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Following the fallout from COVID-19 and an unprecedented increase in Employment Insurance (EI) benefit applications, the federal government recently introduced a new benefit – the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

The CERB provides relief to workers whether they are eligible for EI or not if they have lost their jobs, are sick, quarantined, or are taking care of someone who is sick with COVID-19.

It also provides benefits to parents who must stay home without pay to care for children; and contract workers and self-employed individuals who would not otherwise be eligible for EI.

Starting from April 6th, all workers who are unable to work due to COVID-19 are processed for temporary income support under the CERB, whether or not they qualify for EI. The CERB will provide $500 per week for up to 28 weeks (7 months).

The federal government is also looking at adjustments to the CERB program that will benefit students, workers with reduced hours, gig workers, contractors, volunteer firefighters, seasonal workers, home care workers, and others who do not qualify under the current rules.

The New Canada Recovery Benefit Replaced CERB

The Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) will pay $400 per week for up to 26 weeks, or $1,600 per month.

In addition to the CRB, two other new benefits include the:

  • Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit that will offer $500 per week or $2,000 per month for up to 26 weeks to eligible Canadians who need to stay home to care for children due to daycare or school closures.
  • Canada Recovery Siickness Benefit that will offer up to $500 per week for up to two weeks ($1,000 total) to workers who are sick or who need to isolate due to COVID-19.

The new CRB benefits kicked in starting on September 27, 2020.

Learn more about how to apply for the new Canada Recovery Benefit program.

CERB Extended From 16 Weeks to 28 Weeks

The CERB program has been extended for an additional 4 weeks. Under the previous rules, you could only receive CERB benefits for a maximum of 24 weeks i.e. 6 payment periods or $12,000 in total.

Under the new plan, CERB recipients now have access to up to 28 weeks of benefits and a total of $14,000 over a 7 month period if they are still unable to work.

The statistics at the end of August show that the CERB has paid more than $69 billion so far to 8.61 million applicants!

The last CERB payment period is on September 26th. After this date, the Feds plan to transition recipients of the CERB to the federal Employment Insurance program.

The new EI program will replace the CERB starting on September 27, 2020, and will provide income to eligible individuals who remain unable to work due to COVID-19. It will offer EI regular benefits of at least $400 per week for up to 26 weeks.

Self-employed individuals and gig workers who do not qualify for the new EI may qualify for the new Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB).

What is the Canada Emergency Response Benefit?

The Canada Emergency Response benefit will provide workers who have ceased working due to COVID-19 with temporary income support.

This benefit is a combination of two previously announced benefits – the Emergency Care Benefit and the Emergency Support Benefit.

It will provide a flat-rate benefit of $2,000 a month (i.e. $500 per week) for up to 6 months to eligible workers.

canada emergency response benefit canada

Who Qualifies for the CERB Benefit?

The CERB applies to wage earners, contract workers, and self-employed individuals who meet the following as per

  • Workers who must stop working due to COVID-19 and do not have access to paid leave or other income support
  • Workers who are sick, quarantined or taking care of someone who is sick with COVID-19
  • Working parents who must stay home without pay to care for children that are sick or need additional care because of school or daycare closures
  • Workers who still have their employment but are not being paid because there is currently no sufficient work and their employer has asked them not to come to work
  • Wage-earners and self-employed individuals, including contract workers, who would otherwise not be eligible for Employment Insurance

Applicants must have been out of work for at least 14 consecutive days within the 4-week period in which they apply for the payment.

They must also have earned at least $5,000 in 2019 or in the 12 months immediately preceding their application. This income can be from employment or self-employment, maternity or parental leave benefits.

You must also be a resident of Canada and at least 15 years of age or older.

Recent information provided by CRA is that you can count non-eligible dividends towards the $5,000 income requirement to be eligible for CERB

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How Much Will I Get From the CERB?

You will receive $2,000 every four weeks for up to 6 months. The payment is made in blocks of 4 weeks. If your situation remains the same, you can re-apply for multiple 4-week periods for a total of 24 weeks.

CERB payments are expected to start within 10 days of application. Applicants who provide direct deposit information to their bank may be able to receive payments faster (within 3 business days).

If CRA does not have your direct deposit information on file, your payments will be automatically paid by cheque.

The benefit is expected to be available from March 15, 2020, until October 3, 2020. The CERB will be taxable.

How To Apply for the CERB

You are able to apply for the benefit online via CRA MyAccount and via an automated telephone number starting from Monday, April 6, 2020.

CRA MyAccount: Log in to your existing account and proceed as follows:


Make sure your direct deposit and mailing information is up to date.

If you have forgotten your CRA User ID and/or password, you can try recovering them using the ‘Forgot your user ID’ or ‘Forgot your password’ options.

If your CRA MyAccount is locked, you will need to use the automated phone service.

Alternatively, if you have a My Service Canada Account and you can access it, you can log in to that account and select the option to “Switch to Canada Revenue Agency.” This transfers you to CRA MyAccount and you can proceed as above from there.

Automated Phone Service: The telephone number to apply is 1-800-959-2019 or 1-800-959-2041. This number is available starting from April 6, 2020. You should have your SIN number and postal code available.

You will also be required to confirm the period you are applying for and declare that you qualify for the benefit.

Both of these services (CRA MyAccount and the telephone service) will be available 21 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will be closed for maintenance from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. (Eastern time).

In order to make the CERB application process as seamless as possible, you should apply on the following days based on your month of birth:

CERB application days by month of birth

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CERB 4-Week Eligibility Periods

You may be eligible to apply for the CERB during the following 4-week cycles up to a maximum of 16 weeks total:

  • CERB period #1: March 15, 2020, to April 11, 2020
  • CERB period #2: April 12, 2020, to May 9, 2020
  • CERB period #3: May 10, 2020, to June 6, 2020
  • CERB period #4: June 7, 2020, to July 4, 2020
  • CERB period #5: July 5, 2020, to August 1, 2020 (can start applying from July 6)
  • CERB period #6: August 2, 2020, to August 29, 2020 (can start applying from August 3)
  • CERB period #7: August 30, 2020, to September 26, 2020 (can start applying from August 31)

You won’t automatically get the next CERB payment. If you still meet the eligibility requirements, you will need to apply for the next four-week period.

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EI is administered by Service Canada while CERB will be managed by the Canada Revenue Agency and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

If you are already receiving EI regular or sickness benefits, they will continue and there’s no need to apply for the CERB.

If your EI benefit ends before October 3, 2020, you can apply for the CERB if you are still unable to work.

If you have already applied for EI and your application has not yet been processed, it will automatically be considered for the CERB in April. There’s no need to re-apply.

If you qualify for EI, you can apply through the regular application portal i.e. My Service Canada Account for regular EI benefits after the 16-week period covered by the CERB ends and you are still unemployed.

General EI benefits take about 28 days to process. The CERB will offer faster payments at 10 days following your application.

Is The CERB Taxable?

Yes, the CERB benefit is taxable and you will have to declare the income when you file your 2020 tax return in 2021.

An information slip will be made available for the 2020 tax year in your CRA MyAccount under Tax Information Slips (T4 and more).

Quick Updates

I have received a ton of questions regarding the eligibility requirements. While the CERB program will likely be tweaked in the future, the eligibility criteria applicable as of now is shown below in the CRA application page screenshot:

Also, note that if you are receiving EI or CERB through Service Canada, you will still need to continue sending your bi-weekly EI reporting.


How do I pay back CERB?

A lot of folks have been asking about what to do if they apply for the CERB and later realize that they do not qualify for the benefit.

In that case, you will need to return the funds to CRA. Here is what you can do:

1. If you still have the cheque, simply send it back to:

Revenue Processing – Repayment of CERB
Sudbury Tax Centre
1050 Notre Dame Avenue
Sudbury ON P3A 0C1

2. If you don’t have the cheque or you were paid by direct deposit into your bank, you can write a cheque payable to the “Receiver General for Canada” and send it to the address above. Make sure to indicate that the cheque is for the repayment of CERB and include your SIN or TTN for identification purposes.

Can I work and still collect CERB?

You can earn up to $1,000 and be eligible to apply for the CERB.

Recent updates to the CERB now allow applicants to earn up to $1,000 in employment/self-employment income for 14 days or more within the 4-week CERB benefit cycle they are applying for.

As per Service Canada/CRA:

When submitting your first claim, you cannot have earned more than $1,000 in employment and/or self-employment income for 14 or more consecutive days within the four-week benefit period of your claim.

When submitting subsequent claims, you cannot have earned more than $1,000 in employment and/or self-employment income for the entire four-week benefit period of your new claim.

Also, you can apply for the CERB if you:

  • Were formerly on EI and have used up your entitlement to EI regular benefits between December 29, 2019, and October 3, 2020; or
  • You are eligible for EI sickness benefits

Can you receive CERB while on maternity or parental leave?

If your maternity or parental benefits have ended and you cannot return to work, you would qualify for CERB if you meet the other eligibility requirements.

Note that you cannot receive maternity or parental benefits at the same time as the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB)

On April 22, 2020, the federal government announced up to $9 billion in CESB and other relief for post-secondary students and recent graduates.

Starting in May 2020, students who are making less than $1,000 can qualify for $1,250 a month from May through August 2020. Students who meet the requirements and are caregivers or are disabled will get up to $2,000 per month.

In addition, students who volunteer in their communities during the summer can earn up to $5,000 in compensation based on the hours they put in. The benefits are only available to students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

The maximum weekly amount available via the Canada Student Loans Program has also been increased to $350 from $210, and over $75 million is being allocated to support Indigenous post-secondary students.

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Fraudulent CERB, CESB and CEWS Reporting

CRA recently added the CERB, CESB, and CEWS benefit programs to its Leads Program that encourages the reporting of tax and benefits cheats.

You can learn more about the program here.

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353 thoughts on “How To Apply for The CERB $2000 Per Month Benefit”

  1. What if you were a student for some of those months and you work for the school board with summers unpaid? Is there an acceptance or accommodation for that because I didn’t make $5000 over the last 12 months because of schooling and unpaid breaks?

    • What happens in my situation. I work two part-time jobs. One is a Personal Support Worker I stepped back from the PSW for now or until such time. This leaves me short. Would I qualify for the CERB?

      Please Advise

      • @Phelisa: I believe that if you have not stopped working because of COVID-19, you are not currently eligible for the Benefit. Yes, I agree that it leaves you short. I think the government is looking into the different scenarios e.g EI recipients who are going to be receiving less than CERB beneficiaries etc.

