11 Best Bitcoin Stocks in Canada September 2022

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Over the past few years, the cryptocurrency industry has become a major part of the mainstream financial world. 

Canadian investors who wish to gain exposure to crypto like Bitcoin without the hassle of trading on a crypto exchange can turn to Bitcoin stocks in Canada. 

Investing in Bitcoin stocks does require a higher risk appetite, and it helps to have some knowledge of the industry. 

Investors can choose from Bitcoin mining stocks, blockchain stocks, and crypto exchanges as a way to diversify their Bitcoin investments.

In this article, I’ll review my choices for the top 11 best Bitcoin stocks in Canada for September 2022. 

Should You Invest in Bitcoin Stocks?

As far as cryptocurrencies go, Bitcoin is the king. It has the largest market capitalization of any crypto token and has become integrated with financial platforms around the world. 

Investing in Bitcoin stocks is a great way to diversify your portfolio while adding exposure to the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

Be warned that the crypto industry is volatile and so too are Bitcoin stocks. These stocks typically trade alongside the performance of Bitcoin’s price and can see massive swings.

The Canadian Bitcoin industry has several companies that operate in the Bitcoin mining sector.  These are businesses that revolve around creating more Bitcoin by solving complex mathematical problems with high-powered computers. 

If you have a higher risk appetite and believe in Bitcoin as an alternative investment asset, then this article is for you. Here are the top 11 Bitcoin stocks in Canada that I will be discussing:

  • HIVE Blockchain Technologies (CVE:HIVE)
  • Bitfarms Ltd (TSE:BITF)
  • Galaxy Digital Holdings (TSE:GLXY)
  • Digihost Technology (CVE:DGHI)
  • Hut 8 Mining Corp (TSE:HUT) 
  • Cathedra Bitcoin Inc (CVE:CBIT)
  • Riot Blockchain Inc (NASDAQ:RIOT)
  • Canaan Inc – ADR (NASDAQ:CAN) 
  • Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ:COIN)
  • Argo Blockchain PLC – ADR (NASDAQ:ARBK)
  • Silvergate Capital (NYSE:SI)

Note that all of the facts and figures are as of August 23rd, 2022.

Best Bitcoin Stocks to Buy in Canada 

1. HIVE Blockchain Technologies 

Here are some key facts for HIVE:

  • Ticker Symbol: CVE:HIVE
  • Market Capitalization: $579 million 
  • 52-Week Trading Range: $3.65 – $32.85
  • 5-Year Returns: -22.53%
  • Industry: Bitcoin Mining

HIVE is a Vancouver-based Bitcoin and Ethereum mining company that was established in 1987 and trades on the Canadian Venture Exchange, the Frankfurt Exchange in Germany, and the NASDAQ exchange in the US. 

It was the very first Bitcoin stock to be listed on a stock exchange in Canada when it went public in 2017. 

The company operates several Bitcoin mining operations in Canada and across Scandinavia. HIVE uses 100% green and renewable energies to mine its Bitcoin. 

2. Bitfarms Ltd

Here are some key facts for BITF:

  • Ticker Symbol: TSE:BITF
  • Market Capitalization: $392 million 
  • 52-Week Trading Range: $1.37 – $11.60
  • 5-Year Returns: +59.34%
  • Industry: Bitcoin Mining

BITF is a Toronto-based Bitcoin mining company that was established in 2017 and is dual-listed on the TSX and the NASDAQ. 

This company operates over 50,000 Bitcoin mining rigs across nine different farms in four different countries. These include Canada, the US, Argentina, and Paraguay. 

As of 2022, Bitfarm holds a total of 2,021 Bitcoin with a daily mining capacity of 17 BTC, making it one of the largest, vertically integrated Bitcoin mining companies in the world. 

3. Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd

Here are some key facts for GLXY :

  • Ticker Symbol: TSE:GLXY
  • Market Capitalization: $2.19 billion
  • 52-Week Trading Range: $4.51 – $43.98
  • 5-Year Returns: +237.37%
  • Industry: Crypto Asset Management Firm

GLXY is a digital financial management company that is based out of New York City and was established in 2006. 

The company operates a crypto asset management platform that holds over $2.1 billion in assets and supports the trading of over 100 different crypto assets. 

It has five distinct synergistic business lines for clients that include trading, asset management, Galaxy ventures, investment banking, and Bitcoin mining. 

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4. Digihost Technologies 

Here are some key facts for DGHI:

  • Ticker Symbol: CVE:DGHI
  • Market Capitalization: $36.5 million 
  • 52-Week Trading Range: $1.14 – $9.93
  • 5-Year Returns: -99.28%
  • Industry: Bitcoin Mining

DIGI was established in 2017 and is based out of Toronto, Ontario. The stock is dual-listed on both the CVE and the NASDAQ exchange.

