prior to the launch of CERB, I lost my job and went on EI. My EI benefits run out in early November. Will I qualify for the new CRB benefit at that time?

  19. Gravatar for L

    How is it fair that people that don’t qualify for EI get 500 a week and are allowed to still make 38000 a year but people who do qualify for EI only get $400 a week? Does anyone know if you can still work at all while on the “new” EI? I’m in serious debt because of losing my job and can’t find another one, let alone one that pays what I used to get
    Paid and need to pay my rent etc.

    • Gravatar for Corrine

      I read now that people on EI will get $500 as well. Only thing I can’t find is if we can also make the $38,000 net. Which would be fair. Or do we get .50 cents of every dollar we make deducted. Maybe I will sit on hold for an hour today so I can ask them.

  20. Gravatar for Scott Martin

    when can you apply? As of today, Sept 27th there is nothing on the CRA website. I had heard it still needs to be approved by the House of Commons on Monday the 28th

  21. Gravatar for Nancy McGuffie

    I have been checking all afternoon and no CRB on “My account” . I was laid off ( exhausted EI) and have been searching for work like crazy ,but no luck . I have bills and thankfully my mortgage cleared, but on my O/D . This is a bad situation 🙁

    • Gravatar for Ryan

      Sept 28 still nothing

    • Gravatar for March

      you ll be fine its coming in effect this week or next CRB

  22. Gravatar for Ade

    Is the crb of $2000 per month included in the $38000 per year income before the 50% clawbacks

    • Gravatar for Enoch Omololu

      @Ade: No, excluding CRB. Also, based on currently available info, the $38K is net income.

  23. Gravatar for Palak

    hi there,
    I have 12 month old to take care and does not feel safe to put him in day care at this point. I might not eligible for EI if I quite job to take care of my child.But with Care giver benefit am i eligible? My wife work full time. I don’t have anyone who can take care of baby.I am not sure my doctor give me note for my baby! Very confused. Please advise.

  24. Gravatar for Eli

    Has the portal been updated? I just looked in MyCRA, and I do not see CRB.

    • Gravatar for Enoch Omololu

      @Eli: No, it hasn’t. If it helps, we now know that the first EI payments will be made starting October 13th. It is likely that the CRB payment schedule will be similar.

      • Gravatar for Eli

        Thank you. 🙂

  25. Gravatar for Brothergrimm

    You state you can apply for CRB as of September 27! At this time they
    haven`t made a decision! This is what they`re stating under Canada.ca
    For CRB, CRSB, etc… Pending the passage of legislation and there`s a waiting game
    to even apply for EI

  26. Gravatar for AC

    Hi Enoch, thank you for the article. There are 2 important things I am looking for clarification on if you have a second!

    Is that $38,000 completely employment-based, and you can make the $500 a week from CRB in addition to it? Or is it that your employment income PLUS CRB payments must come in under 38k for the year?

    Also, is that $38,000 cutoff before or after taxes in your income? By the end of the year I’ll have made slightly less than 38,000 AFTER tax, and am wondering if I’m eligible.

    Thank you!

    • Gravatar for Enoch Omololu

      @AC: Here’s a cut and paste from the government website that may help:

      “However, to ensure that the benefit targets those who need it most, claimants would need to repay some or all of the benefit through their income tax return if their annual net income, excluding the Canada Recovery Benefit payment, is over $38,000. In other words, claimants would need to repay $0.50 of the benefit for each dollar of their annual net income above $38,000 in the calendar year to a maximum of the amount of benefit they received.”

      The $38K is net income and excludes CRB. Hope this helps.

      • Gravatar for Kenneth

        does net income include:rrsp withdrawals, ei payments,cerb payments, pension payments. all or any of them, thanks

      • Gravatar for Giuseppe Massaria

        Hi @Enoch, first of all, thank you for this article, it’s very helpful.
        I wanted to know if the whole $38,000 includes the “EI” as well I received since February until last week.
        Because I finished my Employment Insurance and I would like to know if I need to calculate my EI as well. Thanks.

        • Gravatar for Enoch Omololu

          @Giuseppe: I don’t know if the $38K includes EI payments and the govt website doesn’t seem to cover that scenario yet.