        • I am on disability. Cpp can i apply

          • No because you didn’t lose income. If you’re eligible, there will be a bonus GST on April 9th and other such benefits which are aimed at helping everyone.

          • I applied a “reactivation” of my EI due to covid19 outbreak. It was on March 25, 2020 but until now the status is still under review and most of my workmates were able to receive the 2,000 CAD in their banks April 08, 2020. What is wrong with my application that I did not receive yet the government aid? I am on the verge of applying for CERB although I read that it is not necessary since I already applied for EI. I tried to make an online report but it says I can’t proceed because I am back to work which is exactly opposite because I am not currently working due to covid19 outbreak. I am very much confused…

          • How do we apply in 4 weeks?

            I got my two thousand now how do I apply in 4 weeks?

            And when do I apply April 11th or end of the month?

          • We are allowed to earn almost 6000 a yearn employed while recieving CPP disability– I did loose part of my income because I cannot work to make up for the rest of my income- This needs to be addressed.As not Im living on 600 dollars a month. Not right!

          • I am also on CPP Disability but I have lost my part-time income (up to the allowable amount for CPP rules) which helped to keep me afloat financially. Am I still not able to get anything from CERB?

          • No unfortunately you are not eligible, my mother in law already inquired about this and they told her if she applies then she will lose her disability and would have to reapply all over again which could be a long time.

          • I am on Alberta WORKS and I receive also Cpp diability.. May I apply for this ?? pls sdvise.

        • My question is I earned $9000 the past year being self employed. It says it’s a flat-rate payment of $500 a week as long as you earned over $5000. Obviously I’m going to be paid more than I usually earn in a week. Is that going to come back and bite me and I’ll have to repay back some of the money at some point?

          • You will only be paying the taxes on the CERB when you file next year, but there has been no mention of repayment or overpayments being collected. It is a flat rate, some people will win and some will lose.

          • If you make more than $1000 dollars you do not qualify , only if you are not working

          • My husband is the money maker and he pays all the bills but now he is laid off and we don’t have enough money to make it till his EI starts can I apply

        • I came to canada recently under PR. I joined job only 5th of march & got laid of from the company at 18th march due to covid 19. So i earn only 1000$ & not eligible for EI. Am i eligible for CERB under my circumtances? Please advice me…thank you

          • @Nuri: The income you earned abroad can also qualify for CERB. It does not have to be income earned in Canada.

          • yes you are eligible for CERB

        • Will my spouse’s CERB affect my ODSP benefit? I know if he gets EI I don’t recieve any monthly suppor.

          • I have the same question???

          • Yes unfortunately it’s basically the same thing as EI, if you are legally married or common law then any income in the household will affect your disability/CPP

        • hi, i just got a part time job in February 2020 as a personal support worker and i was receiving social assistance at the same time because i was kind casual worker and I did work only one day in February but i am not be able to work anymore because i had to stay home with my son. I didn’t quit my job thought.His school is closed because of COVID. am I qualified to get CERB?

          • Not unless you managed to earn $5k in that one day you worked.

        • I am a university student who works p/t at Walmart but I earn less than $1000 per month. Do I qualify for CERB?

          • @Charlotte: You could be eligible for $1,250 based on the new CERB plan for students that will likely go online on May 1st. And, you can still work and earn up to $1,000.

        • HELLO,

          I came to canada in Aug 2019.The 5k Criteria is inclusive of the money I may have earned before entering Canada? Plz help

          • @Azmina: Income earned outside of Canada can count towards the $5K.

      • What if you are receiving old age pension and work as a freelance self-employed and not eligible for EI? Can you still apply for CERB?

        • @Paula: There is no clarity on your situation yet as far as I am aware. What happens when you have pension income but work on the side to supplement your income? Hopefully, the feds will shed more light on this soon.

          Note that if you qualify for GST credit, a bonus is being paid out in May.

          • Hello
            I’m presently on a company pension, but have a small business operating in the professional sports
            Industry .
            This was totally locked down, subsequently my business has been completely shut down.
            My business income is required, like a lot of others to make ends meet .

            Any advice /information would be greatly appreciated.

            Stay well, we will get through this.

          • Would someone with only one functionong kidney be considered at risk to stay home and collect cerb.

          • What if you havent filed your 2018 taxes yet? Will that affect your eligibility?

          • @Nwo: That may be problematic.

          • My question is
            I am a restaurant worker, I am not attending the work because Of the risk of getting infection, store is still running, I have made 5000 in last years and meet other requirements, am I eligible for cerb ?

        • Hi Paula
          I’m in the same situation
          Pension, and I supplement that as an independent contractor with appx 100Hr
          Per month .
          This is my own business.

          Anything you can offer, would be great !

          Stay safe

          Danny M

          • The number of hours you worked per month is irrelevant, what matters is whether or not you earned $5k or more for those hours in the prior 12 months and do you have receipts to prove it?

            Note that lots of people were earning income under the table while collecting welfare, disability, old age pensions, etc., but using this as the basis for your claim of reduced income runs the possibility of getting you charged with fraud.

        • Just wondering if the total income of 5000$ in the previous year is gross or net income. Iam self employed and have write offs so curious if it’s before the write offs or after. Thanks

          • @Anthony: Great question – Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer.

          • I have been trying to find out the same thing and can’t seem to find an answer anywhere. Just wondering if you got an answer yet?

        • I’m 64 and self employed. I collect low benefits of CPP. Will I qualify for CERB.

        • I am stranded otside of Canada due to Covid associated lockdown and airport closure. Do I qualify for CERB ? I understand that I will be eligible during the 14 day quarentine upon my return. But am I eligible for coverage now as I cannot get back to work?

        • @Paula: Based on new info provided by the feds, you could qualify for the CERB even if you are retired and receiving OAS as long as you meet the income requirement from employment or self-employment:

          “Yes, provided you stopped working for reasons related to COVID-19 and meet the other eligibility criteria.

          Pension income does not affect eligibility for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.”

      • How do you provide proof of no income

        • That depends on your situation. If you have been filing your taxes and claiming 0 income, then that would be one way. If you’re not receiving any form of government assistance, and you are trying to apply for assistance, they will ask for your most recent ROE and your bank statements to go along with your most recent tax assessment. If you have 0 income and no ROE to show that you’ve worked since your last tax return, and you are asking this question because you are trying to access the CERB or EI, you’re not entitled and you will need to apply for social assistance (welfare). If you are married and file your taxes as married, then all of the requirements I mentioned would go for the two of you combined, so if you make 0, your credits and benefits are all dependant on your combined incomes, and the only assistance you can really get for yourself is EI if you’re eligible or welfare if you both have no income.

          • can both spouces get cerb. Or is it per household.

          • So i do odd painting jobs throught months of febuary through october. Made over 5000 in 2019 but have not filed yet an have no roe cause im self employed. All up coming jobs ive had lined up starting march have been canceled duevto people not wanting me in theres homes. Is bank statements showing no income for enough for proof before i file my 2019 taxes.

          • And wifes buisness is selling eggs from a rented fridge in a garage in the city and the owners no longer let us use it until virus ends causing here to close egg buisness. People see ad and go to garage and leave cash in fridge no reciepts, she files the income but has not filed for 2019 yet, income was over 5000.

          • I have been waiting for a decision on e.i for a month and j know I’m eligible should I still apply for the cerb

          • Is it personal income or your business income they use to qualify you as self employed (own business ) thank you

      • I am a full time student in a post secondary college and started working part time in December of 2019. As I worked as support staff for large events at Rogers arena in Edmonton, I currently have no work but am not laid off. Calculating my earnings in 2019 and my earnings up to March 18 which was my last pay cheque, I do not meet the $5000 earnings criteria. I am also on Income Support and have been since November of 2019. Does my income support qualify as income that can be used to calculate the $5000 threshold? If not, then I do not qualify for CERB. Should I apply for EI?

        • Hi . I’m collecting my Canada pension. I’m a relief driver at canada post ( 2 days last month ) in the evening I did work in the entertainment industry ( non taxable income ) Can I still collect CERB to make up my lost income from the entertainment industry ?

      • Hi Enoch,

        I have been off on maternity leave for the year of 2019. I stopped receiving ei benefits as of December of 2019 and have been living off of savings until May. I was scheduled to return to work for the month of may ,but due to the closures of daycares I am unable to return as I do not have care for my son. Would I qualify for CERB ?

        • I’m in the same situation I need to know if I can apply

      • Hi there, I am on ODSP but was laid off my job due to COVID-19. I wanted approx 12k last year in employment income. Am I eligible for CERP ? Will it be deduced from ODSP as income would?

        • Is the exemption $6000 per year on ODSP?

      • My wife is 7 month pregnant (not working)and my 2 kids 9y and 7y are home as schools are closed bcos of covid company is cosmetic comapany and comes under essential business as some manufacturers in some clause.they are not laying off..can i leave the job as i have to take care of kids and apply for CERB.
        Please and thank you.

    • @Amber: It appears that you must have earned at least $5000 in the last 12 months or in 2019.

      “The income of at least $5,000 may be from any or a combination of the following sources: employment; self-employment; maternity and parental benefits under the Employment Insurance program and/or similar benefits paid in Quebec under the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan.”

      • HI.
        Should u apply for CERBas well as EI if u can’t work because of Coronavirus?

        • @Mairead: Starting from April 6th, you should only apply directly to the CERB even if you would otherwise qualify for EI.

          Between now and April 6th, you can still apply for EI as you would normally. Your application would be processed through CERB.

      • What if em currently getting paid by sunlife insurance on longterm disability and my benifits end on june 8 2020 and it’s a none taxable income do I qualify for CERB.

        • I’m in similar situation with Sunlife and currently in an appeal of benefits from January 2 to present.. if they deny and I haven’t been able to return to my position bc of COVID-19, will I be eligible for the relief benefit?

      • Hi i have a full time job which i still work.
        i also have a small business which made over 5000$ last year but i can no longer work the small business due to virus covid.
        am i eligible for cerb?

        • Did you find out if you qualified for any assistance? I am the same my part time job is closed to covid 19 – i need both incomes to keep out of debt. Using savings to cope but that will run out soon.

    • Hi,my sister and her husband are in india.both r PR of Canada. They were returning back to Canada on 21 march but got cancelled their flights. Can they apply. Both had full time jobs in Canada. Thanks

    • Did you find an answer ? I’m kind of in the same situation. I was in school from January 2019 to November 2019 and got a job January 2020 and only have worked 192 hrs do I count just what my 2019 tax assume that amount is to qualify ?? I have a T4E for 10,000 taxable tuition assistance does that make me the $5000 above to qualify ?