While Digihost is primarily a Bitcoin mining company, it also owns proprietary software that provides customers with enterprise crypto accounting and other crypto-related services. 

Its lone Bitcoin mining facility is located in Buffalo, New York, where Digihost operates about 12,000 Bitcoin mining rigs that use 90% emission-free energy. 

5. Hut 8 Mining Corp

Here are some key facts for HUT:

  • Ticker Symbol: TSE:HUT
  • Market Capitalization: $545 million 
  • 52-Week Trading Range: $1.65 – $20.61
  • 5-Year Returns: -10.41%
  • Industry: Bitcoin Mining

HUT Is one of the more widely known Bitcoin mining companies, which was founded back in 2011 and is dual-listed on the TSX and the NASDAQ.

The company is building a diversified digital asset portfolio that includes recent investments into Web3 and high-performance data centers. All eight of its main facilities are located in Canada. 

It currently holds a nest egg of 7,078 self-mined Bitcoin. Hut is another Canadian Bitcoin miner that utilizes renewable energies to power its operations. 

6. Cathedra Bitcoin Inc

Here are some key facts for CBIT:

  • Ticker Symbol: CVE:CBIT
  • Market Capitalization: $21.6 million 
  • 52-Week Trading Range: $0.13 – $0.92
  • 5-Year Returns: -74.31%
  • Industry: Bitcoin Mining

Cathedra is a little-known Vancouver-based Bitcoin mining company that was established in 2011 and trades on the CVE and the OTCQX in the United States. 

This company operates five different Bitcoin mining operations across four US states and is currently developing a new innovative mining site in Berlin, Germany using renewable energy sources. 

The co-founders of Cathedra, Antonin Scalia and Thomas Armstrong, have both worked at the aforementioned Galaxy Digital Holdings in the Bitcoin Mining division. 

7. Riot Blockchain Inc 

Here are some key facts for RIOT:

  • Ticker Symbol: NASDAQ:RIOT
  • Market Capitalization: $1.1 billion 
  • 52-Week Trading Range: $4.02 – $46.28
  • 5-Year Returns: +104.02%
  • Industry: Bitcoin Mining

RIOT is a Colorado-based Bitcoin mining company that was founded in 2000 and trades on the NASDAQ exchange. 

This company currently holds 6,536 BTC on its balance sheet and has a future expected hash rate of 12.6 EH/S. The hash rate measures the computational power of the computers that are mining Bitcoin. 

It owns North America’s largest Bitcoin mining facility located in Rockdale, Texas. This facility spans a total of 200 acres and is currently building a 265-acre facility in nearby Corsicana, Texas. 

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8. Canaan Inc – ADR

Here are some key facts for CAN:

  • Ticker Symbol: NASDAQ:CAN
  • Market Capitalization: $652 million 
  • 52-Week Trading Range: $2.56 – $11.19
  • 5-Year Returns: -61.14%
  • Industry: Bitcoin Mining Equipment

Canaan is an American Depository Receipt stock that is based in Beijing, China but trades on the NASDAQ exchange. 

This company operates in the Bitcoin mining industry but is not a miner. It creates ASIC high-performance mining equipment, high-powered chips, and software services. 

Its Avalon line of Bitcoin miners is second only to Antminers in the industry. Since China has distanced itself from cryptocurrencies, Canaan has also started to build chips for other technologies like artificial intelligence. 

9. Coinbase Global Inc

Here are some key facts for COIN:

  • Ticker Symbol: NASDAQ:COIN
  • Market Capitalization: $16.3 billion 
  • 52-Week Trading Range: $40.83 – $368.90
  • 5-Year Returns: -79.19%
  • Industry: Crypto Trading Exchange

Coinbase is one of the world’s leading crypto trading exchanges. It was founded back in 2012 in San Francisco by Brian Armstrong. 

As of the most recent quarter, Coinbase had over 103 million verified users across more than 100 different countries worldwide. It offers an entire ecosystem of financial products that include an NFT Marketplace, DeFi Staking, and a Visa Debit Card. 

The platform ranks second only to Binance in terms of global crypto trading domination. With over 150 different cryptos supported for trading, Coinbase is a preferred platform for both new and experienced traders. 

10. Argo Blockchain PLC – ADR

Here are some key facts for ARBK:

  • Ticker Symbol: NASDAQ:ARBK
  • Market Capitalization: $234 million 
  • 52-Week Trading Range: $3.71 – $21.00
  • 5-Year Returns: -69.82%
  • Industry: Bitcoin Mining Infrastructure

ARBK is a London, England-based Bitcoin mining company that was founded in 2017 and trades on both the NASDAQ and the LSE.

