25 Best GPT Sites and Apps To Make Money Online in 2022

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by Enoch Omololu, MSc (Econ)

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GPT sites are some of the most popular platforms for making money online.

These platforms and apps pay you to complete simple tasks and you can then redeem your earnings for cash or free gift cards.

Since there are tons of GPT sites being marketed on the internet, it can be challenging to find the best ones.

This article covers the top GPT sites in 2022, how they work, and their pros and cons.

What are GPT Sites?

GPT refers to ‘Get Paid To’. In essence, a GPT site or app is a platform that pays you to complete easy tasks using your computer or smartphone.

These platforms are usually free to join, and members earn when they:

  • Answer surveys
  • Watch video advertisements
  • Refer friends
  • Play games
  • Shop online at participating stores
  • Download and install apps
  • Read emails
  • Participate in contests and sweepstakes
  • Browse the web
  • Complete third-party offers, and more

GPT sites conduct market research on behalf of brands and retailers who use the data obtained to fine-tune their marketing and product development strategies.

Best GPT Sites

The top GPT sites are primarily made up of survey sites and panels.

That said, many of them offer multiple ways to earn. There are also apps dedicated to earning cash back that fall into this category.

1. Survey Junkie

  • Available: Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom
  • Sign up bonus: Free points when you complete your profile

Survey Junkie is one of the top GPT sites on this list.

This platform is all about market research surveys and members earn $0.50 to $10 per survey completed.

After joining and completing your profile questionnaire, you begin to get invitations to participate in surveys and other tasks.

Cash out options: The minimum threshold for redeeming points on this platform is $5. You can exchange your points for gift cards or PayPal cash.

Visit Survey Junkie.

2. Branded Surveys

  • Availability: Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom
  • Sign up bonus: 100 points

Branded Surveys is a GPT site that pays you to share your opinions. As per its website, it has paid members more than 26 million dollars so far.

You earn $0.50 to $5 per survey depending on its length and you get several survey invitations each week.

Branded Surveys has a B rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Cash out options: Easily redeem your earnings for cash or over 100 gift card options starting at $10.

Visit Branded Surveys.

3. Swagbucks

  • Availability: Multiple countries.
  • Sign up bonus: $5 reward.

Swagbucks is the most popular GPT site in the world.

This platform pays members when they shop offers online, watch videos, play games, search the web, and answer surveys. It is also available on all devices including smartphones.

After creating an account, and completing your profile, you get 5,000 points ($5 value).

Cash out options: PayPal, free gift cards, and charitable donations.

Visit Swagbucks.

4. Zap Surveys

  • Availability: Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and others.
  • Sign up bonus: $3.00

Zap Surveys [ iOS and Android ] offers cash rewards when you join and complete surveys on your phone or shop at one of the many participating retailers like Best Buy, GameStop, or Disney+.

Cash out options: Redeem your earnings as cash via PayPal or you can opt for a Visa Prepaid card and several gift cards.

Download Zap Surveys ( iOS and Android ).

5. Daily Rewards

  • Availability: Canada
  • Sign up bonus: $5

Daily Rewards is operated by the same company that owns Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

You earn real cash on this platform when you take surveys, watch videos, shop, and read emails.

There is also a $5 cash bonus when you join.

Cash out options: You can redeem earnings via PayPal starting at $30.

Visit Daily Rewards.

Best GPT Sites and Apps To Make Money Online

6. Product Report Card

  • Availability: Canada and the U.S.
  • Sign up bonus: $5

Product Report Card pays members to test products and review them. This is one of the highest paying GPT sites with payouts ranging from $0.50 to $500.

After creating a free account, you can take a 5-minute survey and earn your first $5 on the platform.

Cash out options: You can redeem earnings for an Amazon gift card code starting at $25. When you are invited for high-paying phone interviews or product tests, you are paid by cheque or sent a Visa gift card.

Visit Product Report Card or read our review.

7. Ipsos iSay

  • Availability: Several countries including Canada, the U.K., Germany, and Australia
  • Sign up bonus: N/A

The Ipsos Panel is operated by Ipsos, a global market research company.

This online survey rewards community has millions of members. You earn points when you take surveys, enter sweepstakes, or refer friends.

Cash out options: You can redeem your points for gift cards, merchandise, virtual prepaid cards, and charitable donations.

Visit Ipsos iSay.