    • No I don’t qualify because you didn’t work enough for 2019. You didn’t make money last year and was fine so you don’t need 2000 a month for nothinf

    • I would still apply if you were or are in dire need. A lot of people are falling through the cracks because of all of these silly stipulations. Even CRA states that they know there are people who are going to apply and no eligible due to falling through these cracks, all they said was, you will have to pay it back on your next tax year.

    • Just a general question, I applied for CERB soon as my work laid me off which was March 17, and in the meantime I had filed all my reports and claimed any income because they told me later on that they were going to pay me for 3 weeks off. With that being said I claimed it all on my report but the government gave me the $2000 right away just like everyone else. Im not getting paid from my employer anymore and I still file the reports when I have to, do i have to give them the full 2000 back now since I had a few incomes recently or do I just have to pay tax on it next tax season? Thanks in advance.

    • I’m also having the same situation I applied for college for a pre apprenticeship welding program for mig and stick at red river college to make myself more employable. The course got cancelled and my only other source of income “if I got accepted” would have been from Manitoba Jobs and Skills Development or EIA central services. Have been unemployed since December trying to find welding work that is hiring. Been looking for welding work for a little under then a year and a half now from when I graduated TIG welding.

      • I’d like to know if I’m able to apply for cerb as well since I applied for the red river college pre apprenticeship welding program for mig and stick, which would have started April 27th. No one got the chance to get to the acceptance portion so anyone who applied were jobless because they quit a job to take this full time course to get the assistance they needed. The course was a full time course and as far as the man said it isn’t recommended to work a part time job when their main focus is training and studying of mig and stick. Many people walked out but a lot of people stayed and were either quitting their jobs voluntarily or applying for some kind of assistance. Needless to say to get any sort of assistance you need an acceptance letter. I literally have no income except the taxes I did earlier this year. Welding has been something I’ve been wanting to do and continue for along time and the only thing preventing me from continuing is this virus. Can’t get the proper training with a computer for welding and I am not going to steer off into another direction to find my career. I’d really like a reply if this message goes through because I’m sure there are about 100+ others who are facing what I’m facing who applied for that same course.

        I was unemployed since December 2019, when I graduated in July 2019 I was employed at another company which I left to find a welding job hopefully to better my wages to try better my Income and my future but that is a fail because of this virus and all the restrictions. So I’m asking am I or any other student who faces this same situation eligible for CERB?

    • I recived my 2k and then I recived my access code in the mail for bi weekly reports. I’m confused. Do I fill that out or just do the cerb every month? This is so confusing
      Pls help!! Thanks

    • Hi I’m a Student and I lost my part-time job Due to COVID-19 but I only made $4500 a year am I eligible for CERB?

      • @Yaqob: The article was just updated with plans to provide CERB benefits to students who qualify. It will be a part of the CERB and will have a requirement that you are currently not earning more than $1,000 per month. Likely to start on May 1.

        • I’m a student in coop plan. I had made more than 5k last year. I had a job offer starting in May but it was canceled due to the circumstances. Am I still eligible for CERB though I haven’t started working at my new job yet?

          • @Tessa: Not based on the current guidelines that require you to have stopped work due to COVID-19. Some people with similar situations have gone ahead regardless to apply for the CERB. I can’t say if that will backfire or not. The CESB is more straightforward.

        • Hello,

          International students will not be eligible for these benefits right? Is it only for canadian or PR students?

          • @Azmina: International students who meet the income and other criteria can apply for the CERB. International students do not qualify for the CESB (the benefit for students who don’t qualify for CERB) based on currently available information.

    • How can I get assist applying for small business relief during covid? Theres so much information out there and CRA seems to be of no help

  2. What about person involved in MVA and staying home without work for 2,plus wife only was working who diagnosed with cancer got layoffs with having autistic kids , where these people can go and ask for help??
    Please help me guide it

    • What about employees who have not been layed off. Are not working. But are being paid 10hrs a week by their employer. Employer tells them their taking one day at a time. They will be paid up to 10th of april. Then they will be intouch. Nothing in writing, no one picking upthe phone nothing. Can we apply for CERB??

      • @Jackie: As per CRA:

        “Can I have other income while receiving the Canada Emergency Response Benefit?
        You must have stopped working as a result of COVID-19 and be without employment income for at least 14 consecutive days within the initial four-week period. This includes income from paid leave, self-employment income or collection of any Employment Insurance benefits.

        For subsequent periods, you must expect to have no employment income.

        You can also apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit if you are eligible for Employment Insurance regular or sickness benefits.

        Provided it is allowed in your province or territory, you may also receive provincial or territorial support payments at the same time you receive the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.”

        • What happens if someone isncollecting OAS and CPP but also are working but facing layoff due to COVID? Can they still collect

          • I am in same position, and over 70, working in grocery store part time…am I eligible if I get roe from my employer?

    • If my father was working part time and receiving CPP at the same time but has now lost his job due to COVID19, does he qualify for either EI or CERB?

      • @WW: See my answer to Brian below.

        • I was working in hair saloon and made over $5,000 last year and I stopped working because of corona virus, however I was paid in cash
          Can I apply for CERB

          • It’s illegal to pay cash to employees. I paid cash to my employees in the past and neither of them were able to receive benefits because of that

          • If you was working and being paid in cash not claiming it is fraud you can go to jail for that

          • Depends if she was contracting or an employee. Technically if she was contracting she could have neen paid in cash and file the icome and recieve cerb.

          • If she was contracting and not an employee. She could have been paid in cash and filed the income and recieve cerb.

      • @WW: Based on new information, if he is retired and meets the $5,000 in employment or self-employment income, he can apply for the CERB as per below:

        “Yes, provided you stopped working for reasons related to COVID-19 and meet the other eligibility criteria.

        Pension income does not affect eligibility for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.”

  3. What about people whose EI EI weekly benefits will be under $500 per week. Do they really think it’s fair for workers who paid EI premiums for decades to be paid less money than an individual who doesn’t qualify for EI or never contributed to EI?! Not to mention that the backlog is less for the CERB recipients.

    • If your EI benefit is less that $500 per week, they will automatically transfer you to CERB and you will be paid $500 per week for 4 months. If you still cannot find work after 4 months, you will receive EI benefit at this point.

      • What if I was between jobs and not able to gain employment due to covid19i made over 5000 but do not qualify for ei because I left my previous job months ago do I qualify

        • Yes you qualify for CERB $500 a week. Takes about 10 days to process. Because you worked in the past and earrned more than $5000 year.

      • Joe S. Not true. If their EI payment is less than $500 weekly and applied before March 15th, they’ll get exactly what EI pays and not CERB benefits. Your response is miss leading and false.

    • I’m.womdering the exact same.thing its very unfair . I applied for e.i back in dec cuz we was laid off for 2 weeks and kept my.claim open as work has been slow..I’ve kept reporting my hours.but now I’m completly laid off due to covid and my understanding im still stuck with e.i .I cant manage to live on 55% of my income.only..yet those people.who applied after 15th automatically get this cerb..

    • How can I get assist applying for small business relief during covid? Theres so much information out there and CRA seems to be of no help

  4. I’ve been out of work since March 16 applied for ei made a mistake on my application they said I have to contact them.tried calling over 400 times can’t get threw I am now running out of money I don’t know what to do. I’ve worked my whole life never asking for anything now I need some help

    • @Robert: If you are unable to get your EI application sorted out by April 6th, you can apply for the CERB. All EI applications starting from March 15th will be considered under the CERB.

      • Hi I’m on ODSP but also work for myself and I’m losing hours because of the pandemic I can’t seem to fall in the requirements they are asking so how do I know if I qualify when there isn’t a section about working and only making 300 or less over my ODSP

        • Hi how do I get an answer from this

    • We gave a same situation brother can i get what is your best idea to do

    • same situation, I was told there was a problem in my Ei application,so I wanted to know where the problem is. I left 2 voicemail each day to their office , Its been one week and no reply from their office at all, and their 8002067218 is always difficult to get through, So terrible service!

  5. Hello,

    Though the CERB will not help me it will help many… however after seeing the network delays due to the surge in EI Applications I think the staggering of applications needs to be more robust (not simply by month of birth)…please read and support the attached petition…

    • Ya idonno, i get they can only do so many so fast but when im constantly being told apply on apr 6 and if you setup direct deposit you will have money in 3 days now im being told to apply on the day i would have recieved money due to my birthdate.

      • This country i tell ya, stay home stay home stay home, but if you go out an exercise , haha so funny

        • If you don’t like this country then get out of it, simple!

  6. I am a senior receiving CPP and OAS, and have been working fulltime doing SKIP food courier service, to supplement my income. As I am over 70 yrs old, in a vulnerable age bracket, I ceased work March 29th. This is self employed income, and I made over 5k in the past 12 months, am I eligible to receive CERP? Please advise.

    • @Ivan: See my answer to Brian below.

  7. I also am a senior receiving CPP and OAS. I work part time to make ends meet. My employer has suspended operations as of March 13, and for the foreseeable future. I made just under $12K in 2019 from this employment. Based on the criteria from the CRA it appears I am eligible for the CERB payment, but I would feel much more comfortable if this could be confirmed.

    • @Brian: I see that many seniors appear to be in the same boat. Unfortunately, based on the information provided by CRA to date, I am unable to confirm that you would qualify for CERB.

      I’m wondering whether the question to answer in your case is: “Would you otherwise qualify or be eligible for Employment Insurance regular or sickness benefits?”

      At this point, you may need to wait until April 6th to see what guidance becomes available.

    • I’m in the same boat. My CPP and OAS is at poverty level. Self-employment has been the only way for me to survive. I claim that income, with write-offs on my income tax return. So I don’t see why I and others working and claiming that income on their tax return shouldn’t be eligible. The other big question is, is it like EI where its gross or is it net! Without that extra, I wouldn’t be able to live.

      • I work 2 jobs so my wife can stay at home with the kids. I lost 1 of my jobs because of Covid-19. I don’t qualify for CERB or EI because I’m still working. I’m guessing your CPP and OAS might also disqualify you, but I’m only guessing.

        • Hi Moss …. I don’t think I expressed myself correctly.

          I am self-employed to top-up my OAS/CPP which is at poverty level. But, because of COVID I am out of a job, which means lost income that had been claimed o tax filings.

      • @Sammy: Based on new information, if you are retired and meet the $5,000 in employment or self-employment income, you can apply for the CERB as per below:

        “Yes, provided you stopped working for reasons related to COVID-19 and meet the other eligibility criteria.

