The Top 20 Gift Cards to Give in Canada in 2024


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Giving gifts to your loved ones is fun, but choosing which to give is not so much. There are too many products available today, making it challenging to pick the best one.

Make the gift-buying process easier by giving gift cards instead. Find the best gift cards for women, couples, children, and adults in Canada, and let your recipients enjoy the flexibility of choosing what they want to buy with your gift.

You can browse through the list of gift cards in Canada below to get a better idea of what your gifting options are.

Best Gift Cards to Give as a Present in Canada

1. Amazon

Giving Amazon gift cards allows your recipients to purchase various products — from electronics to clothes. Amazon is the largest retailer in the world, and recipients can use their gift cards to buy almost anything from the online platform.

Recipients can also use Amazon gift cards to sign up for Amazon Prime Video streaming.

2. Walmart

Help your recipients stock up on essentials by giving them Walmart gift cards. With these gift cards, they can buy groceries, electronics, baby supplies, and furniture at competitive prices.

Besides redeeming them in physical Walmart stores, recipients can also use these gift cards on Walmart’s online shopping platform.

3. Best Buy

Best Buy gift cards are the perfect gifts for tech enthusiasts. Best Buy offers the newest piece of tech, whether it’s a set of headphones, cameras, or smartwatches. It also sells different home tech, like fans, dishwashers, and vacuums.

4. Xbox

Do you know someone who owns an Xbox or is into PC gaming? Giving them Xbox gift cards will make you a great gift giver in their eyes. With these gift cards, recipients can buy the newest Xbox full game downloads, TV shows, movies, and apps.

5. PlayStation

Make teens and gamers happy by giving them PlayStation gift cards. These gift cards can be purchased and given virtually or in physical form. Recipients can use them to buy in-game items, movies, and other add-ons available in the PlayStation Network marketplace.  

6. Home Depot

Someone who loves DIY projects will appreciate you giving Home Depot gift cards to them. The store has everything a DIYer needs to renovate their home, build cool and useful stuff from scratch, grow a garden, and more.

7. Sephora

Sephora gift cards are undeniably one of the best gift cards for women, as the store has a large selection of makeup and beauty products. Regardless of whether the recipient prefers organic brands or designer fragrances, they can find all of them (and more) on Sephora.

8. Starbucks

Starbucks gift cards are one of the most popular gift cards available in Canada. Give your recipients some, and let them enjoy hot coffee, iced frappuccinos, and sandwiches at a discounted price. Starbucks also sells non-caffeinated drinks and teas, giving non-coffee drinkers options.

9. DoorDash

Everybody loves food, so most people won’t mind receiving DoorDash gift cards. You can buy these gift cards in bulk and send them to your loved ones’ inboxes as e-gift cards. DoorDash gift cards never expire, so recipients can use them anytime for any occasion. 

10. Uber

Know anyone who loves using Uber and Uber Eats? Surprise them with some Uber gift cards. Recipients can redeem these gift cards via the Uber and Uber Eats apps and use them to score better deals on rides and delivery services.

11. Rexall

Rexall gift cards allow recipients to purchase daily living products, such as beauty merchandise and skin care products, at any Rexall Pharm plus stores in Canada.

12. Esso and Mobil

This list of gift cards in Canada won’t be complete without Esso and Mobil gift cards. These gift cards can be used to pay for car washes and buy gas at participating service stations around Canada. To reload Esso and Mobil gift cards, visit the Speedpass app and pay at the pump.

13. Indigo

If you have a bookworm in your life, Indigo gift cards make great gifts. Indigo is the biggest bookstore in Canada and offers an extensive selection of books for all ages. Recipients can use their Indigo gift cards for in-store and online purchases.

14. Apple

Apple gift cards can only be used to purchase products and services from the Apple store, iTunes, Apple TV, Apple Music, Apple Books, and other Apple platforms. Give Apple gift cards to your loved ones, so they can enjoy different Apple products, games, apps, music, and more.

15. Vanilla

Vanilla gift cards are reloadable with funds for purchases. These gift cards work like credit cards and can be used for in-store and online purchases. And because Vanilla gift cards don’t expire, you can hoard as many as you want to, so you’re prepared for the gift-giving season.

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Best Gift Cards For Couples

16. Cineplex

Looking for the best gift cards for couples? Give them Cineplex gift cards. Cineplex is the most popular movie theatre brand in Canada, and gift cards can be redeemed for movie tickets, candies, drinks, and popcorn!

17. Netflix

For couples who prefer staying at home, Netflix gift cards are a better gift idea. Recipients can use these gift cards to pay for a new Netflix membership or as credits to an existing membership. Netflix gift cards don’t expire, so you can buy them now and give them later.

18. Airbnb

Airbnb gift cards also make excellent gifts for couples, as recipients can use them for short- and long-term stays in different locations worldwide. They can also use them to pay for Airbnb experiences or activities unique to a specific destination.

19. gift cards make it easier for couples to find great deals on resorts and hotels around the world. This is the perfect gift idea for couples who love to travel, need to recharge, or are still in their honeymoon phase.

20. HelloFresh

Your search for the best gift cards for couples comes to an end once you buy HelloFresh gift cards. HelloFresh delivers meal kits and comes with complete ingredients, so recipients can make delicious meals in the comforts of their homes. 

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Types of Gift Cards in Canada

There are three types of gift cards available in Canada: virtual gift cards, retail gift cards, and reloadable gift cards. This section discusses the similarities and differences between the three.

Virtual Gift Cards

Also known as e-gift cards in Canada, virtual gift cards are sent to recipients by e-mail. Virtual gift cards don’t get lost easily and save customers time from buying a real gift or physical gift card from a store.

Additionally, virtual gift cards can be bought online anytime, anywhere, making them an excellent option for last-minute gift-giving occasions. Virtual gift cards are also convenient as they can be redeemed from the recipient’s mobile device.

Retail Gift Cards

Retail gift cards or closed-loop cards are popular in Canada. They’re called closed-loop cards because each card comes with a unique number and set value. After the card has been used up, it will be destroyed, and the number will be recirculated.

Reloadable Gift Cards

As the name suggests, these gift cards can be reloaded by the owner. Let’s take, for example, Starbucks. The brand offers Starbucks gift cards where customers can register their cards with a Starbucks account and use the card to receive points.

Where to Buy Discounted Gift Cards in Canada

Discounted gift cards in Canada are available in many stores, such as Costco, CardSwap, and GiftCardsWild. You can also find discounted gift cards on different group buy sites, like Buytopia, WagJag, and Groupon.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out at your local drugstores and grocery stores, as they often display a wall of discounted gift cards. These displays contain gift cards from various retailers operating in and outside of the country.

Start Giving Gift Cards

Giving gift cards benefits you and the recipient, so consider giving them the next time you buy a gift. You’ll be surprised how a piece of card or an e-mail can make someone happy!

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What gift cards can be sent electronically to Canada?

There are plenty, like Urban Barn, Air Canada, Mastercard PT, Cineplex, and Applebee’s Canada.

What is the most popular gift card in Canada?

Amazon gift cards are a popular gift card choice in Canada.

Can an Amazon gift card be used in Canada?

Amazon has different websites for every country, and each site only accepts gift cards for that specific website. For instance, Amazon gift cards from the US can’t be used to make purchases from the Canadian Amazon site.

Are Visa gift cards usable in Canada?

Yes, Visa gift cards are intended for use anywhere Visa cards are accepted.


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