8. PrizeRebel

  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Sign up bonus: N/A

PrizeRebel is a top get-paid-to site, offering ways to earn when you take surveys, complete offers, win contests, and refer your friends.

Cash out options: You can redeem points for hundreds of gift cards including Amazon, Starbucks, Disney, Hudson’s Bay, Walmart, Esso, PlayStation, and Xbox gift cards.

Visit PrizeRebel.

9. Cashyy

  • Availability: Canada, the U.S. and U.K.
  • Sign up bonus: N/A

Cashyy is an Android app that pays users to play games and complete missions.

The more games you play, the more coins you earn.

Cash out options: Exchange your coins for gift cards (Amazon, Google Play, PlayStation) or cash out via PayPal.

Get Cashyy (Android devices only).

10. Pinecone Research

  • Availability: Canada, France, United Kingdom, United States, and Germany
  • Sign up bonus: N/A

Pinecone Research is operated by Nielsen, a market research company with a stellar A+ rating on the BBB.

If you are looking to earn the most money for the time you spend on taking surveys, this platform pays at least $3 per survey completed.

Cash out options: The minimum payout threshold is $3 and you can use PayPal, gift cards, or cheque.

Visit Pinecone Research.

11. Tellwut

  • Availability: Canada and the U.S.
  • Sign up bonus: N/A

Tellwut is like many other survey panels on this list. It is a GPT site that pays you to participate in surveys, contests, and its refer a friend program.

Cash out options: You can redeem Tellwut points for gift cards starting at $10.

Visit Tellwut.

12. Lifepoints

  • Availability: Multiple countries
  • Sign up bonus: 10 free points

LifePoints members earn virtual points when they complete surveys or test products.

This platform is available in 40+ countries and it paid members more than $22 million USD in the last year alone.

Cash out options: Redeem LifePoints for Amazon gift cards and PayPal cash.

Visit LifePoints.

13. ySense

  • Availability: Present in multiple countries.
  • Sign up bonus: N/A

ySense is an online rewards website that offers paid surveys. Members also earn when they test new services, watch videos, and sign up for websites.

Cash out options: Multiple e-Gift cards including Gap, Indigo, Cineplex, Amazon, and Old Navy. You can also cash out via PayPal.

Visit ySense.

14. MyPoints

  • Availability: U.S and Canada
  • Sign up bonus: Get a $10 gift card

MyPoints offers cashback and discounts when you shop at thousands of retailers in the U.S. and Canada. This GPT site also pays you to complete other simple tasks.

When you first join, you get a $10 Amazon or Visa gift card after spending your first $20 via its shopping portal.

Cash out options: You can redeem your points for gift cards or transfer cash to your PayPal account.

Visit MyPoints.

15. Quick Rewards

  • Availability: United States
  • Sign up bonus: N/A

Quick Rewards is a GPT site that pays you for taking surveys, reading emails, testing products, and watching videos.

This platform has an A+ rating with the BBB and it has paid out over $7 million to members as per its website.

Cash out Options: PayPal and gift cards from 50+ retailers.

Visit QuickRewards.

Best GPT Sites and Apps To Make Money Online

16. Rakuten

  • Availability: Canada, U.S, and some other countries.
  • Sign up bonus: $30 after you spend $30.

Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is the most popular shopping portal for earning cash back in North America.

After joining, you can visit your favourite stores (over 3,000 of them) on the platform and shop as usual.

If discounts are available, these are credited to your account balance in cash.

Cash out options: Redeem your earnings every quarter starting at $5 and using PayPal, cheque, or a gift card.

Visit Rakuten ($30 bonus).

17. Univox Community

  • Availability: Multiple countries.
  • Sign up bonus: $2.

Univox Community is another get-paid-to site for surveys. New members get an instant bonus of $2 after joining.

Cash out options: PayPal, virtual Mastercard prepaid card, Amazon, and Tango Card.

Visit Univox Community.

18. Mistplay

  • Availability: Multiple countries.
  • Sign up bonus: N/A

With Mistplay, you earn rewards for playing games on your Android device.

After downloading the app, make the necessary adjustments to your phone settings, and you can simply play and earn.

The games available include word, war, strategy, bingo, and simulation games.

Cash out options: Easily redeem your points for Google Play, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and other gift cards.

Get Mistplay (Android).