        Pension income does not affect eligibility for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.”

  8. So the government is basically screwing over all the part time workers (and even full time workers) who do not make $2000 in 4 weeks, when their work is deemed essential? 7 eleven employees, gas jockeys, grocery store workers, and many more have to do their job, and make less than deadbeats, sitting on their ass doing nothing for four weeks. Sounds like a typical Trudeau plan, and huge oversight. Why would anybody want to work when people are sitting at home staying safe, making more money than people putting their life on the line in an essential service?

    • @Steve: I think there will likely be some adjustments to the program as things unfold. I agree that it’s a bit unfair to have to put yourself in danger during this time and earn so little. A lot of things are in flux right now and the government has to start from somewhere.

      • If youre a full time student but most of the time it is online so she is working almost 5 days 8 hours a week then she is stop working for quarantine can she apply for CERB?

        • The “student” part of your question is irrelevant.
          If you
          1 – Are over 15
          2 – Were laid off due to COVID, and
          3 – Earned over $5,000 last year

          Then you qualify.

          You don’t (and shouldn’t) qualify if you quit your on-line, work from home job.

          • I have a question, I only made 300 dollars less than the required income for 5k, is it a big of a difference to ignore?

    • Think about this. Someone who barely made $5K within the last 12 months, who has stopped working due to Covid19 will earn more money than they would have by working. The $2000 CERB amount does not take into account your earnings, except that you have to have earned the $5000. The maximum EI benefit is only slightly higher than the CERB, so in fact someone who has earned $5000 will get the same amount of benefit as the one who earned $50,000. This is absolutely the most unfair and inefficient distribution of funds. Literally there will be many many unemployed people unfairly reaping the benefits of this program, while others will receive ZERO support. The problem is glaringly obvious, yet no government official has admitted anything of the like and no intent to adjust the program. That is mine and your tax dollars they are wasting.

      • I agree…this is a free cash grab…it seems like Trudeau feels everyone qualifies for the same amount. That would include people in the same household, anyone over 14 working part time…pays no rent, bills etc. This is soooo wrong to those of us with bigger financial obligations and responsibilities…earn higher wages…work longer hours..and pay more in payroll taxes.. This is carte blanche for abuse…

        • And how the hell do you expect them to make these assessments? You want them to carefully audiot and review the applications of MILLIONS of people, with a million caveats and guidelines, while still getting the $$ out on time? The goal of this was to get people funds ASAP. Yes, there will likely be a percentage of abuse. But creating different tiers would have required auditing each application and therefore impossible in the timeframe that is needed.

          • Does that mean that when people apply on the website, they automatically get accepted??

            Is there a “sorry you have been refused” or “you have been accepted and will receive your next payment…” answer after applying?

            How will they know who’s not elligible on the spot?

            That’s crazy that it’s just that easy.

          • Revenue cda is connected to everything IE: your social insurance basically your ID/name. So if you do commit fraud they will find out…just like drug dealers if you do not declare income for say 6 years, and then do your taxes. They want to know how you supported yourself. Then you have to explain to them and give proof to back up your explanation, with receipts, letter of income support from a benefactor, and well if you still fall under the poverty level well they will crawl up your ass and out your nose, and if you own anything then your screwed. This can lead into a audit. I worked for income assistance and every month we would get reports from other provinces, EI, Workers comp, and Revenue Cda, and then on top of that people report you. I use to see people on repayment plans for up to and over 100,000. That is why you never give out your sin ever. I have the same card since the 70;s. and it sits at home gathering dust because i have memory. Good luck everyone stay safe.

      • I have paid taxes on some very high paid salaries. However since Alberta has been hit hard in the past few years, I am barely scraping by. My income last year was above the 5000 but still not great. I did land a contract job for 6 weeks. But that ended and so did my EI. I’m currently working my butt off as a gig economy worker who has to risk my life making deliveries to Ungrateful people who can’t even tip you.So if you think I don’t deserve to be able to stop doing this (as I am asthmatic)to take the CERB you are sadly mistaken. Shame on you for lumping everyone into the same category.

        • My question is I apply for IE March 22 2020 until now I dont have news to call service Canada is impossible I need to kow when I will be paid is an emergency many of my friend they got the$2000 right away Im so conffused

      • I 100% agree. I applied for ei January 28th, a decision was just made yesterday. TWO months later! I’m not getting any increase to put it up to $500 like the CERB applicants are getting & my weeks of ei will be grinding away while joe blow who didn’t even have enough hours had $2000 dropped in their bank account last night??? Then they’re saying “oh but you can apply for CERB if your ei runs out before Oct 2cd” okay so I’m going to get less plus use up my ei weeks until September when it runs out & then apply for CERB that runs out in October. So unfair, it should be the total opposite. CERB first then ei. To top it all off I was offered a part time job in March & didn’t get that started due to COVID.

  9. Seems that persons who are self employed and are trying to make some money will not be eligible as they have to not received income for 14 days. EI was shortened to 7 days why does this not match. Additionally could self employed persons make some monies and it is deducted like pension plans and EI. No one wants their business to go totally defunct while waiting to reopen. ie the internet for the occasional sale.

    • If youre a full time student but most of the time it is online so she is working almost 5 days 8 hours a week then she is stop working for quarantine can she apply for CERB?

      • No Gem. Quitting work disqualifies you (as it should).

        Being a student has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

  10. My wife has been on EI sickness for 15 weeks for a other sickness now her doctor is saying your are not going to work cause she has low ammune system (due to COVID). What can she do.

  11. Hi I’m self-employed and my revenue has been severely impacted by the virus. So far this month, my earnings are more than 60% down. Do you know if I would qualify for any EI benefits?

    • @Kris: See my answer to Kris above.

    • If I didn’t do my taxes in 2019 am I still eligible

      • @Marcel: The tax filing deadline has been delayed until June 1st. If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply before doing your taxes.

  12. My wife, who is a student, has been forced to stay home due to this Covid 19.
    Is there any fund to help her during this trying time?

    • Hi,

      If i have a full time job and part time job. My fulltime job is laid off and I still working at my part time job. Do I qualify for this new emegerncy fund program?


      • @Ryan: No, not based on the current CERB rules.

    • @Colin: If she meets the eligibility criteria, yes. Being a student is not a deterrent.

    • Colin. Being unable to go to school Covid hasn’t reduced her income…

      You qualify if you
      1 – Are over 15
      2 – Became unemployed due to COVID, and
      3 – Earned over $5,000 last year

  13. What if a sole proprietor or partnership is forced to close its office due to covid. . The partnership is a business consulting firm. The two partners are able to do some advanced preparatory activities for when they able to return to their office i.e. talking to clients, trying to get interest in future business etc,and client research etc. but technical work will not be able to be completed during the Covid period and there will be no completed work projects arising from this period and hence no billing and hence no income. Would the act of “talking to potential clients” and engaging in keeping up contacts etc. preclude either partner from stating that they are “not working”and thus prevent either partner from claiming the $2K per month. Tony

    • @Tony: Unfortunately, I don’t know. THere is another stream of benefits/relief for small businesses, however, I haven’t really looked into it.


  14. What if you are self employed , home business , have made over 5000 in the last 12 months but haven’t filed taxes yet. I am mostly a cash based business. How do I prove I’ve made 5000 in sales so far. Submit paperwork for all my sales?! Thank you

    • Wondering same

    • @Jac: In my opinion, you should be able to apply for CERB. A good number of people haven’t yet filed their tax returns since the deadline has been delayed till June 1. Just make sure to declare that income when you file your taxes later. I don’t believe they will be asking for proof right now…just your basic info and answers to some questions over the phone.

  15. What about people who work for cash

    • @Mark: You will need to show proof of income over the last little while. I’m not sure how it works if income earned has not been reported. A bit tricky, I guess.

    • Working for cash and not declaring that income is tax fraud. Tax fraud is a crime. Telling them you are committing tax fraud in order to this benefit is confessing to a crime; you could, and should be arrested.

      Not paying income tax, CPP and EI puts a few extra dollars into your pocket. It also disqualifies you from getting EI and from getting CPP when you are a senior.


  16. Hello i was on maternity leave till December 30,2019. In January i was ready to back to work, but my employer laid many workers off due to shortage of work. Can i apply for CERB? Please help

    • @Preeta: All unemployment claims relating to not being able to work because of COVID-19 are now being dealt with under the CERB. Parental/maternity benefits are considered for the $5K minimum income over the last 12 months. Confirm whether you also meet the other eligibility criteria. Good luck!

      • Hi I just wanted to find out of I’m eiligble for anything, I came off Maternity benefits in Nov 2019 I went to go back to my Job and the doors had shut the lady closed down the business, I have been searching for work ever since that, I have 4 children who are not at school and are now in my care full time( I cannot leave them now and get work at all ).

        • Where’s your husband?

  17. Hi there, I applied for ei qnd it was indeed after march 15th. However today I was notified on my service canada that a descision was made but I didn’t have enough hours to receieve any benefits. Nothing else, no other info and nothing concerning the CERB. Since I already applied for EI but was denied, Am I eligible for the emergency response benefit & should I apply on the 6th? I’m a single father with custody of my child, and I was working Part Time for 6 months prior to the covid-19 panic. I don’t know what I’m suppose to do.

    • @Jesse: Requirements for the CERB are a bit more relaxed. If you meet all the other CERB eligibility points, you should apply for the $2K benefit. The criteria are listed in the post.

      • Hi im in a similar situation to Jesse and I tried applying for the 2K benefit but it says that I already applied for EI and cannot apply for the 2K benefit. What are we suppose to do then?

    • Hi Enoch
      My husband is an essential worker but able to do his job from home. Therefore he is and is collecting his usual pay. We have 3 children that need to be cared for and I am wondering if I can take an emergency leave of absence (unpaid) from my job, stay at home with the kids and then apply for CERB? My job is not closed due to the pandemic and I could work it – but we have an immune compromised child at home and would prefer not too. I am fine with the unpaid time off but I am wondering if I do qualify for the CERB?

      • The reason I ask is because 1) my job did not lay me off, and my job is still available for me to work 2) we are not in a position for no income, my husband is still bringing in an income 3) if I don’t qualify I don’t want to apply at all, I would rather not take money I’m not entitled too and owe later.

      • @Ashley: Unfortunately, these are some of the nuances that are yet to be clarified with the CERB. Some people just go ahead and apply…with the idea that they will find out later. The caveat is that you may/may not be required to pay back the money if your circumstances don’t fit in with the “template criteria.” I know this doesn’t answer your question, however, it’s the conundrum that many are having to deal with right now.