Argo’s main Bitcoin mining facilities are located in Texas and Quebec, where over 44,000 Bitcoin mining rigs are operating in a carbon-neutral environment. 

This company has an industry-leading 76% mining margin and holds nearly 2,000 BTC on its balance sheet. 

11. Silvergate Capital Corp

Here are some key facts for SI:

  • Ticker Symbol: NYSE:SI
  • Market Capitalization: $2.95 billion
  • 52-Week Trading Range: $50.65 – $239.26
  • 5-Year Returns: +615.13%
  • Industry: Bitcoin Financial Services

SI is a La Jolla, California-based bank that provides financial services for customers who are interested in investing in digital assets. 

Starting in 2013, Silvergate switched its focus to a new digital currency initiative. This coincides with the massive gains the stock has seen over the past five to ten years. 

Silvergate partners with some of the leading crypto brands in the industry to provide industry-leading services to its clients. These brands include Coinbase, Kraken, FTX, and Bitstamp. 

How To Invest in The Best Bitcoin Stocks in Canada

The great news is that all of these stocks can be bought on most stock trading platforms in Canada. When it comes to stock investing, I prefer to save on trading fees and use one of Canada’s leading discount brokerages.

Here are two of my favourites:

Wealthsimple Trade

Wealthsimple is an innovative financial services platform that was founded in 2014 and offers investors the ability to buy stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies with zero-commission trading. 

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Buying Bitcoin stocks on the largest discount brokerage in Canada is cheap and easy. Questrade offers stocks and ETF investing for Canadians for as low as $0.01 per share. 


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Bitcoin Stocks vs Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Investing in Bitcoin stocks and the actual Bitcoin cryptocurrency are similar, yet they differ greatly in terms of the assets you trade. 

Bitcoin stocks trade on public stock exchanges like the TSX or the NASDAQ. You specify the number of shares you wish to buy through your stock brokerage and hold them in your account. 

When it comes to investing in Bitcoin crypto, you can buy whole or fractional parts of the token on any crypto exchange. Each Bitcoin is made up of 100 million satoshis, which are named after the pseudonym of the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. 

The value of Bitcoin is volatile, and the market can go through long periods of minimal price action, known as crypto winters. 

Bitcoin is a completely digital asset, and cryptos have been known to be prone to malicious hackers. There are ways of storing your Bitcoin offline in cold storage rather than being connected to an internet account or wallet.

Top Bitcoin ETFs in Canada

Here are some of the best Bitcoin ETFs in Canada:

  • Purpose Bitcoin ETF (TSE:BTCC) 
  • CI Global Asset Management Galaxy Bitcoin Fund (TSE:BTCX.B)
  • The Bitcoin Fund (TSE:QBTC.U)
  • Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF (TSE:FBTC)
  • Evolve Cryptocurrencies ETF (TSE:ETC)

Are Bitcoin Stocks a Good Investment?

Bitcoin stocks can be a great investment if you have the risk appetite for it. Just know that before you buy your first Bitcoin stock, you could see some wild price swings. 

A prime example of this volatility is the 5-year returns of the 11 Bitcoin stocks discussed earlier in this article. These returns ranged from -99% to +615%. 

If you decide to invest in Bitcoin stocks, I recommend allocating only a small portion of your portfolio to them. 

With that being said, this article is not meant to be taken as financial advice. It is merely an introduction for investors to the Canadian Bitcoin stock sector. 


As time passes, Bitcoin will likely become a more prominent part of the global financial industry. 

It has been held on the balance sheets of major corporations, including Tesla, Block, and Microstrategy. Bitcoin has also been added as an investment asset at major US banks like JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs.

There is a popular saying in the crypto industry: “we are still early.” This is an allusion to the global acceptance and integration of Bitcoin in the future. 

If you believe in Bitcoin for the long term, then investing in Canadian Bitcoin stocks can be a great way to do so. 


What is the best crypto stock in Canada? 

In terms of the largest crypto company on the TSX, you’ll want to take a look at Galaxy Digital Holdings. There are several strong Bitcoin mining companies, including HIVE Blockchain and Hut 8 Mining as well. 

What are the top crypto investments? 

If you are determined to invest in cryptocurrencies, then Bitcoin and Ethereum are likely the safest way to go. You can also invest in Bitcoin or crypto stocks, ETFs, and even alternative assets like NFTs.

Are there NFT stocks in Canada?

On Canadian stock exchanges, you can invest in NFT-related companies like Bitfarms or Digihost Technology. If you want to look at US-listed stocks, companies like Coinbase offer exposure to NFTs.

What is the best Bitcoin stock?

For pure-play Bitcoin stocks, I would look to mining stocks that hold Bitcoin as an investment as well. The previously mentioned HIVE and HUT 8 are great stocks to add as exposure to Bitcoin.


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