19. Opinion Outpost

  • Availability: Canada and the U.S.
  • Sign up bonus: N/A

Join over 2 million other users on the Opinion Outpost GPT platform. This site pays users to take online surveys, watch ads, and test new products.

Cash out options: PayPal, Amazon, iTunes, and other gift cards.

Visit Opinion Outpost.

20. Drop App

  • Availability: Canada and the U.S.
  • Sign up bonus: $5

Drop is a cash back app that pays you to shop.

After connecting your bank card, you receive a $5 welcome bonus, and cash back earned is tracked and paid to your account automatically.

Drop is associated with hundreds of popular brands and there are offers for everyone.

Cash out options: The minimum payout threshold on Drop is $25. You can redeem points for various gift cards.

Get Drop.

21. InboxDollars

  • Availability: United States.
  • Sign up bonus: $5.

InboxDollars is DailyRewards if you live in Canada and InboxPounds if you live in the U.K.

This GPT site pays you to participate in market research panels and you can also earn from completing other simple tasks.

Surveys on InboxDollars pay up to $5 each.

Cash out options: PayPal, gift cards, check, or prepaid Visa card.

Visit InboxDollars.

22. Toluna

  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Sign up bonus: 500 points

Toluna is a GPT site available in 50+ countries. To earn on the platform, you can complete surveys, invite your friends, and take part in contests.

The minimum age to join is 13 years.

Cash out options: Redeem Toluna points for popular gift cards or cash out using PayPal.

Visit Toluna.

23. MobileXpression

  • Availability: Multiple countries
  • Sign up bonus: $10 Amazon gift card

MobileXpression (iOS or Android) collects data on interest browsing trends on smartphones. When you keep the app installed on your phone for 7 days, you receive a $10 gift card.

After the first 7 days are up, you continue to earn credits as long as the app is installed.

Cash out options: Gift cards.

Get MobileXpression (iOS and Android devices).

24. Caddle

  • Availability: Canada
  • Sign up bonus: $1

Like Ampli and Rakuten, Caddle offers discounts and cash back when you shop.

You can also earn on the app by completing surveys and watching short videos from advertisers.

After joining, you get a $1 bonus for completing your first task.

Cash out options: The minimum threshold for payouts on Caddle is $20. Your earnings are sent as a cheque in the mail.

Visit Caddle.

25. ACOP

  • Availability: Canada and the U.S.
  • Sign up bonus: N/A

American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)is a Get Paid To platform operated by Decision Analyst, Inc.

It pays users to review advertising, answer surveys, and test new products.

Cash out options: You can redeem your points for gift cards starting at 1,000 points.

Visit ACOP.

Bonus: KOHO

KOHO is the best prepaid card for earning cash back when you are spending cash or paying with debit.

The KOHO app ($20 bonus) is free, and users get a free Mastercard prepaid card that earns 0.50% cash back on all purchases and up to 10% cash back at some stores.

This platform is only available to residents of Canada.

KOHO Mastercard Prepaid Card

KOHO Mastercard Prepaid Card 2

$20 sign up bonus after first purchase (use promo code CASHBACK during signup)

Earn unlimited 0.5% to 2% cash back

1.20% savings interest on your balance

Unlimited Interac e-Transfers

How Do GPT Sites Pay You?

GPT Sites usually offer a variety of payout options.

In general, you can expect to be able to cash out using:

  • Gift cards, and
  • PayPal

Some platforms will also pay cheque (check), cryptocurrencies, charitable donations, and prepaid Visa or Mastercard.

Each site has its own minimum payout threshold, and the lower it is, the better.

Pros and Cons of GPT Sites


  • They are readily available and are free to join
  • Offer multiple ways to earn
  • Some sites have sign up bonuses you can cash out instantly
  • No previous experience is required to complete tasks
  • They are accessible on most devices
  • They have multiple payout options you can choose from
  • Some accept teens from the age of 13
  • You may be able to earn cash back when you shop online


  • GPT sites don’t pay much money
  • Payout thresholds may be challenging to reach
  • You could potentially spend your time doing something more profitable
  • Your account can be deactivated without warning
  • Some GPT sites are spammy
  • You may not qualify for many survey opportunities

Are GPT Sites Worth It?

If you have spare time and don’t mind filling out endless questionnaires, you could earn extra cash using the best GPT sites.

For better, money-making opportunities, the resources below can help:

25 Best GPT Sites and Apps To Make Money Online in 2022

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