  18. Hi, my hours at work were reduced by 25% until the end of the year due to COVID. Therefore, I am now beginning to work 4 days a week instead of 5. My employer has signed up for the workshare program of 3 days off, 2 days paid per week, however, I am not eligible due to my role within the company. So for this day that I lose every week until end of the year, I have no income on that day. My employer advised that they are not eligible for the employer wage subsidy program. I do not seem to be entitled to anything but a loss of 25% of my salary; while others who don’t normally make 2000$ a month will be getting an adjustment to that amount. What is there for me?

    • @Michael: Tough question – Sorry, I don’t have an answer. A lot of people are in similar shoes i.e. earning less but still making an income. Times are tough, no doubt about it.

      • I too am on CPP disability and WAS self employed until this…paid taxes..earned the 5,000 to supplement my less than 700 dollars per month in disability. Am I eligible for CERB? Provincial help in Nova Scotia? Anything? Please #helpme

  19. Hi, my hours at work were reduced by 25% until the end of the year due to COVID. Therefore, I am now beginning to work 4 days a week instead of 5. My employer has signed up for the workshare program of 3 days off, 2 days paid per week, however, I am not eligible due to my role within the company. So for this day that I lose every week until the end of the year, I have no income on that day. My employer advised that they are not eligible for the employer wage subsidy program. I do not seem to be entitled to anything but a loss of 25% of my salary; while others who don’t normally make 2000$ a month will be getting an adjustment to that amount. What is there for me?

  20. I filed my ei reported my vacation pay as earnings and now I have to call so and tell them what thiscexrra money is …I can’t get thru…I have an access code ..should ibtry to get thru and once me so runs out apply for the cerb…

    • @Emily: If you have already applied for EI, your application is now being automatically considered under CERB. Getting through to Service Canada now is almost impossible unless you are applying through the EI sickness benefit route and already have an application submitted.

  21. What if you are in sales with salary and commission (50/50). Would I qualify considering half is based on going to see clients and closing deals?

    • @Tim: If you are no longer able to work due to COVID-19, probably yes. The eligibility is not based on the type of work you do as long as you have earned $5K or more in the last year and can no longer work due to the pandemic. Also, you should not have been able to work or earn income for at least 14-consecutive days in the last 4 weeks.

      • How do you prove no income for last 14 days +

      • I haven’t yet lost my salary! Only loss of commission!

    • Hey Tim, Did you end up applying for CERB? Did you find anymore info about this from any other sources? I’m in the salary/commission situation as well…and hesitant to apply. Thanks

  22. Hi. I worked in September- December 2019 and earning minimum wage of $5000.00 but the company laid off in January and February due to winters. And they called in March just for a week.and then asked to not to come due to COVID-19. And didn’t pay yet for that. So am I eligible for CERB? Please help

  23. My last working month was December 2019
    I am currently a housewife
    Am I eligible

  24. Hi,

    What if I was getting paid cash? Can I still apply? I work at this bar as security. 10 years but they only want to pay cash.

    • Can I email them a letter of employment?

    • If you didn’t claim the cash as income and your employer did not either, you will not qualify.

  25. My wife is on parental leave E.I. and my business is currently closed. Will I or my is qualified

  26. Hi I was working part time 20-25 hours per week and collecting CPP disabilty and ODSP would I qualify for this CERB thing?

    • Wondering the same

  27. What about if your a real estate agent and you are getting a commission cheque on may do u qualify for the cerb?this cheque was supposed to be paid in February but the builder tried to delay payment as long as possible…can I apply for Cerb April 6, skip may and apply again in June July and august?

  28. What if your ei ends and you can’t find a job because of the crisis, can you apply for CERB?

  29. my wife is an on call releif worker for Canada Post. She will have no work for sure until sometime in May when full time worker is taking time off. She would not have worked for over 6 weeks, can she apply for the CERB?

    • she was scheduled to work in April, but the workers that she was going to work for have now changed there mind for taking time off as there isn’t anything to do……so they chose to continue to work, so my wife doesn’t get work.

  30. I am on long-term disability. Receiving a small portion from Sunlife and the rest from CPP Disability. Do I qualify for CERB?

    • Yes, provided you stopped working for reasons related to COVID-19 and meet the other eligibility criteria.

      Disability benefits do not affect eligibility for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

  31. I’m on CPP-D because of a life-long disability. I also had a part time job to make ends meet until I was laid off on March 20 directly because of Covid-19. Last year I earned more than the CERB required $5000 but less than the amount that would jeopardize my CPP-D benefit. This year the max employment earnings while on CPP-D is $5800. How would receiving the CERB affect my CPP-D benefit? Is the CERB considered income that could hurt my standing with CPP-D?

    • I’m in the same boat and wondering the same thing.

    • Is there any help for those on Ontario disability? Like British Columbia is doing? Thanks

      • If you have earned $50,000, then you might not even need the CERB. You’re a rich person compared to somebody who has just earned $5,000. He/She will definitely need it more.

    • wondering the same also

    • VS, I have the same question as you. I’m in the same boat as you. It would be nice if someone knew the answer to this.

  32. Hi, I’m 19 years old and self employed for the last 10 months.Never filled income tax and this year will be my first time . So I can not online have Revenue Canada account because its my first time.
    How to apply for CERB then ?
    Thank you !

    • Hi Sara, you must have a SIN number to claim taxes and also receive benefits. Here is the link:
      Whether you apply online thru CRA or via phone, you need that 9 digit number. CERB can be applied thru any period that goes until October, 2020. Since the Service Canada locations are not opened, you will have to call their direct line specific to your need in the link I gave you and set yourself up. May I also mention, always file a return even if you have no income at all. It’s important which is why many don’t get benefits as they are not registered anywhere and consistently throughout all years.

  33. It says residents of canada. Does this apply to people who are on work permit and were working and paying taxes. They are considered as tax residents when filing taxes. My wife who is on open work permit linked to mine has been let go due to pandemic

    • @ANKs: As per the government’s statement below, yes if she meets the eligibility criteria.

      “Workers who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents – including temporary foreign workers and international students – may be eligible to receive the benefit if they meet the other eligibility requirements.”

  34. What if someone quit work and of February and was applying for another job but now there is no hiring due to covid-19. Is that person eligible to apply for the benefit?

  35. The company I work for closed until further notice, and they still pay me 12hrs/week at minimum wage. I used to work for 40hrs/week and now reduced to 12hrs/week. Am I eligible for CERB? Since the amount I got paid just covers the rent.

    Please advice

  36. Hi I m a cab driver and I have my own taxi I m self employed due to coved -19 it effects on my work so I have to pay taxi rent , insurance, as well home rent, I don’t have any other income source ,my wife is pregnant and not working my baby is due anytime m I eligible for cerb

  37. I’m on ODSP,(permanent disability) I didn’t apply for cpp yet but every year I fil my tax, do I get any support from CRA because of covid 19, l also was not working?
    Please advise me if I have to apply for this?
    CRA does have my info and direct deposit,
    Do I have to contact them or any support will be diposit to my account outomaticly?
    Best regards

    • Hi .. if you happen to get any info as I’ disability too would be greatly appreciated thanks

  38. I am self isolating myslf as per government’s directions for covid-19 situation.I am working in a warehouse of some online fashion store who have refused to close down on the ple of saying themself as online store,some working from home or may be essential only God knows.but to maintain social distance i have self quarantined myself as i do not feel safe going in public transport and working in warehouse with more than 50 people at a time.Now my office is open and i am still in job but I am not getting any paycheck as i have already used my paid offs and paid vacations.Am i eligible for any sort of govt. Help as EI OR CERB to support my family or will have to break the isolation protocol,expose myself to the risk of Covid-19 .Please guide

  39. I recently had to claim bankruptcy and part of my debt was CRA’s. Will I be able eligible to receive CREB?

  40. If i made 800$ from employement and 5000$ FROM social well being am i eligible for cerb

  41. Am a Canadian citizen who recently relocated to Canada in February I am not working yet cosi have not found any yet but presently taking care of my kids at home because of school closure due to convid am I eligible for cerb benefits.

    • I’m not an expert by any means, but I think you will get the answers you need from the q&a section on the Canadian govt website.

      To paraphrase; It says one way to qualify is if you aren’t working because you have to stay home to look after children while schools, etc, are closed.

      It also says that to qualify you have to reside in Canada but the required $5000 past year earnings do not have to be earned in Canada.

  42. Great article Enoch!!
    One question: When should a person apply for CERB if they will be laid off from April 15th onwards? Can they apply now and mention the applicable period from April 16th onwards or should they apply only after April 15th? Would be really helpful if you could answer. Thanks!

    • @Neo: I believe you will have to meet the 14 consecutive days of earning zero income with a four week period.

  43. So I have just completed the maximum weeks of EI sick benefits. And was denied regular and am waiting for the letter so I can appeal that decision. Where do I stand in this mess ?

  44. My EI sick benefits ended April 4. I cannot return to work as I am now symptomatic with Covid 19 symptoms as per my doctor. Do I reapply for CESB?

  45. Hi Enoch. Is a factual resident who meets all other requirements eligible for CERB? Thank you for your thoughts.

  46. Hi i am a server and student and in the past year i made less than 5k on paper but i had tips and some self employed income. I already applied for EI and they only see that i mad 4k. How can i apply with more information that what EI got from me? I also havent done my taxes yet, and i will claim tax and self employment income there. Please help.

  47. Hi
    Is Municipal Govt Elected Officials Stipend ($600 per month considered income?
    I also have my own business (Cafe) that I had to close but receive a monk the stipend for being on Council in my town.

  48. My nephew who is autistic and works at Walmart part time making less than $500 a week but because Walmart still open and he is still working, if I read the eligibility rules correctly he is not qualify to apply. Can you please confirm if I am correct. Thanks Ken

  49. i have cancer and wanted to go back to work but unfortunley i cant as i have underlying conditions and its not safe for me to be in public do i qualify

    • I’m a p.s.w. and i working do I qualify for the CREB benefits

  50. Hi, I just got temporarily employed yesterday April 5 so I decided to apply for the CERB today April 6 without realizing that the only period it is showing is March 15-April11 in which I was still getting paid. Will I still have to repay? Even if I don’t reapply for the next period. I won’t be expecting to go back to work soon

  51. I was working 2 jobs. One full time and other part time. I got laid off from my part time job but still have my full time. Am i eligible for Cerb?

    • @Rick: Not under the current rule. However, this is being looked at and there will likely be some adjustments to the program soon.