  27. Gravatar for richard

    my employment has been cut down quite a bit so i had to use cerb, for 5 months, i back to work but i am only doing 20 hrs every 2 weeks , i went to cra website and there is no crb application as of yet i am hoping it will be up this week sometime

  28. Gravatar for Kenneth

    does net income include:rrsp withdrawals, ei payments,cerb payments, pension payments. all or any of them, thanks

    • Gravatar for smayer97

      Yes, NET INCOME includes all these sources of income found on 1st page of tax return

  29. Gravatar for Charlene Brennan

    Still nothing on the CRA website.

  30. Gravatar for Sheryl Morris

    I am a hairstylist. My shop was closed down in March due to Covid-19. At that time I did not have enough hours to qualify for EI. I collected CERB and continued to do so when the salon re-opened at less than half capacity so was earning less than $1000 per month. With the decreased qualifying hours for the new EI, I have enough hours to apply but am working, albeit far fewer hours and earning less than half of my pre-Covid earnings. Do I apply for EI because I have the reduced hours or the CRB because I am working but at less than half of my pre-Covid income?

  31. Gravatar for Fff

    Seems like a typo, or a math-o here: “After you cross the $38,000 threshold, CRB payments are clawed back at a rate of $0.50 for every dollar in income (i.e. a 50% clawback).

    For example, if you earn $40,000 in employment income and have collected CRB, you will have to repay up to $2,000 back (calculated as $2000 in excess income x 50%).”

    50% of $2000 would be $1000.

    • Gravatar for Enoch Omololu

      @Fff: Ha! Will fix the typo when I update the article.

  32. Gravatar for Amy

    My husband is a cancer patient and he is receiving disability amount. We have a 3 year old daughter and not going to daycare because of pendamic. Cancer specialist recommended me not to go to work as my husband’s immunity is very low and he can catch minor symptoms of covid and can be life threatening for his life. I am wondering if i am eligible to apply for CRB as i am also a self employed (not working because of taking care of them)?
    Thank you

    • Gravatar for Jacob

      Anybody know when it is?

  33. Gravatar for Micheal

    Hello Enoch. My wife is pregnant and has been advised to stay home and away from work.. If she takes the EI/CRB till she delivers our baby. will she sstill be able to take it after she has delivered for the regular EI benefit

  34. Gravatar for MAry

    I need help ! My employer fired my in January and I applied of EI after that which ended in May 2020 and then I applied for CERB fund .
    Now I am still not able to find a job. I earned more than 5000$ in 2019, Canadian citizen . Can I now apply for CRB benefit in OCT 13th ???

    I’m feeling bad too as I have taken EI and CERB already !

  35. Gravatar for Julie

    I am self employees and my salary last year is $2000 a months because COVID-19,now I make 1000 a month,
    Government said your income have drop 50% to qualify for crb , please help me explain my personal income down 50% or my revenue down 50%,

  36. Gravatar for Lynne

    Hi Enoch: YOu are very helpful. Thanks. I went on my CRA account and could not find anything relating to CRB. Am I missing something or is it not yet available?

  37. Gravatar for LYnne Ben-Ami

    Hi Enoch. This is my second try to ask a question. I like your helpful website. I went on my CRA account to try to apply for CRB. I could find nothing. Am I too early? Or am I missing something?

    • Gravatar for Enoch Omololu

      @Lynne: The initial CRB announcement was for it to go live on September 27th, however, that I did not happen and it’s still working its way through the legal framework. It should go live soon and I will update this page.

  38. Gravatar for Peter Moss

    It’s September 30, and still no way to apply for the CRB through CRA.

  39. Gravatar for Josef Izchaki

    First thanks Enoch for putting this together!I wanted to know if the cerb payment is included in the net income? Also I went to Mycra and I do not see any CRB option. Do you know if it’s out yet? Do you know if there is a dedicated website like there was with CERB? Or a phone number where you can do it by phone like CERB? Thanks in advance for any info you might be able to provide to my queries.

    • Gravatar for Enoch Omololu

      @Josef: Based on current info from CRA, CRB payments are not included in the $38K net income. That may change when this is eventually rolled out. No, the application did not go live on Sept 27th as previouly indicated. Last I checked, it was going through parliament.