  52. Do u need ROE for CERB? What if you left the your job because u dont feel secure and company is not giving ROE?

    • @Arpanpreet: You cannot voluntarily quit your job as per the posted requirements.

  53. Hi, I was instructed by my doctor to stay home from March 30 for 14 days due to covid- symptoms. I applied for CERB today but it is for 1 month from March 15- 11 April. Did I make a mistake in applying? How will cRA adjust money from 1 month to 2 weeks?

  54. My daughter is a student who was working part time, she has made the five thousand over the last twelve months. She stopped working mid-March due to three grand parents over the age of seventy living in the same house. They felt uncomfortable with her going to work and rightfully so. She was not fired or laid off. Eventually she can go back to work once this covid period ends and or the spread has drastically minimized . Does she qualify for CERB?

  55. My husband and I run a small bed and breakfast business. We made just under $8,000 last year, and were off to a good start this year until Covid-19 emerged as a serious concern. Would the government treat our $8,000 income in 2019 as each of us having a self-employed income of $4,000, and therefore not qualifying for CERB? Could one of us apply for CERB on the basis of this income?

    • @Brenda: The income requirement is “at least” $5,000. You could have earned more than $5,000 and apply for CERB. In your case, I assume only one person would qualify? Note that some other income sources also qualify….maternity, paternity, non-eligible dividends etc.

  56. If I have applied for employment insurance (EI) 2 weeks ago, but don’t think I will get approved: Do I have to wait a certain period of time until I apply for CERB? Will this effect my application or approval chance in any way?

    • The information provided by CRA is that if you have already applied for EI, you should not reapply as your application would be processed under CERB. I can’t say for sure whether it makes sense for you to put in an another application to the CERB as an “insurance.”

      • Hello Enoch,
        My question is very simple. Is CPP disability income considered employment income? I have lost my self employment income and my business as a result of COVID. I still get s small CPP check but can not survive on it alone.Thank you for your help.

  57. I am on EI sickness, benefits ended last week, I’m still 3-4 weeks away for full recovery.
    Do I qualify.
    I’m not infected, but I’m self isolated at home.

  58. Just wondering if the person who is on ODSP can get this Benefit???

  59. Would I qualify if I work part time at an essential service (grocery store) but I am currently choosing to take time off? I am immunocompromised and can not take risks. I did not quit, but I just noted that I have health concerns and will not be coming in for the time being. I haven’t been to work since March 14 and I do not plan on going back until this is clear and it is safe for me to do so. Would I be eligible?

  60. I got fired from work on March 10th, 2020 and since then I haven’t worked at all till now. I clear all the other requirements for CERB. I’m just unsure about this one. Can you clarify the employment criteria for eligibility? Thanks.

    • Tricky situation and I’m not sure. Based on the information you have provided, you are not working due to being fired, not due to COVID-19?

  61. Hello ok I had applied for EI regular benefits as soon as I was laid off my job because of covid-19, with all the confusion and information I did apply for CERB as well cause I didn’t know if I would qualify for EI. Anyway just found out I will get EI regular, how do I correct this as I don’t want to get both, its not right. The money I have received is 500.00. Will it automatically be corrected at the Service Canada office?
    Can you help me with this as I am very nervous about this and want to make this right.

    • I bet they will catch this as applying for CERB does not mean it was processed or approved. You won’t be able to get both automatically from everything I’ve read. In fact, you can’t have any income for the first 14 days after application for CERB, so your EI will be flagged at being ineligible.
      Once EI taps out, the CERB can kick in if you meet those qualifications. And it can start at various weeks.
      4-week period cycle Period dates
      1 March 15, 2020 to April 11, 2020
      2 April 12, 2020 to May 9, 2020
      3 May 10, 2020 to June 6, 2020
      4 June 7, 2020 to July 4, 2020
      5 July 5, 2020 to August 1, 2020
      6 August 2, 2020 to August 29, 2020
      7 August 30, 2020 to September 26, 2020

    • Hi, yes I have the same problem and applied for EI regular and on March 25th. When I submitted my EI application, on the last page, there was this section that said I needed to submit additional documents and information including ROE and some other documents in order the get my application finalized; I didn’t receive ROE from my employer, therefore, I thought my EI application will be rejected and on Monday, April 6th I also applied for CERB and successfully submitted my application.
      Today when I checked my bank account, instead of the $2000 from CERB, there is an extra $2000 in my account and the total is $4000. one is from CANADA FED and the other is from CANADA EI.
      Now I’m lost and nervous, I don’t know if that extra money is because of applying for both EI and CERB? and if yes, it means somehow they accepted my EI application?
      What should I do now? I have been trying to call Service Canada EI phone number but I couldn’t talk to someone since it is super busy.
      Please, if you have any ideas of what should I do, tell me. I don’t want to get both EI and CERB.

  62. Would I qualify for CERB if i made $4900 in 2019?Im a student and Im only below 100 dollars and when i submitted my application it went through. Do the applications always go through even if you are not eligible? DO you know if grants/bursaries/scholarships from the government count as income for the income of 5000 that is needed?
    I am unable to apply for EI because i dont have 52 consecutive weeks of a paycheck. I am a student and I work full time in the summer and part time during school.
    Please advise whether you think that grants from the government count as income and if i would still qualify for CERB?

    • It is my thoughts after reading and studying all this that CERB application is really for the government to tally how much money to set aside. CERB application does not mean it was processed and/or approved. Even if the payment goes thru, remember once everyone files 2019 taxes, many may have to give back the amount. CRA will see what people really claim. I feel for you being $100 less though I just helped someone with their taxes and this article helped a lot that I thought of you. Perhaps throughout 2019 you may have gained that $100 in what CRA determines as “monetary value” for increase, profit and gain and not worry about your shortage. Consider this:

      • Can you clarify if you are an international student and work part time, as long as it is under $1,000, you can apply for CERB and NOT CESB – how much do you apply for? Lost income or $1,000?

  63. Thank you for all of the information! I work two jobs, one of them is self employment and it makes up about 30-40% of my income. Due to non-essential business closures, I had to stop my self employment job. I am still able to work my other job and approximately the same hours, but my income is very short due to missing a good chunk from self employment. Any idea if I am still eligible?

    • @Patrick: You can’t be earning income during the eligibility period based on current rules.

    • I worked my whole life and do my taxes every year..last year I injured my back and wasnt able to work.My dad also got cancer and I was taking care of I did not have an income in 2019 but I did file my taxes and claimed I didnt make an a sesonal worker.sping and I was suppose to start working again this month but cant cause were told to stay home.I am self employed .my job is landscaping and small 2019 was the first year I didnt make over $5000.but I want to work now but cant.I have no income.can I apply for cerb

  64. My maternity ended still home taking care of my 9months old that time. Hes schedule to go daycare april8.that the educator spot availability date. Supposed to be im back to work april but virus worsten month of march. Am i eligible to apply CERB

  65. After our first Child, my wife did not work enough in between kids to qualify for Ei maternity leave. So when She had our second child in December of 2018 she took an an unpaid maternity leave. She went back to work part time this past October 2019. She is just short of the required $5000 minimum income in the last 12 months to be eligible for the cerb. I however did take a paid parental Leave after our second child. She was laid off from her job as a private home foot care nurse due to COVID-19, and also now hs to stay home with our two kids. Will she be eligible for the cerb?
    Cannot get through to the CRA. No surprises there.


  66. What if you were in 2 weeks isolation? The benefit only allows you to apply for 4 weeks at a time?

  67. Once you have applied how do you know if you have been approved. Is there anywhere to find this out on the CRA My Account?

  68. Hi my question is I was on sickness and regular benefits last year and I didn’t get a job yet. I am still applying but where’d I have applied they will hire me after 2 months. And not even sure if they will hire me after 2 months. Because of everything closed its hard for me to find a job. I have no income coming home from my side.. Can I still apply for the emergency benefits?

  69. Hello, I receive a pension and work part-time in a job considered essential. I am afraid to go to work in my part-time job because I am over 60. Can I refuse work and collect CERB?

    • @Jay: I think the eligibility criteria says you can’t leave work voluntarily. There may be exceptions I am not aware of.

  70. i applied for the CERB and received my first deposit into my bank account; when can I apply for the 2nd payment? Is it April 12th ?

  71. Let go from my job in mid Feb not eligible for EI had to quarantine the past 2 weeks. No job no income, no nothing.Savings all gone Where’s CERB for me ?
    Apply for welfare ?? they want you to look for work for 3 weeks before being eligible … No one is hiring and where supposed to stay in. WTF ? Trudeau says “help for the people who need it most, we are there for you” BS ! I’m 54 Canadian have paid taxes EI etc all my adult life. I’m seriously hurting,depressed and losing hope real fast.

    • Why would ei say no?

    • Just apply if you need it. You won’t have been the only one that did.If 15 year olds qualify, why not. I can see this benefit just becoming a taxable benefit for all that received it.If they want it back, fine.File bankruptcy.Take care of yourself,corporations will be taken care of.

  72. If I work full time and am still working full time (essential worker) but have lost income due to no overtime opportunities due to Covid-19, would I qualify? Before this virus, I would work an extra 20-40 hours overtime per month.

  73. Hi There

    my last paid work day before temp layoff is April 14th

    Can I apply for the CERB on the 15th or earlier or do I have to wait for 14 days to apply

    Appreciate your answer

    • Hi Mel,
      Here is an very recent article from Global News. One paragraph refers to not expecting to work for 14 days in the first period. It reads,

      “To qualify for the CERB, a worker must have earned at least $5,000 in the last year, either not worked or don’t expect to work for 14 days in the initial four-week period, and have lost all their income.”

      I hope this helps.

    • @Mel: I believe you will need to meet the 14 consecutive days of no income before you can apply.

  74. My wife used to work in 2019 (earn income $14K) and started a full time study in 2020 for a one year diploma. She stopped working in end of 2019. She was trying to adjust the school for the first quarter and wants to have a part time jobs in April 2020. Since covid 19, her school is slowing down and actually she wants to work again but she has to stay home to take care of my daughter since children must stay at home. Can she apply for CERB?

  75. I have applied for CERB and received my $2000 within a short period of time. I am being told that another colleague receivd $3000 deposit. Is there different amounts being paid? If so, why? It is not the impression that was announced nor indicated on any Federal platform.

    Would you have more details?

    • @Mary: Some individuals are receiving EI and CERB based on different eligibility periods. And some people applied twice and received double payments. They will need to repay any excess amounts back later.

  76. Hi there. My EI just ran out as of March 13, 2020. I work seasonal construction and was expecting to be back to work but this Covid 19 has put a damper on that. Do I still qualify for CERB?