  40. Gravatar for di Tran

    hi ,Enoch i ‘m now staring a new part time job but only working 20 hr a week, do i still qualify for the CRB. thanks.

  41. Gravatar for Peter

    It’s now Sept. 30th and no sign of the new CRB yet.

  42. Gravatar for Benri Tang

    Can everybody answer the following question for me?
    I quited a job last year, November due to the personal reason. Then now I want to back to the market, but I can’t find a job. Am I qualifying for apply CRB? I did earn more than $5000 last year.

  43. Gravatar for Tracey

    The only number I was able to find was 1.888.728.8823 It a Review number but I hope it helps you.

  44. Gravatar for Zyra Marquez

    CRB and other new benefits haven’t launch yet in. CRA account

  45. Gravatar for Ric

    Student and caregivers benefits go live October 5th and crb not til October 12th just heard it from the senate at the house of commons

  46. Gravatar for Gregg

    I was on E.I. since Jan.2020. I have used up all my allowable weeks in July. I expect I don’t qualify for any more E.I. s I have not worked at all since.So I will apply for CRB. Who decides whether to apply for E.I. or CRB, ourselves?

  47. Gravatar for Gregg

    It is now October 2nd and still no applications available for CRB. E.I. applications are supposed to be open on Oct.4th, Monday. But they will be asking for all kinds of info including getting R.O.E’s from employers’. Then that has to be mailed into Service Canada along with your online application and If you get approved, it will all take weeks to complete before you get a cent.

  48. Gravatar for Francois Benwa

    Expected to see my unemployment in my bank account this morning, but instead I logged in to see a whopping $208 deposited. I am qualified for IE, unfortunately, and will not be receiving the $500 a week CRB payment, nor will I be allowed to earn $38,000 while receiving CRB.

    I’d love to know when my IE will be corrected, so I can feed my children. I suspect the people who dole out these payments will never have a deposit issue to worry about

  49. Gravatar for Ali maher

    Hi there
    Can students apply CRB ?

  50. Gravatar for Atefeh

    I am a newcomer and a student in college. I received CESB in summer. I have been actively applied for a job, but could not find a job. As I was not working and I was not Laid off because of Covid, am I eligible for CRB?(I have all the other criteria)

  51. Gravatar for the Cautious canadian

    Be very careful before you jump into the CRB application…..and remember, if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

    The CRB net income threshold is $38,000 and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will clawback $.50 of every dollar of net income above $38,000. CRA defines the $38,000 net income NOT based only on employment or self-employment income. The $38,000 net income clawback threshold includes ANY and ALL sources of income such as interest, dividends, EI payments, CERB payments, CPP, OAS etc. and of course employment and/or self-employment income.

    For example, suppose you “earn” $38,000 in employment income in 2020 and $12,000 income from other sources, you will have a total of $50,000 net income.

    In addition, suppose you are eligible and apply for CRB and from Sept 27 to Dec 31, you receive $7,000 in CRB payments (14 weeks x $500). So, for 2020, you earned $38,000 in employment income plus $12,000 from other income sources for a total of $50,000 net income.

    Well, you have exceeded the CRB net income threshold by $12,000 ($50,000-$38,000) which means that you will OWE the CRA $6,000 of the $7,000 CRB payments you received ($12,000 x $.50) when you file your income tax return for 2020.

    You need to be aware that the $38,000 net income is defined NOT only by employment or self-employment income, it is defined by ANY and ALL income sources.

    Be careful before you apply to CRB as you may find in April 2021 you need to pay it all or most of it back.

    So, if you think that line 23600 (net income from all sources) on your 2020 T1 tax return will exceed $38,000, then do the math so that you don’t end up with taxes owing to CRA when you complete your personal taxes in April 2021.

    If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself on the CRB website under Q2 section in “Clawback” FAQ section found here;

  52. Gravatar for Gregg

    well it is now Oct.12th.at 1.00 am. The site does NOT allow me to apply for CRB. There is a statement on MY CRA account that says I have already applied for the available weeks and must now wait until 2 more weeks have passed. I HAVE NOT APPLIED FOR ANY WEEKS YET.
    Whats going on?