    • @Steve: Check whether you meet the other requirements.

  77. I am on ODSP, I applied and got the $2k. Just claim apply and take the money and worry about paying it back later.

  78. I applied for the CERB unknowingly. And received the $2000 credit into my account. But, I still have the employment. What should I do now?

    • @Masud: You will need to return the money to the CRA.

  79. Hi,

    It is very confusing as to when to apply for CERB, based on your last date of work, or based on your last day of being paid for that last week of actual work (2 weeks later ). Is it 14 consecutive days from last day of actual work (before lay off due do COVID 19 ) or last day of receiving income? IF latter one, that means (in my case, last day of actual work was April 3rd) I cannot apply until May? Or how that exactly works, and how do you know when do apply for next period?

  80. I applied for EI on March 18 but looks like I got CERB today. Do I have to do 2 week internet reporting service in order to get the EI/CERB benefits moving forward.Please advise

  81. Can I still apply CERB even if I don’t have the “$5000 income”?

  82. I work 5 days a week from Monday to Friday for my employer . I have taken 4 week of time off as I need to take care of my kids at home because of COVID-19. 27 March was the last day when I went to office after which I told my employer that I will not be able to come from March 30 till April 26. I will resume work on April 27.

    My question is : Can I apply for current CERB period that is March 15 till April 11 based on below details or I need to wait for next CERB to open.

    FOR CERB I need to be out of work for 14 consecutive days. How do I calculate 14 day period . Will it be from March 28 till April 11(15 days) or March 30 till April 11(13 days)
    considering March 28 and 29 is a Saturday and Sunday.

    My employer will send ROE stating that I will be out office from March 20 till April 26. Any help would be highly appreciated.

  83. I got laid off from my job and was without job for 2 weeks and now i have found job on contract for 3 months. I dont know how to cancel these benefits i have tried everything. Can someone help me out as i dont want to take any risk.

    Today i have received money. Please please help me out.

    • @Hargun: CRA initially asked that people return cheques back to sender and for direct deposits, you will have to contact them on how best to return the funds.

  84. I work at two long term care facilities but now I am only allowed to work at one due to covid19. I still have a job but my income has been reduced. It doesn’t seem the current eligibility for cerb covers people like me to in the same situation. We are risking our life but reduce income.

  85. Hi! First off… Thank You for doing this for people in this time of crisis😊. My situation is this… I had Spinal Surgery in December so I have been on Sick EI which was to end on March 28, I was ready to return to work on March 23 (had my doctor’s note stating so) was great, going back to work to get full pay again to get back on my feet financially after only 55% for 3 months on my own with no spouse to help for support. March 22 I get a call from my employer that he’s laying half the staff off (they are Safe with the CERB for 4 months then EI after that, Straight forward!… However, I was technically still on sickness EI so he couldn’t lay me off, I hadn’t started back yet.
    So I go to my EI office, they tell me all I need was my doctor’s note Stating I’m available for work, gave it to them, they said I’d be transferred over to Regular EI, which they just didfor me as of yesterday (Apr.8th)… so now I’m going to be, once again only getting 55% of my pay when I was due to go back to work for full pay the very day that I was asked not to return due to Covid-19… and I don’t qualify for the CERB because they Are saying I am already on EI, Shouldn’t I qualify for the CERB like my co-workers as I was due to go back the day I was asked not to? Thanking you in advance for your help

  86. I applied for the EI sickness benefit because I was told that after March 15 it would be automatically transferred to CERB. The problem is: I received EI benefits for 3 weeks in September 2019, then stop receiving the benefits because I found a job and now because of the covid-19 I applied again. The EI system reactivated my last claim with new dates instead of direct me to CERB. What should I do? The Service Canada is not taking call to talk to someone. Is there a way to cancel my application and do it at CERB? Should I apply for CERB while I try to speak to someone from EI?

    • I’m in the same boat. I applied for EI on March 20 when I was laid off due to Covid-19 and it reactivated my last claim (from December 2019 – my company lays us off for 2 weeks over Christmas and rehires us in January). I received a payment on April 7 (regular benefits, not CERB). I was under the impression that anyone who applies for EI after March 15 would automatically get transferred to CERB. Will my EI be topped up to $500/week? I’ve tried to call EI constantly over the past week and am unable to speak with anyone. I’m hoping that those of us whose EI claims were reactivated will not get overlooked.

  87. I receive a Pension, yet I work part time but the business has closed due to COVID19-19, am I eligible for CERB? There is nothing that says anything about pension income, only employment income. I work as my pension does not cover my household expenses.

    • @Brenda: I haven’t yet seen information from CRA that addresses this concern. A lot of seniors have similar questions.

      • I called CRA and the agent had no idea either. Not sure what to do next

  88. Hi, my brother went on vacation last February, he is supposed to go back here in Canada March 22nd but flight was cancelled due to Covid-19 and until now he can’t go back here because it’s lock down and no flight available. International flight resumes on May 1st then he will be back in Manitoba May 4th. When he gets back he need to stay at home for 14 days for self-isolation as advised by employer and the government. The company where he works issue a temporary lay off for all employees for 2 weeks, employees will be back April 15th. Can he apply for EI or CERB?

  89. I am a self-employed taxi driver. The company that I drive for is still running. However, with all the businesses closed down and customers staying home for self-isolation purposes, there is simply not enough work/income to make a living. Do I qualify for CERB?

    • I was on my last march 15 and suppose to back to work April 4 but my Dr told me to stay home because i have a heart issue and i am asthmatic he said if i will go back to work i might be easily be infected the virus and sinced i am working in a nursing home, so i applied EI a day i applied cerb and i got my 2000 and today i called for my 2nd cerb and it said im not qualify bcuz i applied ei now i dont know when that ei will approve i called SC they dont take a call

  90. I originally applied for EI as I was about to be cut loose at my job due to the slow down.
    I was asked for a ROE and that my claim would not be processed until the ROE is received.

    I ended up not getting laid off and I am still working 18-40 hours per week (depending on the business situation).
    However, my EI claim was automatically transferred to the CERB and I am now receiving the $2000 payment.

    I am afraid of being penalized for this. I never applied for the CERB to begin with and my EI claim was not even supposed to be processed.

    Should I just put the money aside and wait for Service Canada to contact me?

  91. I applied for CERB will I get an access code? Will I receive a confirmation that my application was approved? How long will it take for a payment it has been 5 days already.

    • same here.. I applier 9th april still waiting for payment.

  92. I retired last June from a full-time job and am receiving a monthly work pension (not CPP because I am only 54). I took on part-time/ occasional employment, an average of 5 days per month, to supplement my pension income but now cannot work due to Covid-19 since my workplace is not offering employment. Do I qualify for the CERB?

  93. I’m currently a student and my course is ending end of April, can I still apply for CERB? I’ve earned more than $5000 last year before my courses started.

  94. Can someone please give a simple answer as to what or who do we contact in the case of receiving EI benefits payment of 2000.00 and CERB payment of 2000.00 in ones account. If direct deposit do we return to sender via through the bank? How do we know if this is correct or not and not able to contact anyone.
    So many of us are in this situation. The other thing is the layoff for CERB is different for EI and do we need to reapply to receive the CERB as continua ting benefits?

    So Confused does someone have answers simple one? One article says its not a mistake then the National Post says we will get you….seriously can someone advise???

    • send a cheque payable to receiver general for Canada with your sin, and or maybe a bank draft if you don’t have cheques, to
      Revenue Processing
      Repayment of CERB
      Sudbury tax Centre
      1050 Notre Dame Avenue
      Sudbury ON P3A0C1

  95. I left my work a few months ago to look for a new career. in these time i cant look for a job and need to take care of my kids. Can i get CERB payment?

  96. I took a leave of absence mid March from my part time job at a fast food restaurant (worked one shift a week, approx. 8 hours per week). I am 17 years old and earned over $5,000 last year. Would I qualify for CERP?

  97. OMG, all you people wondering what to do, get the money and worry about it later. Problem solved!

  98. I got fired in feb after a disagreement at work and been looking for work but no luck at the moment. Can I apply for cerb because I’ve spent my savings and paid tax for over 10 years like a good citizen. I’ve fallen through the cracks it seems

  99. I applied for regular EI benefits on February, my file has been under review since March 1st. Couldn’t even file my first report, I get a message saying they neen more information. Went to Service Canada when they were still open and provided all the required infomation. Last time I was able to reach EI over the phone was on March 1st, they said were reviewing.Nothing has happened, I’ve been calling them every day for over a month now and cannot get thru. Lines are always busy.
    I contacted my local MP and got no answer either, hasn’t returned my calls or messages. I have no income, desperate, cannot even sleep. I have been contributing to the EI system for 22 years and I feel abandoned and treated like a beggar.

  100. I havent yet received cerb payment. Should i be worried? Others have. What do i do if people dont receive payment?

    • same situation.

    • @Kdubbs: You can call to confirm what’s going on. 1-833-966-2099. It could be that you are being sent a cheque. That takes up to 10 days.

  101. My EI ended on March 16th am I eligible for the CERB? Or am I just one of the unlucky ones???

    • @Jamie: If you still meet the eligibility requirements (income and job-wise), you can apply.

  102. When can I apply for the second CERB?

    • @Ht: During the next 4-week cycle indicated in the article.

      • Just to say thanks for your patience, in this difficult time. I hope that people start to relax as we move futher into this difficult time. We all have to remember that other than this some people may have other things besides CERB, that could change their lives for ever and not in a positive way either.
        Thanks again.

  103. I’ve applied for the CERB thru Service Canada and received my $2000 after 10 days. How do i reapply for subsequent periods? Service Canada doesn’t seem to have any spot to reapply and when i go on my cra it tells me to go to Service Canada. Very frustrating!

  104. Hello,
    My sin number has been expired on 31st March, 2020. My work permit is valid till 2022. I have been laid of from my work. Am, I eligible to apply for CERB? I am not getting any specific information from the service agents. Thank you

  105. Hi I’m on long term disability from my work since January being paid by my insurance company. Am I eligible to apply and collect since I’m not receiving 100% of my wage?

  106. My wife and I are equal share holders of a corporation. We are also employees earning less than $1000 per month each in payroll. Business has slowed down but is not zero. We have opted not to take payroll at this time at all,

    Given we control our corporation, are each of us still eligible for the CERB since we have no income and work is nearly (but not completely) non existent?
    An added note: we are still receiving business income on work performed prior to the covid outbreak which just has delayed terms of payment.

    • Enoch, I would like to know this as well please!