    • Gravatar for Phil


    • Gravatar for Paul

      Same issue with me Greg.First time to apply and they are giving me the same message that i have already applied.Pretty sure people on CERB don,t got over to CRB automatically.

    • Gravatar for richard

      yeah mine says the same, and i haven’t applied for any of the weeks, it just opened up today and says i can’t apply either they probably have to fix that up i am sure they will be getting alot of calls and hopefully it will get fixed quickly.

      • Gravatar for richard

        Can’t even call them today , they are closed due to holiday, i even tried to apply over the phone and it says the same thing that i have applied for all eligible periods , i am now down to 1 maybe 2 shifts per week, because of the 2nd wave of covid we will probably be shut down again, only the church service on sunday i really hope they get this figured out and fixed.

        • Gravatar for richard

          Has anyone else been able to apply for the new benefits ???

  53. Gravatar for Fred

    Same here.
    I’ve got this massage.

    You cannot apply for the Canada Recovery Benefit as you have applied for all eligible periods. The next periods become available every second Monday. (Ref. code: COV-037)

  54. Gravatar for Phil

    What’s more is that the government employee who composed the above statement has a poor handle on the english language. “The next periods become available every second Monday”.

    Syntax Error!

  55. Gravatar for Fred

    I’ve got the same thing
    You cannot apply for the Canada Recovery Benefit as you have applied for all eligible periods. The next periods become available every second Monday. (Ref. code: COV-037)

  56. Gravatar for Gregg

    My wife has also attempted to apply as she is self employed and has lost 80% of her work and she was given the same statement on her CRA also, that she had already applied for all eligible weeks. But this is the first time she tried to apply. Nothing has been said on the news about people having problems, just that they can apply today.
    Please post here any information that you get as this is our only source of answers.

    • Gravatar for richard

      Gregg it is working now, i just went back to my account on the cra website and i was able to apply for the first application so it is up and running now.

  57. Gravatar for Gregg

    Yes Richard, we were able to get in also to apply. I see they are making more demands and asking you to attest to more things than they did with CERB. They also had a comment that they may ask for more requirements on our next application. Thanks Good luck.

  58. Gravatar for Atefeh

    I am a newcomer and a student in college. I received CESB in summer. I have been actively applied for a job, but could not find a job. As I was not working and I was not stopped working because of Covid, am I eligible for CRB?(I have all the other criteria)

  59. Gravatar for Lin

    I’m a senior who can’t afford to stop working yet. My income has been seriously impacted by Covid. Regarding the requirement for $5K of income in 2019 for the CRB. Does this include income from all sources? I get CPP and OAS but it’s not enough. With those sources, I’m above the $5K but without them I’m below the $5K. I don’t have private pensions of any sort so I have to keep working to live. When CRA alludes to pensions, are they including CPP and OAS or do they mean private pensions?

  60. Gravatar for Gregg

    I see on my CRB application today that the CRA is now asking for the name and phone numbers of your current or previous employers. Never had that question before? Has this happened to any of you? If so,did any grief come from it?

  61. Gravatar for sam

    In regards to the $38,000 income limit before having to repay any portion of the CRB, is that net income (after federal/provincial income tax) or is it $38,000 in taxable income?

  62. Gravatar for Ryan

    I’m an on call cook at an extended care home.
    I have not been called in to work since October.
    Can I apply to for the Canada Recovery Benefit?

  63. Gravatar for Michel

    Trying to call CRA to unlock my account online is like pulling teeth. 3 WEEKS TRYING TO GET THROUGH!! and this is just the locked out of your account division. is everyone locked out or do they only have 2 employee’s handling the phones??? has of today, i can collect 3 CRB Checks BUT I CAN’T GET THROUGH 🙁 This is sickening how hard is it to get a hold of someone to unlock my account. and i didn’t even mess my password up. all i did was uncheck the box (stop asking me a question every time i log in) i dont know if ill ever get through 🙁 and there is no other way to unlock my account

  64. Gravatar for Safia

    I am trying to apply for crbc as My kids r doing online schooling due to COVID and I have to take care for them. I am unable to apply online or by phone? How can I apply. Pls help.

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