  107. Hey! I’ve got a question I applied for the CERB through Service Canada online and not the CRA hotline but I did it for the eligibility period before April 11 since it’s now past April 17 do I/ can I re apply for the new period (the 2nd one) but through the CRA hotline or does it have to be with Service Canada id yes, how do I do so since I did not see anything about the period on Service Canada’s website..

  108. I got a question. I applied for EI at March 22 and was transferred to CERB I got the first $2000 during April, but I’m kind of confused on how to reapply. Do I make a report in my service Canada just like EI or do I reapply in another way?

    • You must apply for your next payment of CERB every two weeks.
      (Just because you applied once, does not mean you will continually receive CERB).
      You will need your SIN and Access Code.

      • @Enoch Omololu – I am in the same boat as @Les and I am wondering if you agree with what @JC suggests? Is there any information on the website that confirms that filling out the Service Canada EI Internet reporting is all you need to do to continue to renew for subsequent CERB payments? It would be great if Service Canada was that smart, but I don’t see this written anywhere. If this is not the case and there is another process you could point to, that would be most appreciated. Thanks, Sandra

        • I recently called in the 1-800 number for my husband who’s ei was cut off on the 4th of April I put in his Sin number and then it asked to verify the last digits of the postal code which I did then it went off verify that he is eligible to apply so I pressed 1 then it asked if he was applying for further payments 1 for yes and 2 for no unsure of what to say I pressed 2 because he may be back to work in May
          Did anyone else get this question I am thinking he is applied but not 100% sure any info would be greatly appreciated can’t find a phone number to call

      • Every 4 weeks, not 2

  109. What if someone is receiving CERB and they just received Bonus payment paid now for their 2020 year. How does that affect CERB payments?

  110. Sorry… bonus payment paid now for their previous 2019 year…

  111. I know I qualify but I was in the middle of having my child support payments stopped thur a review. I was being garnished through my work and my income tax refunds were being redirected to family responsibility office. If I apply will the $2000 go directly to them?

  112. Question: If you didn’t work this pass year but had a job lined up for this summer. Do I qualify for the CERB with not making any money only a small pension to live off?


  113. I earned $14,500 for the taxation year 2019. All of it was interest income. I’m 61 years old and DO NOT collect any pensions. I had rental income but it was a net loss even with no mortgages. A townhouse in Edmonton, Alberta. I rent in Markham, Ontario and payed about $14,000 in rent for 2019. Am I eligible for anything monetary-wise?

  114. Hii I am self employed. Last time I applied through service canada and CRA mistakenly twice .Then I returned one payment through bank which came from service canada . Now when I am trying to apply through CRA they said that I have to apply through service canada but when I am trying to do through service canada , it won’t let me apply as self employed

  115. Ok I am now confused. I applied for EI (got converted to CERB and am eligible as I’m not working due to COVID-19). I have been submitting my reports as requested. Now it’s been pointed out to me I need to reapply every month for CERB! I applied through services Canada and am not seeing where to reapply. Aren’t my reports considered reapplication? If someone can clarify it would be appreciated.

    • Im in the same situation and cannot find an answer anywhere and tried to call them but they are taking too many calls and I’m being directed to try again another day …frustrating

  116. If CPP recipients who lost their jobs can apply for CERB, then can CPP disability recipients who lost their contractual work (amount under $5600 which is allowed) eligible to apply?

  117. I lost work due to covid-19 on April 12, applied for CERB through CRA and got the payment. But now I figured, I was supposed to apply through Service Canada. Will this be a problem?

    Note: I do not qualify for CERB through CRA as it has a 14 day no employment eligibility period. I was out of work for 14 days from April 5 to 18, and the eligibility period was March 15, 2020 to April 11, 2020.

    Should I apply through service Canada and return the CERB money I got?

  118. I applied for EI after March 15 as I was laid off because of Covid for 13 weeks . My EI was converted to CERB and I received the 1st instalment . I also just received a letter in the mail from Service Canada stating I must complete the bi-weekly reports for EI . I’m confused now because I understand I must complete these reports but I keep reading in order to qualify for Cerb payments you must reapply so when I do that as an “employed person” it takes me back to EI application page ….. I do not believe I need to reapply for EI as I’m still filling out the bi weekly reports so what do I do to get my next payment ? or will it be automatic because I’m still completing the report? I cannot find an answer as to what to do …….anyone ?

  119. People who are on Ontario Works and applying and receiving $2000 and spend it, how will the Government be getting this money back?
    This seems like a crime if they cant pay it back once found ineligible?
    Will they start taking money away from monthly OW payments going forward?

    • I predict that the gov’t will only audit those with asset. The gov’t knows they cant get money from those who have none, or they will just declare bankruptcy further tying up the court system.

      In other words, if your middle class, watch out. If your on OW and scamming – your on the honour system.

  120. Hai everybody….,I am a French full time student.I am currently getting financial support from the government per month.most of my friends those who are fulltime students with bursary had applied for CERB.and they received the amount.Are they eligible?if not,should they return the amount back to the revenue department?

  121. I applied for EI March 20 ( would have qualified for maximum EI. ) I received a deposit of 2000 April 7 ( so obviously switched to CERB) I have had to fill out biweekly reports. I received another 2000 April 12th. The April cheque is for the period April 12 to MAY 9. I am doing a BIT of work and for ONE Day of the 4th week – May 8 ,it will put me over the 1000 per month allowed by 25.00. Will I have to pay back the full 2000. ( that would leave me with an income of just over 1000 for the month.(Even though I fully qualified for EI) With EI you are allowed to take a reduction of EI if there is some work done in one week. Then for MAY 10 to June 6 can I rapply for CERB or do I stay with EI. This is such a maze to try and figure out.

    • @GIS: Tough question – I am not sure what the answer is.

  122. My wife is a seasonal worker. In 2019 she took a leave of absence to help care for her mother. This left her with an income of $4800, $200 short of the required $5000 minimum required. Had she not taken the leave of absence, she would have easily qualified for the CERB payments. Is there any provision for a compassionate leave of absence that made her miss the $5000 minimum? She was being called back this past March.

  123. I’m a high school student who is graduating this year but I only made $1100 in the past year, is there anyway I can qualify for CERB, CESB or EI?

  124. Is the 1000 treshold before tax or after to qualify for cerb

    • @Lm: Before taxes.

      • Very informative and thorough article, thank you! I had the same question as @Lm. I grossed $1035, but net $875. Does that $35 before taxes put me over the threshold to apply for CERB? I am also a student. Can I apply for CERB and CESB, or just one or the other?

        • @Melanie: From what I have read so far, the $1,000 is gross. No exceptions are available that I know of. You can only apply for either the CESB or CERB. It looks like there will be a “try and find work” requirement for the CESB…there will likely be more information on this soon.

  125. I am anxious about having to pay back 4, 6, or 8000 dollars I won’t have in 2021. I’m a web development student and am also self employed, my income has typically been from local small businesses; these are obviously all shut down right now. I am still trying to make income but its hard when the competition on freelance website is so fierce right now, every job has 100s of people bidding on it. So since I am not earning more than $1000 a month and did not voluntarily stop working, I should qualify right?

    • @Sean: Yes, if you meet all the other CESB eligibility criteria.

  126. Got a question,

    I was successful at applying and receiving the CERB amount but I believe accidentally applied way too early. To me, while receiving the benefit was nice, it could result in a penalty and affect my taxes.

    When I filled out my application knowing what my last day of work was on April 18, I received my first CERB payment in a few business days.

    However, when I submitted my last day of employment where I was furloughed, I checked back on my work timestamps and saw the actual date was April 25 and will have my last work paystub sent this week (using up my unused work/bank holiday hours to be cashed in), despite being told by my company that it was the 18th through a conference call.

    Would I then have to get in touch with a CRA rep as soon as possible to clarify this situation without having to send the CERB amount back or reapplying?

    It just happened and I am trying to figure out the best solution, as it’s the first time I had apply for the aid.

    I’m trying to make sure I don’t get penalized.

  127. Has there been any clarification on whether self employed people earning over $5000 in a tax year means before allowed expenses or after.

  128. I have a question. What if my son was fired from his job while the co-vid has been happening. He now can’t find another job as in his field of work, most companies have seriously cut back staff. Does he still qualify for the CERB as he can’t find work due to the virus?

  129. Hi,

    I moved back to Canada, after being out of country for few years.

    My job was there, and did not file my tax in Canada while i was outside.

    My income there is over $5000, and i lost the job due to Covid-19, and left everything and moved back to Canada.

    Will i qualify for CERB? and if yes, from which date?


  130. I am currently on CPP disbility but worked and earned $ 400.00 a month in a nursing home. I am not able to go to work now because of lock down. Am I able for any extra relief ?

  131. Since April 15 the the criteria was expanded to include people with reduced hours, so long as the do not make $1000 for at least 14 consecutive days within the 4-week eligibility period. (
    Yet, the online portal for applying via CRA still makes the applicant attest to having STOPPED working for those 14 days. It warns that a making a false statement is a criminal offense. So what are we supposed to do???????

  132. hello
    I am a university student and i am math tutor. I made more than 5k dollars last 12 months but i got most of my income cash. Can i apply for cerb?! I declared my cash money in 2019, but i am still not sure to apply for cerb. thanks

  133. Hi, I was temporarily laid off because of Covid-19, I meet all the requirements. I made around 4,200 on my t4 but I got paid after and made more than 5,000 in total. I didn’t file for my taxes because im a student and was told if you make less than 5k on your t4 you don’t have to file because you won’t get anything back. Will I be able to keep this CERB money? I haven’t spent any of it. I have evidence of my earnings (pay stubs etc.) Please respond, I’ve called their phone number and they haven’t been helpful.

    • It’s $ 5,000 income in 2019 or $ 5,000 in last 12 months since you apply for CERB. So if you have made 5,000 in the last 12 months, apply.

      4,200 (From 2019 T4) + 800 in 2020, apply if it’s 5,000 in last 12 months, does not matter if some months are in 2019 and 2020.

    • Even if you’re a student you should file taxes as you only made $ 5,000 so all the income tax you paid, you will get it back.

      Plus you get GST/HST credit every 3 months, plus you get Ontario Trillium Benefit each month. Other provinces also have similar benefits like OTB.

      Also you will generate room for RRSP for future if you file taxes.

  134. …so many people on welfare and ODSP got all the CERB checks and spent the money all willy nilly on new TV’s, furniture, vehicles and partying. It’s going to be horrible when they have to pay this money back, so many people will be evicted and hungry.

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